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Red Flags by Nightmare_Watson
Red Flagsby Cooper Watson
Sweet as he is, dating Steven means you have to be willing to ignore a few red flags along the way. Or alternatively: You get to use that ankle restraint on Steven and...
Secrets (Remake) by breakhisheart1
Secrets (Remake)by Break his heart
Remake of original Secrets. Uchiha Asahi has always gotten the short stick in life. Being abandoned by his parents, forced into slavery, and hiding more secrets than he...
Stray Kids || Tickle Fics by soapy_yuh
Stray Kids || Tickle Ficsby ☽ Soapy ☽
Stray Kids tickle fics :D that says it all, if you don't like this type of stuff, don't read :)
Punished. Snape Style. by KinkyWitch66
Punished. Snape KinkyWitch66
Snape x Reader You have lost your school tie and Snape gives you a detention and decides to punish you. Lemons!
Ignoring You was Never my Intention. (GxG) by theworstnightever
Ignoring You was Never my theworstnightever
Recently, scientists have found evidence to support the multiverse theory. In one of these multiverses, is a society based off people having their soulmates determined...
Chichi's Ticklish Love Story part 2 by DevineLibra2003
Chichi's Ticklish Love Story part 2by DevineLibra2003
continuing Chichi and Luca's Love Story, there might be some light bondage 😉
ShinKami  by themelaninxfairy
ShinKami by themelaninxfairy
Denki wants to switch things up a bit, so convinces his boyfriend Shinso to try something new in the bedroom, but it doesn't go as planned. As it turns out, old habits d...
DSMP smut (Male Reader) by smoll-emo-bean
DSMP smut (Male Reader)by Gary
Male reader Smuts with the Dsmp members
My turn by qiteghost
My turnby QiteGhost
Tonight Hitoshi decides it your turn to be in control. As much as he loves dominating you, he wants to see what you would do in his position. Pretty short one shot, 18+...
Don't Break The Chain  by BerettaColt
Don't Break The Chain by BerettaColt
*WARNING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT* A small part in my story that I decided to post here. I may end up starting my chapters in the near future but unsure. I hope you enjoy.
emelyn (a crusty hoes story) ❤️ by kaydenxblake
emelyn (a crusty hoes story) ❤️by kayden
2 girlies go through triumphs and defeats, wins and loses, bondage and light bdsm, in the name of love 😳. will their love blossom? or will it crumble 😖
OPPA [taehyung x reader] by maurapukiki
OPPA [taehyung x reader]by maurapukiki
"If you call anyone Oppa, don't you think it should be me?" You go to an art gallery with Taehyung. He gets jealous.
Dantea's Hell by LeeWardlow
Dantea's Hellby Lee Wardlow
The game is Dantea’s Hell and I am unwilling participant in this sadistic game of murder. Murder only I can prevent if I play well. I was in hell. A hell of my own ma...
Pastel Boys by X_Pastel_Skies_X
Pastel Boysby X_Pastel_Skies_X
basically two cute boys meet and there may be smut and there may be sadness and there may be sweetness, probably all of it together.
Beg Me by StephanieBrown89
Beg Meby StephanieBrown89
Attraction is a weird thing especially when you are attracted to the one guy who has always bullied you. Beth is plagued by memories of the time that she spent with he...
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞 by eljesala
Eljesala's DRAFTS 🔞by EJ Lazz
There'd be a mix of different content, majority composing smut, and maybe a bit of fluff here and there. Content warnings will be displayed on the top. Read at your own...