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The Undead (Black butler) undertaker x reader by Mixvella
The Undead (Black butler) mIkA wAzOwSkI
You are the Queens doll and you were sent to investigate the illegal experiments with a partner, Ciel phantomhive the queens guard dog. As you go through the campania sh...
The Dead Side ° horror ✔️ by streamingcolor
The Dead Side ° horror ✔️by inactive
"i'm not one of them, but i'm not me either." horror|apocalypse standalone|2015 #48 in horror- 8/1/16 #34 in horror- 1/6/17
The living dead (RWBY Harem x Male reader) by Klaxogen
The living dead (RWBY Harem x KG
In the world of Remnant, where almost everyone has a unique semblance, there is one young man who stands out the most. (Y/n) has a very special semblance and id accepted...
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Spinoff by Viupcake
Bloodfire - A Different Virus Vio Hiortdahl
I remember the day I first heard of them. I was driving my van with my mother in the passenger seat. The news channel was playing over the radio. The current story was s...
Soon to be... Dead (Re-Writing) by Charcoal_Face_Paint
Soon to be... Dead (Re-Writing)by Bex Beukers-Stewart
My name is Zoe Williams and I am running for my sisters' life. No matter what happens, regardless of the agony that is spreading through my body and slowly crippling me...
Run to Survive  by marodeyah
Run to Survive by iana'
SURVIVE#1 (On Going) Due to the negligence of the people there is a spread of disease, disease without medicine and deadly. Doctors are struggling because people only re...
Keep Away by zenithmelancholy
Keep Awayby Worthless Romantic
WARNING THIS STORY HAS: GORE SWEARING "It's just us." "The world seems more beautiful than before don't you think?"
The Dead Have Walked Before by PyroPoodle101
The Dead Have Walked Beforeby PyroPoodle101
Poor Emma. Her life was (relatively) normal before "the incident", as the media insists on calling it. But now her life will never be even close to normal agai...
Fields of the Dead by ZoeMNM
Fields of the Deadby Zoë Ní Mhurcú
A virus terrorises the world, causing the undead to wipe out half the population. 18 year old, Maria Moriette, must survive this terrifying pandemic in a destroyed Irela...
Of Tears & Darkness: 2 Where Darkness Treads by DCFlowers
Of Tears & Darkness: 2 Where David C. Flowers
(For ease of reading for those with mobile devices, this written work will be one story section per chapter.) It, had all started with a quest, to find the hallowed sanc...
High School of the Dead by SexyKitten14
High School of the Deadby Coolkitten14
It all started with just a bit..... It then went spread to the city's,homes, everywhere.... Before I knew was just me and my friends left. We had to fight to sur...
Oasis. (Apocalyptic BNHA AU) by RedCat265
Oasis. (Apocalyptic BNHA AU)by RedCat265
Izuku idly glanced out the window, his head clearing, snapping, corrupting itself in fear. The image his mind registered was a horror film. A pale, dead looking man was...
The Living Wound by angela__nn
The Living Woundby angela__nn
How can something dead be alive, something so little control a whole?? Who is that in James that is dead yet alive? Based on a true life story
Dear my living dead (IadaIro) by Shikochann
Dear my living dead (IadaIro)by N.S.
Zombieland by AliRose
Zombielandby Alexandra
Bonnie has recently adjusted to her new life- infested with the walking dead. When the world has been overrun with an outbreak of a mysterious disease that compels the...
The Necromancer by ItsDatOneKidAgain
The Necromancerby ItsDatOneKidAgain
"There are many things that come to mind when I ponder over my life. Especially now as I think on all that I have done, and all that has been done to me. I know I'm...
Drop Dead Gorgeous ||L.S||  by HxrryLouisLove
Drop Dead Gorgeous ||L.S|| by daddy kink louis™
//////COMING SOON/////// ≬≬ "I wish you'd just die already!" "That's not possible, I'm already dead." "Then die a second time, you rotting corps...
Man Against Zombie by zombie_inspiration
Man Against Zombieby zombie_inspiration
A ruthless survivor sets his goals high to eliminate as many zombies as possible. What's this character all about?
Zombie Apocalypse Teenage Team: Gun Range by bhayblueberry
Zombie Apocalypse Teenage Team: Bhay Newberry
A group of young teenagers never expected to be in a real life fairytale Characters: KAYLIA -the leader of the group, violet eyes tall athletic body kind caring romant...