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Falling petals by Hi1444
Falling petalsby Alexandra Al
To be reborn in a game, and a romance game at that. Amber didn't expect to die from a small illness, only to wake up in one of those japanese romance games she played wh...
Daddy's boy by guccisisss
Daddy's boyby ur good sis 😝🤚🏽
THIS IS A DDLB BOOK! you've been warned. William recently went on a ddlb website to find a new daddy, his old one wasn't really a good daddy to him. There he meets a da...
Ddlg Chatroom by love_draea
Ddlg Chatroomby Draea Bear
~Find a dom/Little~ ~Kik Group~
Sonic Riders (Various x Reader) by ShiraFangirl
Sonic Riders (Various x Reader)by ShiraFangirl
Sonic, his sister Y/N, Tails, and Knuckles are in the future city for the search of the Chaos Emeralds when they bump into three birds flying on their hoverboard. They t...
Grand Magic Games: Fairy Tail X Magi Crossover by Midna01
Grand Magic Games: Fairy Tail X Midna01
Sequel to Fairy Tail and Magi crossover: After the Fairy Tail crew return from Tenrou Island, they have to prove themselves to be the number one guild in Fiore. However...
Our Baby Boy ⌜ MYGxBTS ⌟ by SiennaMin
Our Baby Boy ⌜ MYGxBTS ⌟by SiennaMin
Where suddenly Yoongi snapped and pushed a fan out of his way to get to his ride. Yoongi pushes a fan to her knees making them bleed, now he has been cursed and has to f...
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Vampire Mating (Birdflash) by MagicPB
Vampire Mating (Birdflash)by MagicPsycho
(I do not own the cover picture or any of the videos/photos in chapters) What happens if Batman isn't a vampire? And Wally is. What's worse is when Wally turns age 16,th...
The Gifted  (After Graduation) by gunlekstea
The Gifted (After Graduation)by Gunlek’s Tea
The Gifted Students and their graduation, but if i told you that i know what happens next after they graduated highschool? BL version. The Gifted - BL Version The Gifte...
Forbidden Love  by StarSalinas
Forbidden Love by Star Salinas
Bella a innocent and unsociable girl who wants the man of her dreams in order to do that she has to channel her inner darkness. Warning: If you don't like age gap this i...
Battle Of Retention by glitter_xxxlicious
Battle Of Retentionby Estrellita
Angels and Demons; Heaven and Hell; these are very contrasted to each other. One is the follower light and purity while the other favours darkness and chaos. With both e...
The Daddy Dynamic by just_jennaa
The Daddy Dynamicby just_jennaa
"Don't be scared, little one. Hold on to me." "I just, I can't-" "Hush," he played a soft kiss on my lips, grabbing my neck under my jaw an...
Good Things Fall Apart by sf7tlu65
Good Things Fall Apartby sf7tlu65
Kayla is searching for answers. She cant seem to make sense of her brother's death or why nobody understands.
   DOLLHOUSE by _Limario_
DOLLHOUSEby Binnie's dream girl
Нэг байшинд 11 хүүхэлдэй бүгд л эрх мэдэлтэй. Гэвч тэд хоригдол...
Never Back Down by shadowstar981
Never Back Downby shadowstar981
Hinata has been mistreated far too many times to count, but when she meets an extraordinary pair of twins that all changes. She soon leaves the leaf with the family of h...
Yes Daddy  by DaddyMoxley
Yes Daddy by DaddyMoxley
"Are you gonna be, a good little girl for daddy?" He questions as his lips brush against mine. "Yes Daddy." Mandy Carson, a 20 year old Little Girl...
While You Slept  by ChimdiBree_
While You Slept by Udeze Chimdi
This story is about a federal spy who gets betrayed by her partner after she has feelings for him. But that did not stop her from performing her duties. The story follow...
Instagram  by _Limario_
Instagram by Binnie's dream girl
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Enchant Academy: Amethyst Corpuz [On-going] by Lextur
Enchant Academy: Amethyst Corpuz [ •Mortal•
Reinheart Amethyst Corpuz is being bullied by her looks. But one day, her bullies have gone too far by their words. The words that can only penetrate her heart. They ta...
Recapturing Death [On Hold] by angestria
Recapturing Death [On Hold]by 𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑𝖆 𝖘𝖎𝖑𝖛𝖊𝖎𝖗𝖆
Izalia Lex. A normal girl who lives a rather normal life, surrounded by normal people. Everything seems to be going... well, normally. Until, of course, one day, it doe...