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Little Misadventures with BNHA (oneshot and short fic collection) by Little-M-B
Little Misadventures with BNHA ( Little-M-B
Starting with a continuation from my other work (Fine! I'll be Little) and then whatever comes to my mind or whatever you guys request! I mainly wanna write Classificati...
Little Peter x Tony Stark Caregiver  by lunaLayla3
Little Peter x Tony Stark Mystrade&johnlockslut
The journey about Peter and how he got to be Tony Starks little.
Fine! I'll Be Little by Little-M-B
Fine! I'll Be Littleby Little-M-B
(Classification AU) Kirishima and Bakugou are going on a fun date to a special exhibit at the local museum. There's only one problem...Kirishima accidentally bought one...
Our little Green bean by Nuggets445
Our little Green beanby Nuggets445
Bruce has been hiding. He's always hid. But he's been hiding something big. Well...little is the best word. He got caught and now he's stuck with two daddy's and a baby...
A series of somewhat mediocre events by bbysn0rlax
A series of somewhat mediocre bbysn0rlax
At the end of senior year, people get classified into one of 7 groups; Neutral, Caregiver, Owner, Babysitter, Switch, Pet, and Little. Let's follow along with the advent...
Sanders sides texting by Little-Macaron
Sanders sides textingby Daniel Wright
the better version XD. this one should have an actual story line (hopefully '_'), and deceit will actually be texting. but just a warning, this will take place in the A...
Little peter  by onlyknows
Little peter by onlyknows
Peters aunt dies and tony adopted him soon learns of his little side
BEHIND CLOSED DOORS | A.R by hotcamaless
This is an NONSEXUAL AGE REGRESSION STORY please do not leave any negative or hateful comments about a coping mechanism, they will be deleted. Littles are known When 16...
Loki's Stay by bloodybunnybarber
Loki's Stayby bloodybunnybarber
Thor has to tend to politics in Asgard, so he won't be able to care for Loki, who is a little. Thor takes him to Earth to be cared for by Bucky for a couple of days. Wil...
Little Paradise by sam_fox56
Little Paradiseby Sam
Sam and Dean go to work a case in Chesterfield, a town that they believe is normal (except for the paranormal stuff of course) but when they find out it's a town full of...