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What He Left Behind [edition 1] by mavericks_
What He Left Behind [edition 1]by desi ⚓
This will be removed once the second edition is completely rewritten on my dock, so don't get too hooked on the first edition. Copyright © amsterdam_ Best Achievements...
Ocean Of Tears by mavericks_
Ocean Of Tearsby desi ⚓
The complete 2011 collection of poems (based on experiences / dreams / etc.) brought to you by the one and only amsterdam_. Copyright © amsterdam_ Best Achievements To...
Finding Love, Friends, And Happiness by RawrImmaNatisaurr
Finding Love, Friends, And RawrImmaNatisaurr
Candy Flores is your average 15 year old girl, except she wants to go to a boarding school across the country! Finally, her parents let her. Is this what she's been expe...