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ROOMxMATE (book1) (Myanmar Translation)  by KhinEi9
ROOMxMATE (book1) (Myanmar Park Chan Baek
စတွေ့ကတည်းက ရန်ဖြစ်ကြပြီး တစ်ဦးကိုတစ်ဦးတွေ့ရင် ရိုက်သတ်ဖို့ဘဲတွေးနေကြတဲ့ အစစ်ကောင်နှစ်ယောက် အခန်းဖော်အဖြစ်နဲ့ တစ်ခန်းတည်း နေထိုင်ပြီးနော် ဘာတွေ့ဆက်ဖြစ်မလဲ😌😌😌 စေတြ႕က...
Pocketful of Sunshine (Completed) by Meraki18
Pocketful of Sunshine (Completed)by user08911564
Love, the greatest feeling that a human being can have to be shared with the other, is itself very powerful to change lives.It is again true that true love never gets af...
One Night Stand With The Bad Boy by antoninaoflynn
One Night Stand With The Bad Boyby Antonina
They had a one night stand at a party. They both agreed to never speak of it again, because lets face it, a bad boy's reputation couldn't be ruined by a typical good gir...
Cousin Miguel  by Bobbylein
Cousin Miguel by Bobbylein
After everything that has happened with Boyd, Derek can't stand living in the loft. When he is offered to live with the Stilinski family he doesn't know if this is going...
Living With Him (Taejin) by Xx_Xxo
Living With Him (Taejin)by XoXo🥀
Taejin Fanfic ;} - what happens when the nerd is forced to live with his bully? - #1 in Taejin 🥺 12/30/18 to 03/9/19
The Bad Boys Girl by badassmonkeyrat
The Bad Boys Girlby bunny lovely
Nicole was a girl like every other girl the only difference was she caught the eye of the guy she least expected. Issac was the typical bad boy every girl wanted him but...
Beautifully Fixed by Bubbles200567
Beautifully Fixedby 💙🐘Candy🐘💙
We all know the story of how Naomi met The Musketeers and how they grew to have a bond no one, and I mean no one could break. Now high schools over. They made it out al...
The baby lesson by alexismcm01
The baby lessonby Lexi
(Completed) When there is a assembly that has the teachers scared no one cares. Katherine Burns soon learns that the government is doing an experiment that will determin...
Cloudy【Completed】 by MyEuphoriaJeonBunny
Cloudy【Completed】by ❝紫兎の시차❞
Jeon Jungkook 💜 Kim Taehyung Long After I have given up... My heart still searches for you without my permission...! ©
We'll be here for each other by GayShipps
We'll be here for each otherby GayShipps
SEQUEL TO 'I CAN'T SAVE YOU UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO' soo I suggest you go and read that first ^^ Soo I started writing it, I don't promise an update every week, but I'll t...
Living with boys (#Wattys2016) by Katy9602
Living with boys (#Wattys2016)by Katy
Samantha Ames is 16 years old and lives with her father. Then one night was the last straw. Sam was sent to live with her dad's friend since high school in Colorado. The...
Katesara by bobachai
Katesaraby bobachai
In which a girl and a boy come together through the elders' promise of marriage, in their tender teen year -then go their merry ways. Until eight years later when their...
The Sweetest Sin by sandragstories
The Sweetest Sinby Sandra G
Isabelle: His name is Easton King, he's rude, arrogant and the most gorgeous man I've ever seen. He is everything I hate and everything I want. But it doesn't matter wha...
Cohabitation by Pani_Ischa
Cohabitationby Pani_Ischa
It was not Peter's plan to fall for his best friend and her pretty boyfriend Aiden, when he knocked on Olivia's door bloody and looking for a fresh start, but things rar...
The Man who can't be moved. by harleylover34
The Man who can't be harleylover34
What would you do if you fell in love with a man almost twice your age? Well this is what happens to Dallas. He meets this man at his dance studio and they hit off right...
One year by lolmemefordays
One yearby hahaha123
Jordan has no parents she is a junior in highschool she works is a strip club to survive and is tryna move along the way she runs into Mattia polibio and he gives her on...
Together With You by LindyGale
Together With Youby Lindy Gale
[Book 2 of the ChibaHaya Trilogy] The Class 3-E's top snipers are now high school students. Then, they enter college. Going to different schools, what challenges and de...
This Is A Dream  by PurrfectlyMessedUp
This Is A Dream by Samruddhi Mukadam
Like what are the odds of you meeting your childhood crush and dating him, very little right? Avani Davis was just another 27 year old trying to escape her family's matc...
Close the Distance by GeekyGirlNotes
Close the Distanceby WritingGeek624
For as long as she could remember she had been able to heal all living things through just one touch. Her parents had warned her to keep her ability a secret. Not that t...
Soft spot by evatheradravenclaw
Soft spotby Eva Cademartori
I needed to use the bathroom badly so I quickly walked upstairs and opened the door. "Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry! I didn't know you were in here!" I gushed...