[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGON by braekerofchains
[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGONby GEM
𝐂𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐫𝐨𝐚𝐝𝐬 ❝ Merlin, you have the choice of one path." Idla said, looking up, her eyes glistened with tears. ‟I've have two, a crossroad th...
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Different (bwwm) by reignbow27
Different (bwwm)by reignbow27
Have you ever been unlike the others? Picked on because you like different things? Different people? To me it's more like different skin color. Harmony Carter is a 14...
  • baseball
  • blackgirlwhiteboy
  • drama
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Random things I thought of by HalpMehLLAMA
Random things I thought ofby Car
I would like to thank AnotherTrashyAuthor for encouraging me to make a book! BTW, this is my first book so it might be shit. (P.s my mind is random shit, and thanks agai...
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Amore Mio by nogame900
Amore Mioby Aileen Del Pilar Prudenci Gom...
Esta historia no es Yaoi solo es una historia muy diferente. En una hermosa mañana de la ciudad de nami-chu se podía ver a una castaña levantándose lista para salir al...
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Another Fucking Continuation of My Life as a Genderless Alpaca by PabloThePabo
Another Fucking Continuation of My...by ᕿᗅᙘᒪᓎ
You already know
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Llamas With Hats Transcripts by sorrynotdeadyet
Llamas With Hats Transcriptsby she’s just a friend
Always wanted the scripts for Llamas with Hats for whatever reason? Well, here you go! (I don't own Llamas with Hats)
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Drawing requests { Open }  by Garroth_is_grace
Drawing requests { Open } by Garroth_is_grace
Just a little warning, your request might be completed right after you request it or months later. My apologies
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  • cat
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phan one shots <3 by frickinphan
phan one shots <3by lyssa✨
dan and phil cute/angst stories❤️
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My Baby Llamas! by The_Whispering_Rose
My Baby Llamas!by ⭐️-Rose-⭐️
Yo, Llamas! Tis me. Your queen llama. *fabulous poss* Okay that was cringe. Anyway! Welcome to my OC book! Where all the magical magic of making OCs goes down!
  • charactor
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The Supervisor's Pet by IAliceTheNekoI
The Supervisor's Petby Alice
As time went by all I actually listened on a few ones such as new and sales but then I went completely starstuck when Miss Wong then announced these words. Which I didn...
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Elizabeth Potter and the Accidental Timetravel // DISCONTINUED  by MaddieFinnigan137
Elizabeth Potter and the Accidenta...by Maddie
DISCONTINUED. The Marauders. Everybody loved them. They were the ones that turned heads walking down the halls. They were the ones everybody wanted to befriend. They we...
  • harrypotter
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The Truth Hurts by AnotherTrashyAuthor
The Truth Hurtsby Trash Bag
Just another crappy Undertale story I came up with. BTW most of these characters aren't mine BUT Mystery is basically my OC. Plus I'll randomly Update my stories! Warnin...
  • aus
  • smexiness
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The Terrible Times 2 - Phan by stoncrboi
The Terrible Times 2 - Phanby fººˡˢ
Sequel to The Terrible Times. Warnings?? Smut-ish
  • fights
  • love
  • phillester
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72º Juegos del Hambre, En llamas y Sinsajo by MarinaCarabS
72º Juegos del Hambre, En llamas y...by Marina C.S
Aglaea Rush, del Distrito 1, tiene una última oportunidad antes de que todo se acabe y se quede con las ganas de unirse al equipo de los vencedores. Ella ya pertenece a...
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llama wars #2: Attack Of Non- Llamas by wolfyy_llama_emy_
llama wars #2: Attack Of Non- Llam...by prettydog98
You read the first book. It was short. Now to meet some new species to battle.
  • llamawars
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Llamas With Hats Script (1-12) by Alice_Nightingale3
Llamas With Hats Script (1-12)by Alice
This is because I am bored and the scripts on here, is wrong. If you are reading this and it isn't complete, it means that I haven't finished writing the other ones. Sor...
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Comix and Pics by Mishka_Art89
Comix and Picsby Mishka A. Li'Kier
Meet the family: Lenny, Ce-ce, and LXY. Not to mention Quin, the caretaker of them all. Meet the other family: Mishka, Ashkon, and Ghost. Can't forget Snowe and Moon! Co...
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Book of insanity by Ma_Baby_Preston15
Book of insanityby Beep Beep Bitch
Hahaha I'm fucking up your brain I'll Make you insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just to let you know I'm crazy as fuck just saying
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