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My Sister's bestfriend by LisaAndLena17
My Sister's bestfriendby LisaAndLena17
You, Lisa, and Lena are 16 Im bad at explaining things so just read I guess?
Mine| A Lisa and Lena Fanfic X FemReader  by rxc34234
Mine| A Lisa and Lena Fanfic X *JiMin_SMoL*
Y/n a young girl, who moves to Stuttgart in Germany, meets her new neighbours Lisa And Lena. Y/n dates Lisa. But finds out she's moving. What will she do? (This is based...
Book 1: Dream it & Do it by Lauser_Lolo
Book 1: Dream it & Do itby Lauser_Lolo
Y/N a young freshman girl, who had the most craziest dream about the two famous twins Lisa and Lena. She woke up to something that's to real to be true. Well maybe the d...
Friends From The Past by lovelelifanfic
Friends From The Pastby lovelelifanfic
-Prologue- You were a happy young girl. Since you were six-years-old, you were best friends with twins: Lisa and Lena. One day, you had to move away with your mom after...
impossible love » leli (lisaandlena) ✔ by lelisdelight
impossible love » leli ( Selma ☂️
❝How! How could I waste my time for you, you worthless hoe!❞ Problems flying around two innocent twins brains, feelings filling their hearts, pain falls down their cheek...
LISA AND LENA by MandyIguess
This is my first fan fiction, so it might not be good. Y/N will be a girl.
The First Day // HRVY// On Hold  by MiCaHx01
The First Day // HRVY// On Hold by hybridklaus
You just met this cute boy. Will you date him?
Lisa and Lena facts by SrslyMe135
Lisa and Lena factsby SrslyMe135
Facts about maybe the most famous twins, Lisa and Lena. I'm a big fan from them. I made this book with facts in Dutch, but I thought maybe there are also English people...
Holiday Lover by DieLilaGER
Holiday Loverby Hannah
Hello and welcome to the Fanfiction of Lisaandlena, You, Laura, Luke, James and Sarah. In this fanfiction you see a lot of romantic and some 'dirty' scenes! (Not really...
Book 3: Junior Year  by Lauser_Lolo
Book 3: Junior Year by Lauser_Lolo
Book 3 out of the collections! Book 1: Dream it and Do it Book 2: Together Again Book 3: Junior Year Thank you for those who's been there since the beginning❤️ -Maddy💓 ...
Book 2: Together Again by Lauser_Lolo
Book 2: Together Againby Lauser_Lolo
Book Two of Dream it & Do it! You have to read the 1st book to understand:) Love you all -Maddy❤ bomb ass cover by @korslay
It's Always 2 VS 1: A LeLi Fanfiction by OliverSawyer
It's Always 2 VS 1: A LeLi Luca Oliver Sawyer
17 year old Ryder Conrad and 17 year old twins, Lisa and Lena, were life long friends, until an incident that happened three years ago. Ever since, nothings been the sam...
The Engagement: A Lisa & Lena Story  by lovelelifanfic
The Engagement: A Lisa & Lena lovelelifanfic
The Engagement Prologue The story is told through the eyes of a seventeen year old girl also known as you. (Note: I might switch POVs) When...
The New Girls: The New Trouble by OliverSawyer
The New Girls: The New Troubleby Luca Oliver Sawyer
Hey, I'm YN, and I'm kind of at a crossroad here. Help??
Hunted: Leli by OliverSawyer
Hunted: Leliby Luca Oliver Sawyer
"If we get out, we never speak of this."
Ghost by OliverSawyer
Ghostby Luca Oliver Sawyer
A continuation of a LeLi fan fiction. Enjoy!
Lisa and Lena: Summer Camp by -springdays-
Lisa and Lena: Summer Campby -springdays_
Lisa and Lena, twins from Germany don't know what to do when they end up in a summer camp in America. Things aren't as it seems in the camp. (Fanfic from Instagram) Fol...