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RUNNING BACK TO YOU by cutegir2002
RUNNING BACK TO YOUby cutegir2002
Tae and kook know each other from their birth because their parents are friends.... living together made them love each other....and they decided to name their love and...
LOVE YOU IN MY ALL LIFE by cutegir2002
LOVE YOU IN MY ALL LIFEby cutegir2002
A story where two royals love each other but due to fate they got separated...... They will be born again to complete their love story..... The promise they did to eac...
The Demon Silblings||Demon Tanjiro + Nezuko Au by Nyl3nn
The Demon Silblings||Demon Nylen
An au in which both Tanjiro and Nezuko become demons. And Giyu found them and took them in. This story just follows how Giyu took care of them and how he introduced the...
My Missing Piece {Uzuren} by miradragonz
My Missing Piece {Uzuren}by :_* MirA *_:
Kyojuro Rengoku, the flame hashira, is well liked by all his peers. In return, he has good things to say about all of them! But out of all the people in the world, one f...
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | Bakudeku by SakuPanda20
Fever!| Deku catches a cold | SakuPanda
A cute lil' story about Deku catching a high fever and Bakugou being a tsundere and caring for him :D - > Re-write is completed! Link:
"A Admin's deal" (Hermitcraft s7 ff Grian,Xisuma) by Tales_of_Jojo
"A Admin's deal" (Hermitcraft s7 Tales_of_Jojo
!!!ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE SO IM SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES!!! Hermitcraft s2-7 but mostly 7 (Grian,Xisuma fanfiction) Fanart - buggsxp on tumblr Xelqua, banned in...
Katsuki Bakugo x Flame (Authors OC) by lostmindtoday
Katsuki Bakugo x Flame (Authors OC)by Flame
Will she find hate or respect for her ash-blonde friend? Find out when you read!
Voltron One Shots/ headcannons by Egirl_Hourz
Voltron One Shots/ headcannonsby Bnha Trash
I do not own the art in this book! Exactly what the title says!! Sorry if they are a little crappy this is my first fan fiction ever!! Love all of you guys. Comment any...
darkness|| {Btsxyoongi} by starlight9393
darkness|| {Btsxyoongi}by starlight9393
He put his trust in them they broke him more and forgot him in the dark he give up Or Bts forgotten yoongi in the darkness while he trys to fight his demons but is losin...
The last bee hybrid _Beeduo story_ by shua2007
The last bee hybrid _Beeduo story_by Angel~Demon
A long time ago, in the middle of a forest, in the kingdom of L'manberg, lived a small group of creatures named 'the bee hybrids'. The bee hybrids were living a peaceful...
It's taelisa story This story is about a heartbroken Taehyung who needs a job after break up with his boyfriend Jungkook, who is brother of Lisa. . . . . "Tae whet...
Izuku X Reader Oneshots by Egirl_Hourz
Izuku X Reader Oneshotsby Bnha Trash
This is just a book of Izuku Midoriya x reader oneshots and head cannons! Request if you want a certain au or scenario!
love-sick taiga-san by melochuku
love-sick taiga-sanby melo
Lately, Kagiura Akira has been showing less affection to Hirano Taiga, this should be a good thing considering he doesn't find Kagiura 'romantically' attractive at all...
I-I'm pregnant?! by animeweeb325
I-I'm pregnant?!by Mk
In this story toya aka dabi is a hero and is a teenager so is Keigo and they are in the hero course at ua. They are in a happy relationship that's lasted five years (the...
The real feeling by ilovegimeanit
The real feelingby ilovegimeanit
Jin ling found a weird shape of something(since he really doesn't know that thing is) at the mountain located at the back of gusu lan sect while night hunting with shizu...
Nothing Left to Give // Drarry by Jammer3m5g5
Nothing Left to Give // Drarryby “C”
Before Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived (twice), could kill the Dark Lord, Voldemort, he was hit with a spell that made his life flip upside down. When Draco Malfoy sees...
Love- drugged Hirano- san by melochuku
Love- drugged Hirano- sanby melo
Kagiura Akira just can't take it any longer.. Why won't Hirano Taiga fall in love with him?! One faithful morning, a strange bottle shows up at the door of his dorm, la...
ASHNIKKO. ♡ XIAO by starscosmo
ASHNIKKO. ♡ XIAOby star or cosmo 💫
。・:*˚:✧。 . need to know !! ☾ | little angst | no smut | more info in book ↯ "hey do you like ashnikko?" "obviously, what do you take me f...
LIFETIME • yungi by xynlunar
LIFETIME • yungiby cin.
➤ was there a lifetime waiting for us in the world where i was yours? • song inspired story ⤿ lifetime (ben&ben) ✎ short story ➸ started : 03'27'21 ➸ ended : 04'27'...