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Seeing You Again by moguridragon
Seeing You Againby moguridragon
Both of them haven't seen each other in years since the show. Lin at a place in his life where he has no idea where to go next, and it was scary to him. Phillipa followi...
MIRANDA by cinnamon_kai
MIRANDAby fearless
'you are perfectly cast in your life'
Quiet Backstage: A Series of Lippa Oneshots by sofaroffbway
Quiet Backstage: A Series of k a t h e r i n e
Lin Manuel Miranda x Phillipa Soo oneshots ❤
LIPPA & HAMLIZA | ONE SHOTS  ! by _savannahhhhh
LIPPA & HAMLIZA | ONE SHOTS !by savannah
one shots of lippa and hamliza, witg content you've been waiting for. ☆under editing i wrote this when i was like 11 so don't judge. -I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS USED I...
How Long Have You Known? Lin X Phillipa by POTO_Freak
How Long Have You Known? Lin X POTO_Freak
I'm doing a collab on this story with my sister @Riley_Redfox. Go follow her. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Breakups Divorce Cheaters (AKA Vanessa and Steven) ...
Where We Go From Here//Lin and Pippa by hamilfic
Where We Go From Here//Lin and hamilfic
On July 9th, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo took their last bow in Hamilton, An American Musical. Three months later, Lin travels to London and Pippa travels to LA...
Helpless - A Phillipa Soo X Lin Manuel Miranda Fanfic by Pippaminroll
Helpless - A Phillipa Soo X Lin Twisted Sister
After Phillipa finds her fiancé in bed with another person she remains hurt wondering whether she could ever be good enough for someone. Will she remain hurting foreve...
London | Lin x Pippa by GoCubbies2016
London | Lin x Pippaby heello
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo have always had chemistry on stage, but when they run into each other in London things take a turn that will affect their future grea...
Happier. A Lippa Story by writingislifeblood
Happier. A Lippa Storyby writingislifeblood
Before I met you, I never knew what it was like to be able to look at someone and smile for no reason.
The Office Game by lmmfan882
The Office Gameby lmmfan882
Just something silly...Philippa, Renee and Jasmine decide to play a little game with the cast of Hamilton.
You Outshine the Morning Sun by lmmfan882
You Outshine the Morning Sunby lmmfan882
Lippa! Takes place during the original cast production of Hamilton. Lin has a ten year old and Pippa has a six year old. What will happen if they start dating?
~Fragments~ Lippa One Shots by writingislifeblood
~Fragments~ Lippa One Shotsby writingislifeblood
^see what I did there? with the fragments like in "That would be enough". I know it's not funny if you have to explain it. titles pretty self explainitory an...
Say No To This by moguridragon
Say No To Thisby moguridragon
Sequel to Wait For It. Pippa's struggles as a single parent and coping with the loss of her fiancé Steven. Lin sees her struggles and attempts to help but she refuses...
Wish: A Hamilton Fanfiction by bLueButterfly13_
Wish: A Hamilton Fanfictionby blue
When she wrote a fan letter to Lin-Manuel Miranda, she never thought her wildest dreams could come true. But an unexpected surprise leaves her alone in New York with nob...
Best of Women by lmmfan882
Best of Womenby lmmfan882
Lin's wife died three years ago, leaving him with four children to raise. Pippa helps Lin and his children out whenever she can, cooking dinner, helping the kids with h...
Flying Too Close to the Sun by lmmfan882
Flying Too Close to the Sunby lmmfan882
Sequel to You Outshine the Morning Sun. Five years later, Cam is a sophomore, Molly is in 6th grade, and the twins are starting kindergarten. Trouble is on the horizon...
flopped | lippa by yuhyuhyuhhhhhhhh
flopped | lippaby yuhyuhyuhhhhhhhh
HI ALL!! so someone asked if i would make a sequel to flipped and i was like omfg YES so i'm writing one and haha i'll try to update this one pretty often i got a good a...
Lippa One Shots by moguridragon
Lippa One Shotsby moguridragon
Just your casual Lin Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo one shots.... No regrets.
alippaphabet ✎ by musicalmusicals
alippaphabet ✎by go
lippa one-shots that are in alphabetical (or aLIPPAphabetical, in this case) order.
The Eye of a Hurricane by lmmfan882
The Eye of a Hurricaneby lmmfan882
Isabel and Luna are taken away from their father after Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico. They are sent to live with their uncle - the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda.