Lizardpeople Stories

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Eyes Not My Own by TheLifeMeta
Eyes Not My Ownby TheLifeMeta
Helena, a teenage girl who has never felt at home in her own body, discovers her true origins after coming into contact with a mysterious stone, uncovering the truth of...
Emperor for a Night by NoelleWynter
Emperor for a Nightby Noelle Wynter
This is a story I wrote for English class not too long ago, and I wanted to share it on here~ (It is really a long strip of text-which would suck to read-but I cut it up...
Cronoshians by CiaranParker
Cronoshiansby Cronoshian
The origins of the Cronoshians.
It's P I N K by EdgyMuffins
It's P I N Kby EdgyMuffins
Dear Wattpad, today I realised that the background thing is pink.
Survivors by drlumbardi
Survivorsby drlumbardi
This story follows two best friends who make some big discoveries about Earth's past and get sucked into a weird adventure.
ISEKAI RIDER⚔️ by LucianoiwaoSeino
ISEKAI RIDER⚔️by Lucianoiwao Seino
One day teenager boy name Hikari Yuuki Mirai was wondering, that if he can become a real Kamen Rider . But in the world where Yuuki living is just Normal world where no...
Leaving the Shuttle Behind by spawnoftyphon
Leaving the Shuttle Behindby Spawn of Typhon
Lorien, a former military pilot turned bus driver, and Arbor, her son, are Kems whose scales change colors with their emotions. When they've reached a dead end in their...
Conspiracy Theories by zozosparkles
Conspiracy Theoriesby zozosparkles
Just sharing some conspiracy theories because I'm obsessed with them. I do not believe them all just sharing for the fun of it.
Scav by JesseHarlin
Scavby Jesse Harlin
Tuuj is a scavenger hunting scrap just to stay alive. When a she gets trapped in the Holy Dunes during a sandstorm, everything changes.
Waiting for the World to End by SAMWstories
Waiting for the World to Endby Jojo D.
There's a bit of Kaya Castillo in all of us. We've all, whether we admit it or not, thought about what we would do if the world was suddenly overrun with aliens or zombi...
Tales of the rift by DemonKingKarnage
Tales of the riftby Higami
33 years ago, refugees from another world arrived from the rift to warn us of the threat that ravaged their home. We didn't listen. 8 years later this threat came throug...
Reptile by MoyaWalsh
Reptileby Moya Walsh
Zelen belongs to a race of reptilian humanoid-like aliens called the Zmiya; a scientifically advanced race that has managed to co-exist on Earth with Humans without the...
The Lizard People by RobTheTheorist
The Lizard Peopleby RobTheTheorist
A young man, Rob, is approached by a tall mysterious man who tells them the truth about the government. This. changes. everything
Time And Space by lonewolfpuppylol
Time And Spaceby That One
Dragons. They absolutely despise humans. Humans. They absolutely despise dragons. Then there was her. A human that loved dragons and hated her own. The dragons loved her...