Connor O'Malley | ✔️ by amber_no3l
Connor O'Malley | ✔️by amber
When you're new in town, you're instantly an outcast...So what happens when in your second week of being in the new town, you have to stay the night with the towns notor...
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Consequences | Timothée Chalamet ✓ by NocturnaComplexities
Consequences | Timothée Chalamet ✓by louvre
[COMPLETED] ✓ It was inevitable. It was forbidden. They kept it a secret. They didn't know they were a time bomb until the chaos exploded. © 2018 NocturnaComplexities. A...
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Experiment 27 by livigracee
Experiment 27by liv
Everyone used to say that science and magic do not go together. Turns out, they were right. ------- Avery Davis is an average 17 year old. Living in Alaska with her tw...
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CALYPSO ↳ TOTAL DRAMA by -marsbars
in which ²⁴ contestants compete against each other to win one hundred thousand dollars. ( total drama season one - ? ) ( female oc x male oc )
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Atlantis [Tom Holland] by ironthwip
Atlantis [Tom Holland]by val
"lordvaldemort: new squad?!" tagged: alecdaddaoreo, kentooyamazaki, tobypeters71, alex.daddario, and lancelngdn tomholland2013 liked this post In which they bo...
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The Slytherin Prophecy  | Cedric Diggory | Draco Malfoy | Harry Potter (editing) by dracosmeatstick
The Slytherin Prophecy | Cedric D...by dracosmeatstick
"You're a witch, Coral." What happens when a regular American high school girl discovers she is a actually a powerful witch? What will happen when she is sent...
  • ravenclaw
  • harrypotter
  • gryffindor
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The Woman In The Flowers by Livviexoxo
The Woman In The Flowersby Livvie
David Andrews ( Finn Wolfhard ) is the youngest of four, Johnny ( Nicholas Hoult ) Oldest, Eric ( Logan Lerman ) second oldest, Thomas ( Cameron Boyce ) Third oldest. An...
  • loganlerman
  • thriller
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Beautifully Broken by _carissaaa
Beautifully Brokenby Carissa
Growing up in a small town, Danielle Summers was just another ordinary girl filled in an ordinary town with ordinary people. She had the glasses, the books and the brain...
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Dynamite ⚜ Brett Talbot by -txrgaryen
Dynamite ⚜ Brett Talbotby shae.
Everyone one knows Lydia Martin, the strawberry blonde with the beauty and the brains. The people at school know her as the queen bee, the girl who threw killer parties...
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Hannah  ➝ Graphic Shop by minosthomas
Hannah ➝ Graphic Shopby natalia
HANNAH | "I was born with an insatiable appetite for chaos" [ in which you can request for a trashy graphics made by a greek geek ] STATUS; ...
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deliquesce,                                          newt. by azgedas-
deliquesce...by - ̗̀ bella ̖́-
i feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. MAZE RUNNER NEWT X OC SCORCH...
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The girl in the middel (AU fan fic) by SigneLarsen1
The girl in the middel (AU fan fic)by Signe Larsen
Without any memory of her past and not knowing why people react to her as they do, a young woman has to learn to survive in the hard underworld of the City, among gangs...
  • wattys2018
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¿Quien eres? by PerfectDarkness05
¿Quien eres?by DCB
Samanta la chica popular de la escuela, lider de las porristas, padres con dinero, hermosa, novia del chico mas guapo y popular de la preparatoria todo lo que una chica...
  • loganlerman
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Aegis | Regulus Black by NaerysSnow17
Aegis | Regulus Blackby Naerys
Regulus Black has only one goal and ideology in his life: Keep the surname Black in high standard and make proud his parents. With no space or doubt in his life, he deci...
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December by _Forever_A
Decemberby Honey!
Sam was left in the care of his uncle Alec after the tragic death of his mother November. November gave up her daughter to protect her. December Rainn is a very special...
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  • matthewgraygubler
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Clumsy ~ Regulus Black by CBM614
Clumsy ~ Regulus Blackby Clare
I was clumsy falling for you Regulus Black | Harry Potter Fanfic
  • regulusblack
  • lilycollins
  • peterpettigrew
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Only Time Will Tell by Lovethecliches
Only Time Will Tellby Bex
"Every girl needs a guy best friend who will make her laugh when she feels that she will never smile again." That was the theory of their life. She loved him...
  • friendship
  • selenagomez
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Stay Gold by fourgiving
Stay Goldby y
"I love you." "Too little, too late." s l o w u p d a t e s [l o t s o f c u r s i n g b t w] © fourgiving...
  • freeyourbody
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Summer Fling by princxss_destinyyy
Summer Flingby Destiny
What would you do if your three year long crush on semi popular Chase Connors finally asked you to be his girlfriend one summer? You say "yes, of course!" And...
  • tylerposey
  • selenagomez
  • ashleytisdale
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Annoyed At First Sight by nxgisx_
Annoyed At First Sightby ナギー
Do you believe in love at first sight or fairy tale, where two people meet, then they fall in love, and lived happily ever after in a beautiful, perfect kingdom? Well...
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