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Heart to Heart by Breezey1
Heart to Heartby Live
Years later, the Rojas family has grown. The twins Chris and Santi Rojas are now seventeen and Armani is now twelve. Life is beautiful until the twins fall for one gir...
Breaking The Rules by JamiraMiah
Breaking The Rulesby Jamiraquoi
"I could've said no, but I didn't I got in that car anyway. I rode with him and got to know him. I would've never thought that this would be such a problem." A...
Charlie by AggieDiva35
Charlieby Sheena Y. Gonzales
How much are you supposed to take? How much must a person endure for the sake of love? Not much for Charlie Waters. After being cheated on more times than she could coun...
Short Stories || One Shots.  by mrfits43
Short Stories || One Shots. by Chupsy_
Things that run around, that are too fast for me to capture.
More Than it Seems by theblackqueen777
More Than it Seemsby theblackqueen777
Random yet interesting story that has more than one meaning. Can you figure out what it is before the end? 888888 Blood.Sweat. Tears. It was all here. Here right in fr...
Vincent by lotusninja321
Vincentby Lotusninja
A Little Short about Love at first sight
9 Months by cyb3rb1tch
9 Monthsby kharisma
"She's a baby having a baby. She needs us, Yoongi!"
How I Found Love Once Again by loveheartdoll88
How I Found Love Once Againby loveheartdoll88
Camellia Alexander was about to get married to the man of her dreams long time boyfriend Andy only to find out he was leaving on a flight with there honeymoon tickets wi...
despondency by tokyobabei
despondencyby tokyobabei
in which a introverted yet social black girl and an antisocial quiet mexican boy try to fall in love but the challenges that are thrown at them cease them from being abl...
Interracial awards  by khyla_Abe
Interracial awards by INTERRACIAL AWARDS!
Awards for interracial books for black women&men! Awards are based on voting ONLY!
Sea Secrets : Magic Of The Sea by ManiacIntact
Sea Secrets : Magic Of The Seaby J.S
Richard Edda is more than happy about his mom moving him and his siblings further from the city. A sixteen year-old boy excited about being closer to the beach for resea...
Trap Queen by fvckfairygirl
Trap Queenby fvck-fairy
15 year old Jesmina is sold to a CEO by her opioid addicted mother. follow her story as she finds herself and love in the most unlikely of places.
The Way Santiago Stole My Heart by TheFauxFashionista
The Way Santiago Stole My Heartby TheFauxFashionista
Newly ex-patriated Anaïs Prince is living in South America and building her empire. For once, she begins to feel that she's living her best life, truly loving who she is...
Princesa {Ruby M.💜} Interracial by shamyawheeler
Princesa {Ruby M.💜} Interracialby shamyawheeler
What if there was another in there squad, And that person was just gone for a while, more like a whole year! U all may welcome back Mrs Neveah heaven or what Ruby calls...
I Will Always Love you!  #LmBw by neally96
I Will Always Love you! #LmBwby Janeal Nicole
Growing up we were always together! Were ever I went she was with me! She was my best friend. Then she was gone, and when we did reconnected things had changed. We both...