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Playing for the Same Team | Editing by writingcrazed
Playing for the Same Team | Editingby jules
Charlie Whitmen loves sports, junk food, video games, cars and basically anything-if not everything-your average teenaged boy would find interesting. But wait a second...
Royal Disaster by aaciiprt
Royal Disasterby gillies
When Kaia Castor's summer is interrupted by a controlling and obnoxious Arthur Bennett, she knows the moment that he steps out of the airport that it isn't going to turn...
White Stream | Shaw Rocket Fund Contest by sagedidthis
White Stream | Shaw Rocket Fund 𝐬𝐚𝐠𝐞⁷
Somewhere along the way, Avani Rajput lost herself in a sea of expectations and past regrets. When a certain starry-eyed swimmer comes into her life, a turbulent wave of...
The Mathematics of Love ✔ by LB_Jade
The Mathematics of Love ✔by L.B. Jade
Nancy Pang doesn't have a clue what love is. All she knows is that it's not going to help her win the Junior Mathematics Tournament, or get her into Harvard, or do anyth...
Away From the Sun by wheadee
Away From the Sunby W H I T N E Y
A teen relocating in the aftermath of her father's overdose finds herself wrapped up in the disappearance of a missing girl, and possibly falling for the number one susp...
Steal my Heart.  by certifiedcliche
Steal my Heart. by Ramsha
[Previously known as Always.] Gracie Hyde is eighteen and hasn't been in a single relationship. She wants a taste of the drug called love and wants to belong to someone...
My Version of Love by racsmat
My Version of Loveby Racs
June 23,2011 The dreaded date for Ariana Mathur, it's the date when her past comes back. On this very day, for four years now, Ariana receives a guest who intently liste...
the ugly swan by Enterintomymind
the ugly swanby Tallara
"What if the ugly duckling turned into a ugly swan?" "Maybe she was never ugly to begin with." ✿-✿-✿-✿-✿ ...
Light Upon Light by dreamygurl
Light Upon Lightby f.m.f
Junaina Ali. Muslim by name, anything but by actions. Living a life with everything she could possibly want in Dubai. Absent parents, not the nicest group of friends an...
Adore you by btsobsessedmills
Adore youby Mrinalini Vashisht
▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎ "I can't wait to graduate and get it all over with; to pack my bags and leave this wretched town." ~Milli ▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎▪︎...
his angel (#1) by ardentlies
his angel (#1)by hiatus
he'll catch her before she falls. (inspired by psyche and eros) • Not a moment later did a thump resonate through my room; and instead of light, a foreign presence fill...
Learning to Love by zeugmatic
Learning to Loveby ✧ rysa ✧
❝Learning to love yourself is easier when you have someone to show you how.❞ Etienne Xia doesn't need a knight in shining armor; she needs a math tutor. She didn't expec...
the blame game by naburrito
the blame gameby 𝐤 .
The world of Corporate America is known for playing dirty, and when Haneul Yoo's law firm is put in jeopardy, she'll do whatever it takes to save it... even if it means...
Emily #freementalillness #literasia by cloudygrayskies
Emily #freementalillness #literasiaby liss 李
In which an Asian girl struggles with mental disorders and might end up losing the fight. An attempt to write the story that no one tells. *trigger warning: mental i...
Lemon Sorbet | ✓ by snickerous
Lemon Sorbet | ✓by ?
It started with a lemon sorbet. Then a cold, dead body smiled. [ 01.01 of the SONG SERIES ]
What Happens In Rome.... [Lgbt]  [✔] by MsCrysaniaMajere
What Happens In Rome.... [Lgbt] [ Crysania
At first glance Wei appears to be the most composed, calm man you can think of, but inside he's shaken by an anxiety that constantly chokes him. Trying to understand hi...
Hana & Hanaan | ✓ by mnhlwrites
Hana & Hanaan | ✓by manahil🌸
Sisters torn apart by the fragility of the heart, how can love possibly hurt so much? Hana Junaid decided two years ago, distance would make her younger sister Hanaan mo...
I Will Always Love You - Michael Jackson fan fiction by Autonima
I Will Always Love You - Michael Autonima
**Being Edited** Slow Updates** Yes the names are being changed. Edits as follows: Bina: Kalyani Asha: Nisha Danita: Diya Barbara: June Historical Fan Fiction based from...
The Badboy Stole My heart  by SongsOfWords
The Badboy Stole My heart by SongsOfWords
"This love is good, this love is bad." - Taylor Swift ~~~~~~~~~~ One Girl. One Boy. Too many complications. (Synopsis inside)
In Another Call by milkdrunk
In Another Callby lara
❝Okay... so, who is this exactly?❞ ❝This is Superman speaking. Now that you know who I am, who are you?❞ ❝I would've said Lois Lane but I had my doubts now that I know w...