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Weakened Heart (Lindo x reader) by AnimePlopPlop
Weakened Heart (Lindo x reader)by Miyuki Kuzunoha
(Y/n) is half devil, half vampire. She has always had a weak heart. When she was little, she used to play with Ritsuka and Lindo since she lost her parents. Something ca...
Dance with Devils: The Black Angel by Darkshadowlady438
Dance with Devils: The Black Angelby Yingyang 2.0
You're a girl who has a normal life like everyone else. You live with your sister Ritsuka and your mom. But what would happen if you found out that the student council h...
Mercy by chaicitric
Mercyby chaiiii
Living in Ritsuka's perfect little shadow, you envied her for the attention and praise you always wanted as the adopted child. But things change once you discover and re...
The Hybrid (Dance With Devils) by Melissa_Francis
The Hybrid (Dance With Devils)by Melissa
(Y/n) (L/n), a high school student at Shikō Academy. But she isn't just any ordinary student, she's the daughter of a Vampire and Devil. What would happen if the student...
" La Apuesta " by MinYoongi546
" La Apuesta "by Min Yoongi
Ella es t/n una chica solitaria, callada, tranquila, la chica que no cree en el amor,el es Min yoongi el típico chico sociable,lindo,amable, mujeriego, arrogante, pero...
Disguise (Dance with Devil X Fem! Reader) by Rawrt3d
Disguise (Dance with Devil X Rawrt3d
Its a story about you, an introverted reverse harem addict, suddenly turning up in the dangerous world of the reverse harem anime "Dance with Devil." How will...
Devil at Heart(Dance with Devils) by thatssolame1234
Devil at Heart(Dance with Devils)by Shiro-Ame Senpai
Is it possible that a human can become a demon overtime? Well,based on what Ryuuga Akemi experienced here in this story with her sister,Ritsuka Tachibana as objects of a...
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Maiko Akuma {Dance With Devil Fan Fiction} by that1angsty_gurl
Maiko Akuma {Dance With Devil Tae_TaeHyung
The one and only Ritsuka was kidnapped again. And of course, all of her lovers will come and save her life. But it's not enough. They need help from Someone powerful. S...
Dance With Devils One Shots by gooberz09
Dance With Devils One Shotsby Brie
Just some stupid and abnornally original oneshots Did I change the cover? Maybe. I'm always down for writing something new and fun, with situations you wouldn't even beg...
Dangerous Love by Animalfan30
Dangerous Loveby Animalfan30
This is a Dancing With Devils MagexReader story. This is the first story I actually published on a website so positive feedback would be really appreciated :) especially...
Dancing with devils ((one shot)) by katiehollister
Dancing with devils ((one shot))by katiehollister
This is a collection of small one or more chapter stories surrounding the characters of the anime, Dancing with Devils. Each story is written on request so if you want o...
Si no encontrás un chico ideal para tu historia,capaz acá haya uno que te guste y sea el indicado para tu historia. Espero que te guste.
Dance with Devils x Reader by danganronqa
Dance with Devils x Readerby danganronqa
a dance with devils x reader fanfiction because these boys deserve way more love on here than they get and it makes me sad. rem / lindo / urie / mage / shiki / roen / az...
I'm In Love (PARK JIMIN) ONE SHOT by BlueWriterYL
I'm In Love (PARK JIMIN) ONE SHOTby Yalimar Yanez
Park Jimin se ve enredado con sus emociones cuando una joven en una cafetería llama su atención, el chico no sabe cómo pasó pero ella es la indicada para él y lo sabe. *...
Imprissoned By The Devil ( A Dance With Devils Fanfiction) by mallory_payne
Imprissoned By The Devil ( A mallory_payne
Ella was the younger sister of Lindo, and the cousin of Ritska. She thought her life was normal, going to school, and knowing that devils and vampires lurk around the t...
The Grimoire Guard (Dance With Devils) by suckison
The Grimoire Guard (Dance With suckison
A story about a girl who were given orders to protect the grimoire by the devil king himself. Can she prevent herself from falling for the devils and the exorcist or wil...
The Devil's Clock of Haven And Hell  ( Dance with devils fan fiction ) by kanata10
The Devil's Clock of Haven And Rwby
Tachibana Rea is Ritsuka's twin . When she was born one of her eyes different so she kept it hidden from others . She never got along with people in her school so her mo...
||Sacred Beasts|| Dance With Devils x Reader|| by melodichii
||Sacred Beasts|| Dance With ☼ᵐᵉˡᵒᵈⁱᶜʰⁱⁱ
UNDER MAJOR EDITING When the Devil King Lord Maksis and Maria gave birth,they did not just give birth to a single child,but a pair of twins,non-identical twins,one of th...