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Beatles Stuff True Beatlemaniacs Will Understand... by LenMcHarriStarr
Beatles Stuff True Beatlemaniacs Mrs. McCartney
The Beatles- I love em, you love em, we all love em. And of course they... well they probably don't even know most of us exist BUT THATS BESIDES THE POINT
The Beatlegirls 2 by Grace_McLennon
The Beatlegirls 2by Grace Hill
Jane McCartney, Pattie Harrison y Maureen Starr no descansarán hasta que descubran... ¿Quién asesinó a Cynthia Lennon? Lo intentarán lograr con ayuda de Paul McCartney...
Oh! Darling by GrungeNRock
Oh! Darlingby 𝒷𝓇𝒾𝒹𝑒
When Linda Eastman and Paul McCartney meet each other, they experience a new kind of love. Linda, a divorced mother, thinks it's the first time she's in love without som...
 mclennon | one-shots book by maccaswings
mclennon | one-shots bookby jules
McLennon one shots with titles inspired by song names because I love writing about these two
El temor de Linda| McEastman One Shot. by Grace_McLennon
El temor de Linda| McEastman One Grace Hill
Ser esposa de Paul McCartney era una de las cosas más difíciles del mundo, eso lo sabía Linda Eastman, que dejó su nombre para convertirse en la nueva señora de McCartne...
Traveling Light by paul_is_my_husband
Traveling Lightby Macca’s Princess
After the breakup of the Beatles, everyone was ready to go their own way...except for Paul. Despite being the one to announce his dispersal, he regrets his decision imm...
Daddy's Toes by McLennonLuv
Daddy's Toesby Macca's Linda
Paul is a great daddy! *Just a fluffy story that popped up in my mind seeing this photo of Paul's feet made by Linda McCartney* (Just fiction...don't own them....only lo...
Instant Karma by svnicholas
Instant Karmaby sv nicholas
Its December 10th, 1980, and John Lennon wakes up to discover that Paul McCartney, his ex-partner and lifelong best friend, has been murdered. John quickly finds his wif...
Random Book by MullOfKintyre77
Random Bookby Martha McCartney
Everyone and their mother has done this but I want one too! <not updated regularly>
Our last time by wingsovermccartney
Our last timeby New waver
Paul goes over to visit his good friend John, just to talk..but some things escalate.
Classic Rock And a few Others Hogwarts AU by ringostonee
Classic Rock And a few Others Real Fay Spanial
COLLABORATION WITH @GEROGEEHARRI The Beatles, Queen, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Elton John, ABBA, Nowhere Boy George, Mic...
The Beatles an Unexpected Journey by GhostbusterMARVEL
The Beatles an Unexpected Journeyby Ringo_Rules_the_Beatles
Everyone has heard about the story of the Yellow Submarine. Well folks, this story is going to be quite different. The Beatles, John, Paul, George, and Ringo the real...
Across the Universe  by harrisonsguru
Across the Universe by TiA
You may think living with three of the greatest rock and rollers would be a joy. For Annabelle, it's not quite. After her father abandons her a few months after the deat...
Um encontro marcante by AndyWBlackstorn
Um encontro marcanteby Andressa Muniz
Chrissie e Brian acabam tendo um encontro inusitado, e conversando sobre coisas que pairam em sua mente há muito tempo. (se passa no universo de "Pelo Olhar de Chri...
Helter Skelter by Mustaluzon
Helter Skelterby Cata Luzon
Registrado en dos épocas distintas, de 1968 a 1975 y cómo John trata de entender todo lo que está pasando mientras pareciera que Pete Townshend es cada vez más interesan...
Blue Jay Way by ringo-the-kingo
Blue Jay Wayby Ella D
~a place where beatlemanicas can gather in peace and harmony~ John: RIGHT RINGO, PEACE AND LOVE RIGHT? *screams at Ringo* Ringo: Uh, sure John. *glances away, pretendin...
Linda McCartney- A Photobook by ohsillybeatle
Linda McCartney- A Photobookby Lindsey
This is the life story of Linda McCartney from start to finish in photographs and descriptions. She was such an inspiration to all and her story deserves to be heard. (I...