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A.n.i.m.a.l.s by SzThings
A.n.i.m.a.l.sby SzThings_
[Inspirada na música Animals , Maroon 5.] Aliás recomendo ouvir e buscar a tradução antes de ler , isso vai ajudar em algumas partes da fanfic ;) "-É só sexo Brown...
BHNA x reader OneShots by just_for_funzies_
BHNA x reader OneShotsby The Fanfic Dealer
Basically just a bunch of oneshots with your favorite kinnies from BHNA. :D enjoy!
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La Máfia  by _noemiisoares
La Máfia by _noemiisoares
Capa feita por @GabriellaLoureno1 " não saio com estranhos" "mas você me conhece muito bem..."
Unexpectedly on purpose✔ by Daeyahhhh
Unexpectedly on purpose✔by Meenat Rose
"Quit staring at me you wierdo " I screamed. "last time I checked you were the wierdo" "I can't believe I have to live with this "I mum...
HIDDEN PASSION by Monininuola
HIDDEN PASSIONby R. Monininuola S.
Lillian was only in her father's neighborhood for her holiday when she met Nathaniel and became friends with him. Nath couldn't recognize faces,so he resorted...
"I can't love you" by Alaa_S_Kadiri
"I can't love you"by Alaa.S.Kadiri
People say that teen is the most hard phase than the others 'cause during it you can know the dark side of the life, you'll get hurt, suffer, broken, but the most import...
'Bondage '- The Erotica Series(OnGoing) by Asteroid_876
'Bondage '- The Erotica Series( Kascheif Beckford
Bondage is a story written as a poem in a series that follows a line of x-rated events transpiring in a mansion between a man and a woman hope you enjoy as the suspense...
Blind In Love by lady_chaton_
Blind In Loveby lady_chaton_
Marinette Dupain Cheng has been in love with Adrien Agreste for about two years. But soon she grows tired of being ignored by her loved one, and starts to grow feelings...
The worlds malfunction  by thenonhumanalien
The worlds malfunction by TheNonHumanAlien
What if the world had a malfunction? Some people are now born with special abilities that make the world a very different and dangerous place. So the government came up...
"My cute curly head" by messedupmind_
"My cute curly head"by messedupmind_
This is my story of how i have messed up feelings about a special someone who probably doesnt even know me 😪 True story btw (Maybe nobody will care to read this but i...
Tattoos Together<3 by sk_butterflyhuman
Tattoos Together<3by Sanchi
Camila is getting her first tattoo! and she's getting it with none other than the love of her life ♥️ but will she be able to handle the pain n the nervousness!? is Sha...
A PIECE OF ME by mirragraham
A PIECE OF MEby mirragraham
Coming of age story of a nice, unlucky, low-self esteem girl who gets nervous around guys and has the worse anxiety. She looks up to her friends and live through them. S...
Deus (Conto) by PedroHenriqueGomes22
Deus (Conto)by Pedro Henrique Gomes
Um estranho invade o apartamento de um ex-escritor com um pedido inusitado. Ao fundir ficção e realidade, o escritor testa sua sanidade. P.S: Autor brasileiro sofre para...
Sophie and Rafal (Fanfiction)  by sophieandrafal
Sophie and Rafal (Fanfiction) by sophieandrafal
"It's not who you are, it's what you do." After destroying Agatha and Tedros, Sophie feels as if she can finally embrace the evil inside her. She has found so...
A soulmate who wasn't meant to be. by iiiney
A soulmate who wasn't meant to .
A story about two people who quickly met and quickly parted ways, but never really forgot each other.
Herdeiros do Fogo by AmyLaphen
Herdeiros do Fogoby Amy L. Harbor
A memória ainda estava viva em mim, os campos de minha terra, Flanor, me cercavam com as cores brilhantes e o cheiro inesquecível das flores, no horizonte era possível v...
You needed this. by numbxo
You needed 𝖏ona.
-a collection of poems
Frases Psicopatas by usuario666_Satan
Frases Psicopatasby usuario666_Satan
Belas frases psicopatas Porque não Vou acabar com seu psicológico Sua cabeça vai explodir...
Capas para ti  by hayleydark
Capas para ti by hayleydark
Peça aqui sua capa de livro personalizada!
Cold Hearted Karley Fanfiction  by superdupertyla
Cold Hearted Karley Fanfiction by superdupertyla
Marley struggling to fit in,Kitty realizes she has a soft spot for Marley despite being coldhearted sometimes Glee Club brings out the best in her they get some unexpect...