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Mes dessins et avatars by SilverstarMN7
Mes dessins et avatarsby SilverstarMN7
Le titre résume bien. Ici, vous trouverez des avatars créés sur applis et des dessins des personnages et de quelques lieux de mes univers, de mes livres. Si vous me lise...
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[DISCONT.] Addiction. I Can't Get Enough... ( Cryaotic x Reader ) by AliceandFriends
[DISCONT.] Addiction. I Can't Get...by AliceandFriends
The shadows seemed to grow, shrouding the figure in front of you in darkness... "There's a term for what i'm feeling tonight..." He chuckled darkly, stepping c...
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Calculate with Confidence [PDF] by Deborah C  Gray Morris RN  BSN  MA  LNC by mizoxemy10036
Calculate with Confidence [PDF] by...by mizoxemy10036
Read Calculate with Confidence PDF ebook Listen to Calculate with Confidence Deborah C Gray Morris RN BSN MA LNC audiobook Read Online Calculate with Confidence book...
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My RoomMates (LNC Story) by imMurderCupcake
My RoomMates (LNC Story)by ~Murder~
"Will you quit?!" I yell at the man in the mask. It was the fourth time he's tried to get me to join. I wouldn't have any of it, but in the back of my head I k...
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Snund One-Shots by Invisiperson
Snund One-Shotsby Vis
Snund is a pretty rad ship and occasionally I have ideas for one-shots so I'm just going to put them all in one place.
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Nightmares (ON HOLD TILL I GET MORE CHAPPYS DONE) by downwithsilence
Nightmares (ON HOLD TILL I GET MOR...by downwithsilence
Creeanne is not your average 16 year old. Oh no, she's more unique than others. She's been trained for years for these events. She knows how to work er way through it al...
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[DISCONTINUED] Drowning (CryaoticxReader) by AliceandFriends
[DISCONTINUED] Drowning (Cryaoticx...by AliceandFriends
Error Error Virus Detected Virus Prevention Activated Error Error Virus Prevention Activation Failure Error Error Error Error ~.~.~ You were just a regular girl. Shy, pr...
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La Nerd Cultura by CarloGuercilena
La Nerd Culturaby Carlo Guercilena
LNC e' un mondo dove tutto cio' che vuoi si avvera, cosa succede pero' se qualcuno desidera di conquistare tutto questo magico mondo? ...
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The Room by TheInkedOctopus
The Roomby Inky/Octo/Dawn
Scott is an 18yr old kid just waiting to graduate and live his life. His mother is a realtor agent and his favorite past time is finding a vacant home that unlikely to s...
Mefan, l'amore tra due idioti. by Star-Guardian-Lulu
Mefan, l'amore tra due idioti.by Lulu
Questa è una storia molto bella. In cui i protagonisti (MKfan e Mery) cercheranno in tutti i modi di stare insieme. Loro si amano anche nella realtà. Passano molto tempo...
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honey | snake x reader by prissyphan
honey | snake x readerby prissyphan
❝and I had no single idea what i put myself into when he held my hand❞
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Dreaming Reality ~Sequel to Incident (Snund) by mcnickwastaken
Dreaming Reality ~Sequel to Incide...by McNick
Sequel to Incidents~Snund Was Snake Dreaming Reality?
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Never thought I could be happy /LNC, Pewds, Cry fanfic/ by GirlIInTheShadows
Never thought I could be happy /LN...by Cathy
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My Way by Indignation
My Wayby Indi
YouTubers aren't what they seem.
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Be My Superhero Book 1 by Bffwarriorcats
Be My Superhero Book 1by DarkWarriorGraphics
Youtuber Fic (mostly Phan) ~Warning may be triggering to certain people~ In this exotic world what can ever go wrong. Wonderful students, great grades, and lots of team...
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Miles from Normal (Snund/Cruss) by SoupJoond
Miles from Normal (Snund/Cruss)by Elliot
Scott is a young trans teen who's just moved from Florida to Brooklyn. Lost and cold, he stumbles into a bakery and meets a friendly man who goes by the name of Snake. A...
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Access Denied. (4400/YT Fanfiction)DISCONTINUED by Chaotic_ERROR
Access Denied. (4400/YT Fanfiction...by ChaoticERROR
She was just walking outside when she found HIM. A mysterious boy with no memories of his past. Then this boy suddenly gets joined by other people who have experienced e...
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