[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGON by braekerofchains
[ 1 ] Crossroads • PENDRAGONby GEM
❝ Merlin, you have the choice of one path." Idla said, looking up, her eyes glistened with tears. ‟I've have two, a crossroad that is impossible to choose between...
  • magic
  • fanficion
  • legend
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100 ways to tell if a guy likes you by TasteTheLlama
100 ways to tell if a guy likes youby TasteTheLlama
here are a hundred not accurate...at all...ways to tell if a boy likes you. If he does something that is not in the book feel free to comment on the 100th chapter (so th...
  • llamas
  • howtotellifaguylikesyou
  • random
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The Other Dooley 2 - Lab Rats Season 2 by ajmdoggie
The Other Dooley 2 - Lab Rats Seas...by AJ
- Partially Written by PurpleMonkeyGreenPig - Zoey Dooley's life used to be normal Then her parents died, and going to her Aunt and Step-Uncle's new house was her only c...
  • action-adventure
  • adamdavenport
  • breedavenport
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COVERS AND SCENES by wolfyy_llama_emy_
COVERS AND SCENESby extremelyhyper_
free covers OR scenes for the top of your book. Comment or PM me and we'll dicuss... Enjoy reading ;)!!
  • open
  • llama
  • haha
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Llamas With Hats Transcripts by sorrynotdeadyet
Llamas With Hats Transcriptsby she’s just a friend
Always wanted the scripts for Llamas with Hats for whatever reason? Well, here you go! (I don't own Llamas with Hats)
  • paul
  • llamaswithhats
  • carl
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Dan and Phil songs lyrics by mygoodmatetroye
Dan and Phil songs lyricsby Kristen
Protip needs to stop, and this story contains songs that are about Dan and Phil, the phandom, Dan and Phil related things, or songs that remind me of them. [Leave sugge...
  • lions
  • llamas
  • phần
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Amore Mio by nogame900
Amore Mioby Aileen Del Pilar Prudenci Gom...
Esta historia no es Yaoi solo es una historia muy diferente. En una hermosa mañana de la ciudad de nami-chu se podía ver a una castaña levantándose lista para salir al...
  • giotto
  • tsuna
  • llamas
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Adopted By Twaimz (DISCONTINUED) by hiplikehype
Adopted By Twaimz (DISCONTINUED)by ashley
Ariana is an orphan who LOVES Twaimz. She watches his videos and memorized his song called the Llama Song because he loves llamas. But, what will happen when Twaimz chan...
  • arabic
  • adopted
  • twaimz
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My Art! (wow creative) by The_Whispering_Rose
My Art! (wow creative)by ★ 𝑅❁𝓈𝑒 ★
Wow! Look at me! I'm so original! (Note sarcasm) Anyway look at my art that most likely no one will like but yeet to them. (MOSTLY MINECRAFT AND OTHER GAMES/FANDOM ART...
  • creativity
  • colour
  • llamas
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My Thoughts at 3 A.M by gerardwaysass
My Thoughts at 3 A.Mby RIP Henry The Potato
WARNING: this book contains some of my opinions
  • story
  • shortstory
  • supernatural
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~When Time Stops~Klance~University AU by _Panda_Studios_
~When Time Stops~Klance~University...by Panda Studios
Keith goes to Paladian University, he is your typical nerd, but with a twist, he may be a nerd but he's also a jock. Many people admire him, mostly for his looks. But wh...
  • voltron
  • totallynotdyingoflaughterrightnow
  • fanfic
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Capture weird stories. by not_dead_spider
Capture weird stories.by not_dead_spider
Stories, songs, poems and more. Some are weird, some are graphic, some are just plain stupid but they are stories none the less
  • scifi
  • weird
  • outerspace
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Assassins with hats by Space_Goo
Assassins with hatsby Space_Goo
This is basically llamas with hats but with characters from ass class soooo... in joy???
  • assassins
  • llamas
  • assclass
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GIRLSTRIP (baby lips reboot) by lIamas
GIRLSTRIP (baby lips reboot)by nia
"i heard 5 seconds of summer are in california this week. maybe one of us will finally be able to hook up with one of them." + + + seven days, five girls, two...
  • trip
  • funny
  • llamas
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  • quotes
  • twaimz
  • irrelivantassbitches
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Llamas Cause Why Not by _OniiSama_
Llamas Cause Why Notby Oniisama
A random book about stuff about llamas.
  • llamas
Comix and Pics by Mishka_Art89
Comix and Picsby Mishka A. Li'Kier
Meet the family: Lenny, Ce-ce, and LXY. Not to mention Quin, the caretaker of them all. Meet the other family: Mishka, Ashkon, and Ghost. Can't forget Snowe and Moon! Co...
  • werewolves
  • puns
  • funny
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Top ironic deaths  by TheFabulousFrance
Top ironic deaths by Mitch~AJ
Taken from the internet. Dedicated to @PepsiCola_Karezi NOT MINE
  • irony
  • llamas
  • life
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Drawing requests { Open }  by Garroth_is_grace
Drawing requests { Open } by Garroth_is_grace
Just a little warning, your request might be completed right after you request it or months later. My apologies
  • aphmau
  • anime
  • drawing
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Another Continuation of my Life as a Genderless Alpaca  by PabloThePabo
Another Continuation of my Life as...by ᕿᗅᙘᒪᓎ
Part 3 of my series of spam books
  • cringe
  • chicken
  • lapacas
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