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Genesis B.B by Gerlithequeen
Genesis B.Bby Gerli
Book 1. 101 prisoners are sent down to earth but how many are going to survive? ------- Everybody cheered "Long live the Queen!" I looked at Bellamy who smirke...
  • finn
  • oktavia
  • earth
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The Last Natblida  by Finnlard_Schnapple
The Last Natblida by
They all have a story but what about the story about a Natblida born on the ark, the 101 person that was also in the dropship. Natblida; nightblood, person with black b...
  • arkadia
  • adventure
  • octaviablake
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Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ᴏғ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ  ∝ Bᴇʟʟᴀᴍʏ Bʟᴀᴋᴇ by Skaiheda
Sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡ ᴏғ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ ∝ Bᴇʟʟᴀᴍʏ Bʟᴀᴋᴇby Jen•••
"Raising your gun to me isn't what scared me, Bellamy." "Then what was?" "That you told me you loved me just a few hours before." ∝ [SHAD...
  • johnmurphy
  • adventure
  • lincoln
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[1] broken boy • Bellamy Blake  by FanBoyZon3
[1] broken boy • Bellamy Blake by FanBoy.z0ne
"My parents were floated for abusing me, but I just got put in prison cause no one wanted me." "I want you." [Bellamy Blake x Male OC] [The 100]
  • jasper
  • finncollins
  • clexa
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Grounders ~The 100 by Smoore20611
Grounders ~The 100by Smoore20611
*COMPLETELY RE-EDITED* "I'm a Grounder. I'm of the Trikru. I'm not just going to leave that all behind." Joyla is a Grounder. She's a skilled warrior as well a...
  • trikru
  • octaviablake
  • lincoln
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the grounder | blake [c] by cap-tain
the grounder | blake [c]by cutkosky
" do me a favor and try not to die. i want to kiss you once before we die. " " why not kiss me now? " - [completed] disclaimer: all rights...
  • bellamyblake
  • the100
  • lincoln
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Somewhere B.Blake (1) by Emily_3538
Somewhere B.Blake (1)by Emily_3538
'Somewhere' there's peace, they just have to find it. •••••• BOOK ONE SEASON 1 IS COMPLETED. SEASON 2 IS IN PROGRESS...
  • clarke
  • cwtv
  • john
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Killer Queen  (The 100 FanFiction) by clarissamorganstern
Killer Queen (The 100 FanFiction)by clarissamorganstern
"Don't underestimate me, I'm a Killer Queen" Embry Taylor was born into a family trained to kill, her mother and father always told her it was because if one...
  • the100fanfic
  • clarkegriffin
  • grounder
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THE 100 ‚     imagines & preferences by Boones-
THE 100 ‚ imagines & ミ 𝐁𝐑𝐈 ☁
Read 'Introduction' for more info. Boones- © 2018/2019
  • the100imagines
  • jasperjordan
  • preferences
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Trikru ☣ Bellamy Blake [1] by nativewanderer
Trikru ☣ Bellamy Blake [1]by Becca
"Just because I'm a fighter, doesn't mean I don't want peace." Nia is the sister of Lincoln. She is a warrior and a healer, trained by Indra beside Lexa. Her l...
  • warrior
  • 100
  • lincoln
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Mayhem ➾ Bellamy Blake by distractedteen
Mayhem ➾ Bellamy Blakeby distractedteen
"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take." \≻≺/ It's fun living with nothing to lose. Now she risks everything to get herself to Earth with her t...
  • jasper
  • octavia
  • clarkegriffin
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Queen| Bellamy Blake [3]  by civilwar12
Queen| Bellamy Blake [3] by Black Wolf
After Praimfaya Clarke and Ava struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched earth while their friends in space come across a long awaited beacon of hope. [ The 100] [ Se...
  • octaviablake
  • the100
  • survival
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The Seat Filler (Wattys 2015 Winner - HQ Love) by steffy_t
The Seat Filler (Wattys 2015 steff
Lincoln Parker worked as a seat-filler, you know, those people that fill the seats when celebrities need to go to the bathroom during award ceremonies? Life as a seat-f...
  • taygetsthegay
  • theseatfiller
  • margot
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The Game Changer by steffy_t
The Game Changerby steff
What is life without a little bit of complicated fun? The Game Changer by Steffanie Sequel to The Seat Filler #1 general fiction 04/06/2015
  • lincoln
  • emily
  • theseatfiller
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The King's Storm [Bellamy Blake] by RiddleMeThisMrNygma
The King's Storm [Bellamy Blake]by Murphy's Delinquent
Agent 'Storm' Emmerson is the only female guard on the arc, she also happens to be the most feared and disciplined guard of them all. The elite. Storm was selected to t...
  • octavia
  • skycrew
  • jaha
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Fearless by Summer_Girl365
Fearlessby Imo
When a sarcastic, head strong girl with a dark secret gets sent to Earth with 99 other delinquents, trouble is sure to follow her. But what's trouble if Bellamy Blake is...
  • romance
  • lincoln
  • drama
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Stuck in The 100 by funtofantasiz3
Stuck in The 100by funtofantasiz3
(Y/N) was just a normal teenager, living her boring life, in her boring house. Suddenly she wakes up in her favorite show, The 100. She is not sure she can make it to th...
  • the100show
  • xreader
  • updating
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YOUNG GOD | Bellamy Blake by iamhalscy
YOUNG GOD | Bellamy Blakeby ˗ˏˋ alex ˎˊ˗
BOOK ONE "do you feel like a young god? you know the two of us are just young gods, and we'll be flying through the streets with the people underneath, and there ru...
  • octaviablake
  • nathanmiller
  • bellamy
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The 100 memes (mostly clexa) by _TheFreak_
The 100 memes (mostly clexa)by LEXA FOREVER HEDAAA
Just some beautiful clexa memes and other stuff (A lot of these aren't mine so like if it's yours and you don't want it up then tell me and I'll take it down I guess)
  • lexa
  • jasper
  • bellamy
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DARE TO HOPE ( octavia blake, book 1 ) by duhkotaa
DARE TO HOPE ( octavia blake, dakota™
❝the world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it. there is nothing purer than that.❞ in which a sunshine is not only sent to her dream, but lear...
  • finncollins
  • octaviablake
  • bellamyblake
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