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Not my fault «meanie» by beautaefulmistake
Not my fault «meanie»by s.
Unknown number: YOU ARE A FUCKING ASSHOLE Unknown number: I'm sorry, you're a not loved poop hole » Librarian!Wonwoo » Mostly texting » Side ship: Soonhoon, Junhao, Verk...
Sweet Revenge by StaticRoyals
Sweet Revengeby Enzo✍
Izuku Midoriya was never a vengeful person, he never really wished for anything to happen to anyone even if he was beat by them several times, he never even wished for s...
the unopened book by Liz5215
the unopened bookby Liz5215
this is my first time writing and I got the idea from a writing prompt on Instagram so enjoy whatever this turns into. If you have read or seen the movie Inkheart...
Salinen Hall by newlarzus
Salinen Hallby newlarzus
Fantasy. Book Two in the Tigress series. Now at Salinen Hall, Mianen finds employment in the badly neglected library. Suspiciously guarded by a librarian in his mid nin...
His Halcyon....  by Halcyon_g
His Halcyon.... by Halcyon_g
"Library closing time achu ena venum ungaluku.. " ( it's time to close library what you want now) "Nenga tha ' ( you) She rolled her eyes and said looki...
By Paths Coincident by honorat
By Paths Coincidentby honorat
The Librarians discover Leverage International. Jacob Stone and Eliot Spencer have a family past, but they aren't the only members of the two teams who've met before. Ex...
#1 The Knight(ess) of the Round Table (The Librarians Fanfic) by Rhodinareads25
#1 The Knight(ess) of the Round Rhodinareads25
The Librarians find an intruder in the Library and take her to Jenkins. But Jenkins knows exactly who she is, and how she might affect the team. Emotions run high as anc...
Summertime Saga x Ex-gang member Oc by dummy_thicc_boi1234
Summertime Saga x Ex-gang member Ocby dummy_thicc_boi1234
Losing your parents at a young age. Joining a gang. Then your brother gets killed by a rival gang. You feel lost. You don't know what to do. Your brother leaves you a le...
The Librarians: Season One by DropsOfJupitr
The Librarians: Season Oneby Gracie :]
Delany is one of the best Mythologists in North America. When she's having a bad day a mysterious man shows up at her favorite coffee shop and lures her into a world of...
The Vampyre's Princess by EVBrowne
The Vampyre's Princessby Evelynne V. Browne
The world had fallen into ruin long ago. Vampires ruled the supernatural world and were the highest in the royal monarchy. Any humans that did survive were turned into s...
The Library Agreement by didions
The Library Agreementby s
I guess you could say it all started with the Library Agreement. She came in every day, each time walking up to my desk and meeting my eyes with a sort of forced smile...
Finding Miranda by IrisChacon2
Finding Mirandaby Iris Chacon
2018 Favorite Covers award (Prismatic, 2018 Favorite Reads award (Prismatic, 2018 Readers' Favorite International Book Award winner (Audi...
Adelise-Rose Dey has many people relying on her, especially powerful dangerous people. So Adelise-Rose just tries her best everyday to keep her head down and work hard a...
The Librarians And The Immortal Child by RLKing27
The Librarians And The Immortal RLKing27
The Librarians are at it again! This time, they must rescue a teenager who Jenkins seems to know. Rita has pushed people away for her entire life. It hurts them, she k...
𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐆𝐄 by Inkling52
𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐆𝐄by K. E. Lewis
Darkwater #2 Read Rime first - - - Tiamat is dead, but all is not well. Griffth's core is slowly freezing over and killing him, and Kingston is dealing with a parasite t...
Stay // E.R by forheadedrose
Stay // E.Rby Sophie
"I was supposed to not let you be sad. I was supposed to make you forget. To make you happy." fell in love with Dr. John Carter on the show E.R, so I decided t...
Never Met a Wolf Like You (Discontinued) by FieryGlacierFan
Never Met a Wolf Like You ( Mera Atlana
Hi! My name is Freya Carson, my dad Flynn Carson named me after the Norse goddess Freya. I've traveled all around the world with him and my mom, Eve Baird. We've faced g...
The Overnight Librarian  by DevilsProdigy
The Overnight Librarian by Jenna
Matilda Muir thought she had it all. After recently moving to West Grove, New York, to care for her father, things take a turn upside down when she gets a job at her pub...
[Midwinter] Nozel Silva x Reader by romanspotatochips
[Midwinter] Nozel Silva x Readerby INACTIVE
It was the cold and darkness that tore them apart, but the same things brought them back together through the backbone of a war. (y/n) Faust, the Empress of Shadow, hasn...
#2 Double Agents (Librarians Fanfic) by Rhodinareads25
#2 Double Agents (Librarians Rhodinareads25
Ezekiel Jones starts disappearing from the Library, not enough to be dangerous, but just enough that Cassandra has started recording when she sees him and timing how lon...