Thin Strings That Hold Them by JonahThedorff
Thin Strings That Hold Themby Jonah Thedorff
A boy known as Chris grieves aimlessly over his dead sister. He finds an unusual companion and experiences a transcendental event.
  • hope
  • grieving
  • death
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The Fundamentals of Being Wrong by EnderWriter
The Fundamentals of Being Wrongby Austin Wiggins
James is a run-of-the-mill IT worker who finally gets fed up and quits his job. His wife Darleen can barely make enough as a librarian to keep them both afloat. To make...
  • love
  • shortstory
  • selfimprovment
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[WIP] Untitled Book II by Sebastiano_Lanza
[WIP] Untitled Book IIby Sebastiano_Lanza
The first chapter of a novel I'm currently working on. I usually come up with a title, blurb, and cover when I'm done with everything else. ETA - Whenever it's ready. S...
  • generalfiction
  • litreads
  • mistery
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Hi, My Name Is Mark by JesseMcKinnell
Hi, My Name Is Markby Jesse McKinnell
What's in a name? Does it contain our humanity? Our dignity? Or is it just a frivolous combination of letters hung on us by overwhelmed parents? Read the tale of Mark...
  • marc
  • mark
  • kingdom
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