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Love? (Logicallity) [SLOW] by Pawsome_Patton
Love? (Logicallity) [SLOW]by RiDes A pT CrUisEr
This takes place right at the end of the 2/2 Nostalgia Video. Logan finds that he likes the dad like trait. The story follows him as he comes to terms with these new fee...
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🌹{What's a Soulmate?} Prinxiety+Logicality🌹 by 916-Send-Food
🌹{What's a Soulmate?} Prinxiety+L...by 🍋~H.L.~🍋
High school AU / Soulmate AU WARNING: Lots of angst, uncensored cussing,real character death(hehe) "everybody has a Soul Flower!". welp. guess they were wrong...
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Together-A Prinxiety Angst {Completed} by OuranAndTStrash
Together-A Prinxiety Angst {Comple...by OuranAndTStrash
{COMPLETED} None of these characters are mine! They belong to Thomas Sanders! Check him out on YouTube :) TW- Eating Disorders Suicidal thoughts Sad stuff Maybe Smut Dar...
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A Blue Tie (Logicality) (Completed) by MichaelGg5
A Blue Tie (Logicality) (Completed)by Michael Oliver
Logicality basically just read it
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A Single Rose [PRINXIETY] by your_pansexual_pal
A Single Rose [PRINXIETY]by your_pansexual_pal
COVER NOT MINE soooo, I really like prinxiety, and I wanted to write a better story, so where we are! I will try to make it better than the last one I wrote. that was c...
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Bad Guy//Sander Sides- Prinxiety by GreySide1621
Bad Guy//Sander Sides- Prinxietyby GreySide1621
Virgil used to be a Dark Side but thanks to Patton, Logan, and Roman, the world doesn't seem as dark, until the last person that Virgil wanted to see comes back into his...
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Shadow by WilLiam4lyfe
Shadowby An emo nightmare
T.W for the entire story violence and gay shit Virgil Broken was probably the best way to describe him, during the day at least. At night he was the one doing the breaki...
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SANDERS SIDES Drabbles by fairykangmin
SANDERS SIDES Drabblesby 「Kangnaengi」
A drabble book for the Sanders Sides! (05/02/2019: I currently closing requests as I need to finish a lot of other requests, sorry.) I do not own any of the Sanders Side...
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Virgil x Reader (Is This Love) by EdgyButNotEmo
Virgil x Reader (Is This Love)by dead inside
You are a female who is friends with Thomas Sanders. You walk in on him and his sides not knowing what's going on. He just makes the videos to make it look like he is pl...
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Logicality| 'I Love You More Than Cookies and Crofters' by Avani_The_Goober
Logicality| 'I Love You More Than...by Logicality's Child
I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERSS!!! SANDERS SIDES BELONGS TO THOMAS SANDERSS!! High school sweethearts to long-time lovers~! {I did update the parts because of grammar mista...
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Red And Black Dont Mix (Prinxiety Story Human AU by DecentEnough07
Red And Black Dont Mix (Prinxiety...by Dee the trash queen
Collage is stupid. All you do is skip class and party, right? Not for Virgil, Patton hosts a party and Virgil gets forced to come, while there he meets Roman, they talk...
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Send Love (Prinxiety) (Discontinued) by MichaelGg5
Send Love (Prinxiety) (Discontinue...by Michael Oliver
The letters began the day Anxiety turned 19. Virgil found the first letter slid under his bedroom door, in the mind palace, he soon started to get others. Curious as to...
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Drowning\\\\\\ A Prinxity Story by suicide-day-everyday
Drowning\\\\\\ A Prinxity Storyby suicide-day-everyday
Hi! So this story is once again a prinxity story 😅.It also has logically so ya. It take place with them (not knowing each other) all getting a apartment. No one really...
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Prinxety) (Random One shots I Think Of) by Lilmissfurry6790
Prinxety) (Random One shots I Thin...by Mysterywlfgrl80
this is gonna try and fanfic. I nu english bro. don't cringe to hard ⚠: self-harm,anxiety attacks, panic attacks, eating disorder, Depression VEW DESCRIPTION ADVISED...
Sander Sides One Shots by multifandomgirl57
Sander Sides One Shotsby Caitlin Carey
Just another book dedicated to some of the cutest characters ever. I will be writing about all of the ships and requests are open! I hope you guys gals and nonbinary pal...
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Roman's kitty by LumeEclipse
Roman's kittyby Luna~Chan, Demon of Roses~
This takes place after Virgil turned into a cat. This is my first story and it's a smut story. Hope you enjoy!! Plus this was done on my tablet so please no hate.
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Sander Sides (One Shots) [SLOW] by Pawsome_Patton
Sander Sides (One Shots) [SLOW]by RiDes A pT CrUisEr
The Authors: • Michael Mell • JemmyOWO I'm sorry, I'm not active in writing very much, so please bare with me. Thank you all for reading! နုတ်ဆက်ပါတယ်! ❤️💜- Prinxiety �...
Am I A Villan? /Prinxiety\ by -galaxy-nova-
Am I A Villan? /Prinxiety\by □nova□
Virgil Umbra is a normal man who works at a boring office job. But is that all? As the moon rises, he is known as the most feared villain the city has seen, Ás sombras...
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Prinxiety and Logicallity  by Sansy_Undertale
Prinxiety and Logicallity by Virgil
YES I KNOW IM ALREADY MAKING A PRINXIETY FANFIC BUT I WANNA DO THIS *ahem* Virgil is alone. He has no friends because he can't approach people, until one day, a handsome...
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Sandersides Supernatural [DISCONTINUED] by Lazarus__wolf
Sandersides Supernatural [DISCONTI...by Lazarus__wolf
[DISCONTINUED] Logan,Roman Virgil,Patton all move in together and they all have supernatural powers (sorry description is bad but it's 2am and I'm getting a bit sleepy...
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