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LOVE IS GONE (JENLISA) by Yadom_In_Your_Area
I was on the outside of the mansion then I heard moans and groans not too far away from here... So I went on the dark corner on the house were there was no peopl...
One More Time | JENLISA by EliDeLeon15
One More Time | JENLISAby Eli De Leon
A bunch of Jenlisa's Oneshots!
Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story) by Jenlichaesoo
Six Days (Jenlisa Short Story)by Jenlichaesoo Parkimanoban
"So, 6 days, we are only away for six days and I think we missed a lot? Mind to explain what happened inside our house? What's with you two?! Did you enjoy your alo...
just a dream ➳ jenlisa ✓ by spicywaad
just a dream ➳ jenlisa ✓by romi.
(Mini book/Completed) Summer raven kisses, planted in the middle of nature deprived the clouds from coming. A little melody, a whistle among the wind catching me off gua...
My GF is My Sister's Friend [ Unicode + Zawgyi ] by Phooyaaa_
My GF is My Sister's Friend [ Min Sori ( Phooyaaa_ )
ငယ်ငယ်ကတည်းက သိလာတဲ့ အစ်မရဲ့တစ်ဦးတည်းသောသူငယ်ချင်းကို သဘောကျမိတဲ့အခါ .... အဲ့ အစ်မသူငယ်ချင်းကရော ပြန်သဘောကျပါ့မလား? အစ်မကသိသွားရင်ရော ဘာလုပ်မှာလဲ?
Always Beside You (JenLisa FF) by MochaConan
Always Beside You (JenLisa FF)by MochaConan
This is a fanfiction. Some are from real life events, but most of them are not. This is a story of hope that you can apply in real life. A story of love, that all of u...
It Would be You by Setsuko101
It Would be Youby Setsuko101
Jennie Kim daughter of one of the most successful business families in Asia. Lalisa Manoban daughter of the most successful families in the world. When the Kims business...
Pinky Promise  by klingyyVen
Pinky Promise by klingyyVen
Lalisa Manoban the great pianist and a multibillionaire business women. She is my cousin's ex. The ex that he wants me to look after and he made me promise to make her c...
Every Step I Take by Lalisaverse
Every Step I Takeby Wine
All rights reserved 2019.
Short Story (JenLisa) As The World Caves In by Nightingle8
Short Story (JenLisa) As The Nightingle8
As The World Caves In by Matt Maltese "There was nothing left to say but "I love you" as we stood together and watched the world burn."
Us by Nathnl25
Usby Nathnl25
Her, About her
Yøu Stølë My Hëart by MaryRoseBorrega6
Yøu Stølë My Hëartby Røse
"Guys we have a new target" _ _ _ "y-you you stole my heart"😤 "wh-what!?"🤯 "yes and you need to pay for what did you do to me"�...
Finally(Jenlisa) by user74595465
Finally(Jenlisa)by Mandukie
This is my first story so hope you'll like it and pls support me😊Just read it so you'll know it
WHY (JENLISA//ONE SHOT by la_weiwei
WHY (JENLISA//ONE SHOTby la_weiwei
No words can describe how much you mean to me your my sanctuary my home the very reason of my being how did everything go wrong? it was so perfect we are so perfect I wo...
HAUNT YOU [JENLISA - CHAELISA - BLACKPINK] Truth Revealed - Yari Park by JENLISA03270116
JENNIE KIM, LALISA MANOBAN, NEED A PLACE, TO TELL THE TRUTH. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT, BUT THAT'S HOW IT IS. "Fame is the real drug. It's an addiction. You have a const...
LOWKEY by kris_sirk_kris
LOWKEYby Kris_sirK
"Should we tell them about us?" "No. Not yet" "So we'll hide it then?" "Yeah. Let's keep it lowkey"
Give Me More by thekathlife
Give Me Moreby thekathlife
Give me more of you, because I can't breathe without your touch. - Jenlisa oneshot collection. Will include fluff, cute mandus, gummy smiles and whipped Lisa. There'll b...