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A New Horizon by imastupididyut
A New Horizonby imastupididyut
I had everything planned where my life was concerned. I was happiy engaged to my best friend and will be marrying him shortly despite the occasional argument we have wit...
  • sisters
  • jealousy
  • betrayal
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Whiskey And You by MissyDoe2017
Whiskey And Youby MissyDoe2017
What happens when two artists on top of their game are tossed together? Is there a past that stands the chance to be relived? Or collateral throughout Music Row once the...
  • romance
  • mature
  • fanfiction
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Yes Master by alyssamartinez2201
Yes Masterby alyssa martinez
  • vampire
  • loathing
  • werewolf
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The Wallflower by 1AbbyBear3
The Wallflowerby 13AbbyBear
Previously known as The School's Notorious Bad Boy Dylan Carter. A 16-year-old girl figuratively allergic to people. Andrew Webber. A 17 year old boy with a need to pro...
  • past
  • bookworm
  • hoodies
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Her Omega by JT5234
Her Omegaby JT5234
Catrina is the biggest packs Alphas daughter. Shes a smartass with a temper and a mean right hook. She is to be Alpha, other packs flaunt their sons infront of her to ma...
  • love
  • loathing
  • werewolf
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Together Anyhow  by The_Rainbow_Mist
Together Anyhow by The_Rainbow_Mist
"You fake person!! You call yourself a gentleman?!?" Nada hollered at him. "Whatever I am and whoever I am, I am better than you. Get that?" Fahad to...
  • baby
  • cupid
  • oppositesattract
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Center of Nowhere by roxioxx
Center of Nowhereby Roxioxx Studios
This story is both an allegory to West of Loathing's quests on Cowrruption, Necromancy, and White Masked Cultists, and a fanfiction/crossover. Out in the far, far weste...
  • softscifi
  • demon
  • incubus
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Thoughts of an Introvert ✎ by introverttgirll
Thoughts of an Introvert ✎by 𝘛𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺
I am not shy. I just don't like to talk when I have nothing meaningful to say. Come sit with me, let's be alone together. I want to share my mind...
  • hate
  • thoughts
  • truth
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Hate and Fate | √ | by The_Rainbow_Mist
Hate and Fate | √ |by The_Rainbow_Mist
"This......this voice of yours just irritates me" "If this voice of mine irritates you so much then why don't you die after hearing it" This is a st...
  • hate
  • trouble
  • nikkah
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Must Be a Weasley (D.M) by TheCrazyLlamas
Must Be a Weasley (D.M)by Hailey
"Look at you. You must be a Weasley," the blonde boy smirked. "Pathetic," Anger rushed through me. "Okay, Pretty Boy," I barked. "I...
  • sister
  • dm
  • love
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He Did It! <<chensung>> (on hold) by Lion_Leaf
He Did It! > (on hold)by Whipped4Jeonginnie
They "hate" eachother. But when you have the same friend group, all the same classes, and live in apartments right next to eachother, you kinda have to get alo...
  • lucas
  • nct
  • norenmin
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I live with vampires and werewolves, did I mention they're all guys? (+ Sequel) by Katiewolf
I live with vampires and werewolve...by Katiewolf
Kelly may live with a group of super hot guys who just happen to be either werewolves or vampires, but other than that her life is like any other teenage girl's. Or it w...
  • theyre
  • chase
  • writingcontest
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From Loathing to Loving by lrhaboggle
From Loathing to Lovingby lrhaboggle
Elphaba and Glinda were at it again... And the Shiz students loved it! Nothing entertained them more than watching two hot witches going at it. Countless bets were place...
  • romance
  • wicked
  • musical
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Marked by ceruleanskies
Markedby ceruleanskies
What would you do, if greed, evil, and destruction tore your world apart? A long time ago, humans coexisted peacefully with three distinct groups of people—the Magix, th...
  • romance
  • plein
  • loathing
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Suicide Watch by MissDaggerOfficial
Suicide Watchby MissDagger
Briar Taylor is a 15 year old girl, busting her hump at work, dealing with the loss of her mom and living with her single dad. When one of her coworkers threatens to jum...
  • guilty
  • shopping
  • outrage
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Susie Cochrane x reader by SilverBen2000
Susie Cochrane x readerby King Neptune
Randomly decided to make this
  • loathing
  • west
  • westofloathing
It's Not my Decision; It's Not my Choice by horrorfanatic113
It's Not my Decision; It's Not my...by A. J.
Hannah is a good girl who got caught up in the worst situation she could have. After a few bad choices she made when she was young and stupid, she had now ended up as a...
  • pimps
  • help
  • prostitution
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You Love Like A Little Drop Of Poison {Sequel to Oh.Sweet.Slytherin!} by YouTalkAGoodGame
You Love Like A Little Drop Of Poi...by Dash
Sometime's, the only reason you won't let go of what's making you sad, is because it was the only thing that made you happy. Tabby's back and holding a secret very few...
  • secrets
  • draco
  • greyback
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Senseless  by indigo-roses
Senseless by Love,Lynn
Senseless. You left me senseless. But this isn't for you.
  • musicaltheatre
  • love
  • hate
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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ✔️ by rosiemoonstone
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ✔️by l o v e l y
Everyone has issues, even if we don't subscribe to them.
  • fear
  • lasvegas
  • loathing