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Ticky-Tacky by The_Akward_Silence
Ticky-Tackyby Caramel Mocha Swag 1998
"They all looked just the same." That kind of explains what a society is, right? We all look just the same. No originality in our bones. We repeat something s...
Unexpected Goodbye by EastCoastPinay
Unexpected Goodbyeby EastCoastPinay
A gift can be a surprise. But what if the unexpected gift is something no human heart would want? For it is about to change one's life......FOREVER. ****** Specifically...
Ticky Tacky by bannedbxxks
Ticky Tackyby basil
ticky tacky (n.)-- inferior or cheap material, especially as used in suburban building Suburbs are no place for dreamers. Rowan James knows this. So why does Micah Lee m...
Little Boxes (COMPLETED) by margret_rose
Little Boxes (COMPLETED)by Margret Rose
**I added a cover, guys!!!** I'll add a cover later... Sorry I'm lazy guys, I literally scrambled to put this together about an hour ago... so it's probably a little rou...
Little Boxes by IcarusInundated
Little Boxesby IcarusInundated
Little black boxes start appearing to people, but there is something more to them, more then what anyone would ever expect. Without knowing it these people have just ent...