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Timeless by Bree_Niah
Timelessby Jenniah
Wake. Force myself out of bed. Stress. Class. Homework. Breakdown. Sleep. The routine is what got Sidney through life, even though sometimes the stress was just amplifie...
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That Which Was Left Behind by EpsilonTheWriter
That Which Was Left Behindby EpsilonTheWriter
Ezra "Leaf" Collins, adventurer, blogger, and hardcore survivalist has decided to take on his most difficult challenge yet: venture to the heart of the Japanes...
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Cat-titude by misspopgoingnowhere
Cat-titudeby Mia Carmen
This is a light-hearted, fantasy, romantic-comedy about twenty-six year old Lila working under her arrogant boss Han Xu, CEO of Xu Fisheries Trading Company. Due to a dr...
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Cilan Kade and Hidden Throne by PeterJMarion
Cilan Kade and Hidden Throneby P. J.
Cilan Kade thinks he's a bizarre kid. All things weird and unreal had happened to him. All things seemingly unbelievable he had seen. Or he thought he did for no one bel...
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In the Strangest of Places by BrendanKearney
In the Strangest of Placesby Brendan Kearney
A new frontier town, a haven in the middle of the barren desert. A young farmer tends to his crop, an orchard of some of the finest apples in the world. But when a stra...
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Four Unpermitted Dragons by AntheaWhite
Four Unpermitted Dragonsby AntheaWhite
Jeong-Suk and her four rain dragons have repeatedly run into trouble with the law. First of all, the owner of the beasts was too lazy to fill out the proper paperwork an...
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Abracadabra by gilalyallen
Abracadabraby Aly
When a reporter of the Portland Post is asked to write a review on the local magic show, she finds the magician less than cooperative and vows to uncover his secrets. Wh...
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Halfway Gone by IneloquentEmi
Halfway Goneby emi JordanRogers
My whole life I've been invisible; literally. So I can't say anything to anyone, or I'd scare them I've lived my whole life alone I don't know where my parents are...
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Deceive Me [girlxgirl] by pybire_
Deceive Me [girlxgirl]by π
This is just a cute, fluffy, little story about how two girls meet during their second year of high school and ultimately fall in love. With a hint of magic/fantasy. En...
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The Mirror by tmbryant
The Mirrorby TM Bryant
This is a short introduction to a larger story I'm working on. Alaina is a girl with a strange past that she cannot even remember. After another personal tragedy, she wi...
A Little Magic by tmbryant
A Little Magicby TM Bryant
Artists can find inspiration in some very strange places.
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The Adventures of Collis Rayne by BurningOleander
The Adventures of Collis Rayneby BurningOleander
[DISCONTINUED] Collis Rayne is your average little girl, with little distinguishing features. But behind the watery glass of her mirror, she enters a whole other world.
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É proibido fumar by mjakovacz
É proibido fumarby Marina Jakovacz
Um conto de terror criado a partir do desafio: como seria um gremlin fumante?
DOORS by AngelswithPaws
DOORSby c. s. moore
The doors were in the oddest of places, and what they opened into was even odder. However, it was an adventure of a lifetime! [cover done by @weasleysandlupins]
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Le Souffle des Muses, livre Un : La Gardienne des Chimères by SeReLaruinaz
Le Souffle des Muses, livre Un : SeReLa
Il existe un monde où les arts remplacent science ou magie. La musique, l'écriture, les parfums possèdent d'extraordinaires pouvoirs que les hommes ont appris à exploite...
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Mythical Legends: The Rise of Legion by Ivan240AO
Mythical Legends: The Rise of Ivan Rodriguez
In this first book of the Mythical Legend series, you'll be introduced to a world where the myths and legends we know are real. Vampires to werewolves, Onis to Wendigos...
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Piecing Together Our Broken Worlds by eri_wood030
Piecing Together Our Broken Worldsby eri_wood030
In a land that is closer than you may think, an evil has been born. Right above this brewing chaos, six unaware people couldn't possibly know what this would mean for t...
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Tabitha by DarkLadyAthara
Tabithaby DarkLadyAthara
*Work in Progress* Third Place Winner of the Crowning Gem Awards for Fantasy. Recipient for the Crowning Gem Awards Special Awards for Title, Cover, Characters and Chara...
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Witherwings by ZoeNightshadeInStars
Witherwingsby Bob says hello, Zoë
A girl called Laeve. Half human, half dragon. On the full moon, she turns into a human. And then a human fell in love with her.
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Wolne strzały. Kaliber .55 by kruczoczarny
Wolne strzały. Kaliber .55by Michał Krzyżanowski
W tym miejscu znajdą się wszystkie tytułowe wolne strzały, opowiadania które nie będą miały kontynuacji. Będę tu zamieszczał różne gatunki opowiadań, więc każdy znajdzie...
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