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obelia's commander,slacker princess by _anime_mahwa_edits
obelia's commander,slacker princessby _anime_dazai_lover
what happens when Cale dies after the battle with white star and get reborn in another novel he read but ....... AS A FEMALE "that shitty god of death ! why does h...
his plucked flower by DuskCity
his plucked flowerby DuskCity
• completed • She was just the silent girl, the girl with a broken past, the girl who was too naive and too innocent, but to him she was his world. #227 in Romance. 30/1...
The Beast Has Been Released (Book 2) by Grimmy_Black
The Beast Has Been Released ( Grimmy_Black
#872 IN ROMANCE #878 IN ROMANCE #571 IN ROMANCE #579 IN ROMANCE #495 IN ROMANCE #6 IN RIKER #8 IN FELICITY Book 2: Beginning Date: Dec 21, 2017 Ending Date: July...
Ambrosine de Alger Obelia {WMMAP} [REPOST] {Girl x Girl} by blahblahblehbooo
Ambrosine de Alger Obelia {WMMAP} blahblahblehbooo
A/N: I wrote this book on my previous account that had the same username and instead of deleting it, I logged out of it and can't log back in so I'm reposting all of my...
Blood Ties by half-heaven
Blood Tiesby Cass
Anastacius had a secret son with a prostitute a year before Jennette. Imagine Athanasia's surprise to find out she has a cousin that never debuted in "lovely prince...
WMMAP React to Athy's Life by pix242
WMMAP React to Athy's Lifeby Pix
In the fantastical world of empires and magic, the individuals with the most important roles in an appearingly young, princess' life are temporarily brought to the moder...
The Cue Of Our Love. - Who Made Me A Princess (wmmap) by theonenonlysara
The Cue Of Our Love. - Who Made Sara
Cue /kjuː/ 1. a thing said or done that serves as a signal to an actor or other performer to enter or to begin their speech or performance. An actor AU where the novel...
Memories of the Beautiful Past (STORY COMPLETED, NOW MAKING SIDE STORIES) by Yueyoona
Memories of the Beautiful Past ( Kiki
My take on the backstory of how Claude and Diana's relationship started and progressed. This is my personal oneshot. I created this story because I have been waiting for...
No Need to Run by eightieswriting
No Need to Runby hannah :)
Lillian Callaghan was used to running. Paul Lahote assured her she didn't need to. Paul Lahote x OC (slow burn)
4 boys and 1 girl by 1-800-RIPPAHHH
4 boys and 1 girlby 1-800-RIPPAHHH
Bailey Hart is your normal high school girl trying to survive. But once she gets into her senior year it seems that all the boys have been paying more attention to her. ...
Dear Mr Ambrose (A Storm and Silence fanfiction) by maryambrosee
Dear Mr Ambrose (A Storm and Mary Ambrose
[Highest rank: #1 in S&S fanfiction.] Storm and Silence one shots written in dialogues. What would have happened if Lilly and Rikkard lived in the 21st century London? ...
Unknown Hero by xen5345
Unknown Heroby xen5345
Can Lena find a way to survive the assassin's sent from Lillian, Lex, and Max Lord but also not showing them that she is the new heroin National City but most of all she...
Who Made Me A Princess x Reader by lolrenge
Who Made Me A Princess x Readerby lolrenge
oneshots/headcanons and etc of who made me a princess [ reader x wmmap ]
Forever And Ever by M_The_Gem
Forever And Everby M The Gem
Lillian, junior at Lafayette high, the nerdiest girl around, shes the school freak, loner, and has just a few family issues, her mom was an alcoholic and died from drun...
A New Road ➢ Thomas Brodie Sangster by LillianCarrol
A New Road ➢ Thomas Brodie Sangsterby l i l l i a n
Jade Bryce is on the perfect road. She has a job doing what she loves the most, her brother is about to be married, and she lives in LA with her best friend. Change is a...
Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp) by uglypotatonerd
Ivy Luthor 2 (Supercorp)by Wattpad_Corrupted_Me
Sequel Of Ivy Luthor(Supercorp) It's after 4 years since Jade's death. There has been a lot of changes which has happened in Kara's and Lena's life. Destiny decided to i...
Sebastian's Ex-Wife by cookiemonster36
Sebastian's Ex-Wifeby cookiemonster36
Lillian Anderson and Sebastian Collin have been happily married for 5 years. They have been the tabloids "perfect couple" So imagine Lillian's shock when Seba...
Storms and Everlasting Silence by Manang15
Storms and Everlasting Silenceby Artemis Fox Jackson
I love love love the Storm and Silence Series by Sir Rob Thier! This is a Fanfic!! Based on Storm and Silence, In the Eye of The Storm and Silence is Golden! These stor...
Get back ( Demi Lovato fanfic ) by Lunatreasures
Get back ( Demi Lovato fanfic )by Lunatreasures
Lilly and Demi have been dating for two years. Demi breaks up with her because she thinks you act too childish, but a couple months later on what would've been your thre...