Faces Of Liars [poetry chapbook; english] by EPrescott
Faces Of Liars [poetry chapbook; h i d d e n l o v er
I have three faces. One for the world, one for the closests, and the last one I save for myself. And all those faces are fake. - "Sometimes we liars forget our face...
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That of a Nostalgic Future by immatrytoread
That of a Nostalgic Futureby Justy
• "Do you know why I learned the most when I was suicidal?"• •"Because I wasn't afraid of death."• Set in erstwhile Germany, Chester is an anonymous...
  • philosophical
  • inspiration
  • psychotherapist
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Immortally Beloved: A Vampire's Vignettes by JadedElegance
Immortally Beloved: A Vampire's Alayna-Renee Vilmont
Born into the lap of luxury and a time of turmoil, Duchesse Eleonore Vigneron experiences her coming of age in the Court of Louis XVI . Embroiled in the chaos that surro...
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Los Angelinos by tchristophermiller
Los Angelinosby tchristophermiller
The novel Los Angelinos A cybercriminal repents with maturity, though she is followed by her professional life of crime when she ascends in the 'straight' world. She mus...
  • literaryfiction
  • serialized
The Three Deaths of Brunhilde by MiloMaia
The Three Deaths of Brunhildeby Milo Maia
The women of Wolf Clan have seen the gods do worse than kill. They have seen them kill and bring back. Mysteriously resurrected after dying at the hands of a strange man...
  • magic
  • highfantasy
  • vikings
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The Boy in the Tunnel by gardnerlinn
The Boy in the Tunnelby Gardner Linn
Fall semester. 1997. At a strange Southern college, freshman Tim's eerily prescient Student Handbook tells him he's going to fall in love with 6'6" sophomore Joanie...
  • mystery
  • adultfiction
  • fantasy
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The Child in the Garden by RebeccaMoody1
The Child in the Gardenby RMoody
In this magical realism novel set in the south in the 1950s, Caroline is only 16 when she puts her baby son up for adoption. Seven years later when he goes missing, she...
  • fantasy
  • parenthood
  • free
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Aftermath by Di_Rossi
Aftermathby Berengaria di Rossi
🔔 1st place in the Rise Awards 2018 England, 1921. On business in London, Olivia Altringham comes to the aid of a handicapped ex-soldier being harassed by police. Th...
  • historicalfiction
  • injury
  • femaleprotagonist
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Levies of Devotion by NIKBENJAMIN
Levies of Devotionby Nik Benjamin
Love of country and love for two women bridge the lives of two boys across class and culture. Robbie, heir of a wealthy manufacturing family; robust and charismatic, tr...
  • army
  • counterculture
  • grownupreads
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The Fundamentals of Being Wrong by EnderWriter
The Fundamentals of Being Wrongby Austin Wiggins
James is a run-of-the-mill IT worker who finally gets fed up and quits his job. His wife Darleen can barely make enough as a librarian to keep them both afloat. To make...
  • love
  • literaryfiction
  • romance
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Beloved Nothingness by GreyZone
Beloved Nothingnessby Kamryn Koble
The first piece of paper in Annabel's box was her mother's suicide note. Incriminating sketches, love letters, harrowing confessions, and secrets scrawled on looseleaf j...
  • greyzone
  • baby
  • mystery
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Hi, My Name Is Mark by JesseMcKinnell
Hi, My Name Is Markby Jesse McKinnell
What's in a name? Does it contain our humanity? Our dignity? Or is it just a frivolous combination of letters hung on us by overwhelmed parents? Read the tale of Mark...
  • fiction
  • short
  • kingdom
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After Daniel's Life by Leanniette
After Daniel's Lifeby Leanne Spraggins
Daniel Callahan once called the small brick home on Honeysuckle Lane his, until he died. He has had to share his home with countless others since his death. Daniel has...
  • litreads
  • tragedy
  • heartbreak
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Thin Strings That Hold Them by JonahThedorff
Thin Strings That Hold Themby Jonah Thedorff
A boy known as Chris grieves aimlessly over his dead sister. He finds an unusual companion and experiences a transcendental event.
  • hope
  • grieving
  • shortstory
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Beggars for Roses by RhodoraZanzibar
Beggars for Rosesby RhodoraZanzibar
This is a fictional autobiography of an award-winning journalist by the name of Geoffrey Cunningham. Raised in the eighties, in a small but wealthy family, his father de...
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  • ewa2018
  • clean
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A Loveless Marriage by JessicaHSwift
A Loveless Marriageby Jessica Swift
"Well it is unfortunate that you will be saddled with a husband, despite your preference to remain a spinster," Mr Wilkes said with a smirk. "I beg your p...
  • historicalfiction
  • edwardian
  • wattys2018
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The Heart of the Earthapple (and Other Short Stories) by MiloMaia
The Heart of the Earthapple (and Milo Maia
A collection of unique African stories set in a neo-mythology full of boys who feed crocodiles daily to keep them from villages, God-Queens who rule over humble farmland...
  • gods
  • diversity
  • kingdom
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[WIP] Untitled Book II by Sebastiano_Lanza
[WIP] Untitled Book IIby Sebastiano_Lanza
The first chapter of a novel I'm currently working on. I usually come up with a title, blurb, and cover when I'm done with everything else. ETA - Whenever it's ready. S...
  • romania
  • mistery
  • litfic
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The Portrait Of Evienne by JadedElegance
The Portrait Of Evienneby Alayna-Renee Vilmont
Sixteen-year-old Evienne de Roussel has dreamed of one thing since she was a little girl. More than anything, she wants to be a part of the glittering court of Versaille...
  • darkfantasy
  • marieantoinette
  • drama
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The Girl With The Journal by Alana_thompson91
The Girl With The Journalby Alana-thompson91
story of breaking hearts, tragedy,crushing but how this strong heart of ours that heals and is put together by a smile..
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