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are you bored yet?  by bokutosgiantback
are you bored yet? by ilykatsuki<3
a self indulgent bakusero fic that includes little space bakugou/ agere so if that's not your thing then 🚪 oh also trigger warning for like bakugou being suicidal and d...
Mission Bakugou Katsuki by Newsflashdilligaf
Mission Bakugou Katsukiby Doormat
!!!!Todobaku fanfic!!!! !!!(Respect and credits to everyone who drew the picture, none of them are mine. )!!! Characters are not mine! Requested; not DDLB!! Stop putting...
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Little Bakugou One Shots by Keni_TheFujin
Little Bakugou One Shotsby Keni
A book about BakuBaby in his little space. Please read the Important A/N before reading. Will mostly contain: Caregiver!Izuku (Daddy) Caregiver!Shoto (Uncle) Requests...
Our baby  by hope1299
Our baby by kk.slays
Todoroki and midoriya try to take care of a bratty little while still trying to become a hero. Warning will contain little space,ddlb,bxbxb,and fluff (May contain spoile...
Bakubottom and Little Bakugou Oneshots (ON HIATUS) by literalfandomsimp
Bakubottom and Little Bakugou Just Milo
This is a series of oneshots of our favorite cutie. There will be multiple ships. REQUESTS ARE OPEN You may request any ships with Bakugou as long as it is not incest...
Bakugou little oneshots by mariemilychat
Bakugou little oneshotsby mariemilychat
Cute and adorable one-shots as Bakugou as a little. He will have a range of different caregivers. Also, I will give a warning for anything that may trigger people before...
Safe Space by UselessMoon
Safe Spaceby 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓-𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖓
(More chapters added) Bakugou is thirsty for blood after he gets hurt during a 2v2 mock battle and it seems like Todoroki is the only one able to tame him. Or, Katsuki...
⚠️BakuBABY Oneshots⚠️ by KaTsUkiiBaKuG0
⚠️BakuBABY Oneshots⚠️by katsuki bakugo
Forced age regression (tododekubaku) by Creativestationani1
Forced age regression ( Creative Station animation
Bakugou katsuki is amazing that's what everyone says but the truth ain't so pretty he actually never had a proper childhood.when I say "proper" I mean that he...
Little Bakugou Oneshots by ollietheopossum
Little Bakugou Oneshotsby ollie
The day-to-day adventures of little Bakugou and Class 1-A. I will put disclaimers at the beginning of every oneshot. Does not contain smut.
Oneshots for bakugou(Book 1) by Hoodkitty33
Oneshots for bakugou(Book 1)by depressed otaku
This is a oneshot bakugou story with a lot of fluff I made this book because their isn't a lot of innocent bakugou or soft bakugou so here I am there will also be sad on...
bakubaby oneshots by idfktrash
bakubaby oneshotsby idfktrash
just some oneshots of class 1a treating baku like a baby, or baku acting like one
Little do you know about me|todotop bakubottom by shammywammy11234
Little do you know about me| shammywammy11234
Sorry not good at this. I don't own any of these songs.
Little bakugou oneshots by Animestorys_123
Little bakugou oneshotsby animefics
Request? I will take request any ships give me any ships,I hope u enjoy this hi my name is Virgil,This is my first ever story on this account
mha little space one-shots  by denkislays
mha little space one-shots by Ash Nicholson
Just some cute mha little space one shots, feel free to request
Safe and Sound (Katsuki Bakugou AgeRe) by katsaboo
Safe and Sound (Katsuki Bakugou katsaboo
A series of short stories set in the same universe centered around Katsuki age regressing ^.^ (SFW ONLY PLS!! DO NOT ADD TO DDLB/MDLB/AGE PLAY/ABDL/BOTTOM OR SUB BAKUGOU...
Bakugou oneshots by Creativestationani1
Bakugou oneshotsby Creative Station animation
Just a bunch of random bakugou oneshots there will be a lot of fluff angst and maybe smut.
He's just a little (Bakukiri)  by phia_thomas
He's just a little (Bakukiri) by phia_thomas
Bakugou Katski, the 'gifted child'. All the high expectations that everyone held for the young boy really took a toll on his mental health. The only thoughts that passe...
𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘸𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘺 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵  | 🍰 | Little Bakugou one-shots by lovesickdkbk
𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘸𝘣𝘦𝘳𝘳𝘺 𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘦𝘵 | ⭐️🎀🧁
★﹕ 🍨ーnonsexual little space & age regression oneshots!! w/ baby bakugou "ヽ('▽`)ノ" ˚。♡ ⁝ 🍌🍓🎀.*。゚❕ ꜜ˖˙ ៹ °.♡┈┈∘*┈୨୧┈*∘┈┈♡.° please don't add my book to any...