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Sweet Surrender by dentargaryan
Sweet Surrenderby dentargaryan
Foolish Heart Sequel
Wild by geeklychic88
Wildby Playboichick
Aria has always been brave,smart,courageous and sarcastic she will always be that way one day while on a school trip she encounters something unusual
He's a Wildcard by astrid93
He's a Wildcardby Astrid Amalia
"You were perfect in the worst way possible, like a fire I just had to play with." Riley Reynolds' senior year did not end as she had wished it would and after...
𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐃𝐔𝐒𝐓 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋.     ( jason grace ) by -unheaven
" it's that heart of gold , & stardust soul that makes her beautiful . " ( discontinued ) ✮ jason grace x oc piper mclean x oc ( the lost hero ) Book 1 in...
Warriors The Prophecies Begin - Reader Insert by KaitlynnPerkins
Warriors The Prophecies Begin - Kaitlynn Perkins
This is my spin on Warriors: The Prophecies Begin, just with a reader insert. I DO NOT OWN WARRIORS. I ONLY OWN THE PLOT POINTS I ADD.
BNHA: The Lionheart (Katsuki x OC) by wolvesrock280
BNHA: The Lionheart (Katsuki x OC)by Yami
Apollo the king of the tribe known as The Children of Gaia, dreams of a world where his people and those that lived among the hero society could unite and be at peace. B...
Fighting the Odds: The Lionheart Returns (A Lord of the Rings Fanfiction) by Vega8282
Fighting the Odds: The Lionheart Vega8282
Ara was given the duty of protecting the Bearer of the One Ring, along with the rest of the Fellowship of the Ring. As a Bender of great power and strength, she was an...
공주와 열두 늑대 (The Princess & The Twelve Wolves) [LuYoon Fanfic] by Priki_Chu
공주와 열두 늑대 (The Princess & The 장유정
Enter the world of Fantasy: Do you ever believe in wolves? Witches? Sorcerers? Giants? And other weird creatures? Do you ever believe in Magic? Princess Yoona is onced a...
Warriors: Goldenflower's Love [REALLY OLD] by cats-in-drag
Warriors: Goldenflower's Love [ cats-in-drag
Grappling with the loss of a kit and rejection from the cat she once loved, Goldenflower has never felt so alone. Her remaining kit, Swiftpaw, has joined the apprentices...
Welcome to the StarClan of the 21st century! Where cats from modern-day ThunderClan, whether warriors or medicine cats, can visit StarClan whenever they want to. Where c...
Our Scars (Cinder X Reader) by rogue590
Our Scars (Cinder X Reader)by rogue590
Welcome to RWBY if you haven't seen the show what are you waiting for? watch it and come back. Anyway, in this you are the leader of team WIZZ from haven academy but yo...
Lionheart (HP universe FF) / (Marauders era) by 88E288
Lionheart (HP universe FF) / ( E
Aurora Blue is a young normal witch, living a normal life with her loving parents, until one day her own perfect bubble is shattered by her own blood. With this sudden c...
Without You ♥WildeHopps Fanfic (Zootopia)♥ by 3LL4-CL1FF0RD
Without You ♥WildeHopps Fanfic ( E L L A
It's been months, 18 months to be exact, since Zootopia has been the place Judy ever imagined. With her and Nick patrolling the streets and completing paperwork most of...
Bluestar's Journey (Three-Shot) by a-jar-of-stars
Bluestar's Journey (Three-Shot)by Firewxrks
A Warriors cats three shot story (with a bit of fluff) about Bluestar going to StarClan.
The official story of the Swedish King and self proclaimed god
What irresponsibility caused by FairytailHypezz
What irresponsibility causedby FairytailHypezz
It's too late, isn't it? I'm sorry, Lucy... I'm sorry...
LionHeart by Persassy-CHB
A hero unsung A curse undone A prophecy to fulfill The unflinching loyalty The wise resourcefulness THE Hero's determination Leo lionheart A new house has been announ...
Warrior Cat Diaries by popopamaj
Warrior Cat Diariesby PopopamAJ
Ever wonder what Erin Hunter never told us about? The little things and opinions behind the scenes? Hear main characters and background characters alike vent in their ow...
Zootopia Adventures by BlockSpiration
Zootopia Adventuresby Cardspire
Join the famous cop duo as they tackle through different police cases and wacky adventures - From finding a missing doughnut lover to meeting a 'stranger' from out of th...