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Brave by GachaWolf_Studios
Braveby Noah
(ON HOLD, BEING REWRITTEN) When seven friends meet in college, anything can happen. Expecially when two of them have a secret the whole city hates and all of them hold p...
Christmas In The Never realm (lloykita story) by ninjagofan389
Christmas In The Never realm (lloy...by angelo
after lloyd and his team left the never realm and it's been about a year since lloyd has seen akita he want to see her again and akita really wants to see him again. so...
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The howl for love PART 2(Lloyd X Akita)(Lloykita)(On hold) by Lloyd45003391
The howl for love PART 2(Lloyd X A...by Lloyd45003391
Lloyd and Akita have been married a few months, but thanks to Kai giving them drinks Lloyd had caused Akita to fall pregnant. Can Lloyd handle this?
Realms Apart by MayaAlayaCrawford
Realms Apartby MayaAlayaCrawford
Lloyd, who is the last Ninja to find love, wishes he could see his long lost companion. Akita, who is a forming with the ability to shape shift into a white and red wolf...
Sink or Float? by master_of_positivity
Sink or Float?by the light of shadows
Two couples together for summer break... two ships destined to either sink or float...which one will prosper? (bad pun, I know) I don't own Ninjago, nor do I own any of...
Ninjago The Howl for love(Lloyd x Akita)(Llokita) by Lloyd45003391
Ninjago The Howl for love(Lloyd x...by Lloyd45003391
Lloyd is ready to move on just like other ninja have and has decided to do his best. But he feels alone and sad meanwhile in another Realm a young wolf is ready to start...
Ninjago Truth or Dare by Ominus_Potato
Ninjago Truth or Dareby Ominous_potato
I hereby summon de ninja at will to play WHEEL OF DEATH!! Oh wait. Nvm it's truth or dare. The characters r all the ninja including Pixal and occasionally the other girl...
Ninjago: Earthly Origins by nutellatoon
Ninjago: Earthly Originsby Razzbie
Cole has been having nightmares for weeks, and one fateful morning they come true. The long-lost god of sleep, Hypnos, has risen from his slumber and is threatening the...
Ninja oneshots- (discontinued) by Ominus_Potato
Ninja oneshots- (discontinued)by Ominous_potato
I will write an OTP story for each couple except for anyone x Zane other than Pixal. All story's take place before they are dating. I do do x OC's
idk but I think I had a dream about ninjago crystalized  by ninjagofan389
idk but I think I had a dream abou...by angelo
it felt like one episode but I don't think it was the first episode. But the episode starts up and says the ice emperor return
Akita exploring Ninjago  by ninjagofan389
Akita exploring Ninjago by angelo
this takes place from the last one I made christmas in the neverrealm this is where lloyd see if akita says yes to him about his yang and after that he will have a dispu...
Skating? NO WAY! by Tapidoodles
Skating? NO WAY!by ☆♡Tapi♡☆
When Zane's partner, and girlfriend, Pixal, leaves and betrays him a few months before the International Skating Championships, Zane's left with only a few months to fin...
Lost in the Never-Realm(Ninjago)(Lloyd x Akita) by Lloyd45003391
Lost in the Never-Realm(Ninjago)(L...by Lloyd45003391
After a battle with their toughest foes, the ninja find themselves sent to the Never-Realm, to stop the villains they must reunite with old friends and find away back to...
These Elements We Hold (a Ninjago Next Generation fan fiction) Part 1 by JayaForLife132
These Elements We Hold (a Ninjago...by ✨ the Shipping Queen ✨
Okay so let me start off by saying this; I'm not the best writer..... my friend @KaiisForever helps me a lot (and she's really picky) so it shouldn't be that bad..... an...
news of my content book  by ninjagofan389
news of my content book by angelo
This is where you'll be seeing my updates cause I don't know how to use the comment for you guys to read
Dearest Memories | Ninjago High AU COMPLETED by aruxani
Dearest Memories | Ninjago High AU...by ~Viki~
A high school journey for 11 teen-agers. Some have studied at Ninjago High for about a year now, for some it's a whole new experience. Leaving your old school behin...
Llokita(LloydxAkita) by CrystalGarmadon12
Llokita(LloydxAkita)by Crystal Garmadon
This takes after the pretty much Season 11,12,and 13. Lloyd and Akita are reunited and started a new life together.Read this if you want to know their adventure together!
Ninjago X FNAF (discontinued) by Ominus_Potato
Ninjago X FNAF (discontinued)by Ominous_potato
The ninja go to investigate the crime scene at FNAF SL when Zane and Pixal are captured by the animatronics that's roam free at night. The ninja must save their droid f...