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The Conservative Thinker: Political Thoughts by RepublicanRebel
The Conservative Thinker: April Carroll
These are my own thoughts on different political subjects, thus meaning that I have not done research (unless stated). The chapters are on different topics, and I will t...
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The Purple Revolution (politics) by Alt_City
The Purple Revolution (politics)by Alternate
There's really nobody left on the internet willing to defend leftist politics, so here I am! The title that this book is named after is the purple revolution. The Purple...
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 The Anti-SJW Handbook by hornessy
The Anti-SJW Handbookby pure faggotry
just my thoughts and opinions about politics, feminism, and life
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HATE SPEECHby CrazyChristian ن
Random chapters on politics from the perspective of a conservative girl. Everyone on the political spectrum is welcome! Don't worry... I (mostly) don't bite!
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Abortion Discourse by ConservativeAnswers
Abortion Discourseby Conservative Answers
We'll be discussing the real facts about abortion here. Feel free to ask questions where and when you'd like.
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My Opinions (May be Triggering) by Megan_Evans134
My Opinions (May be Triggering)by Kirby
if you get triggered/ angered easily do not read please just don't you probably wont even see this.
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Minha amante é uma lesbica no meu cafofo by lislib
Minha amante é uma lesbica no Livia
Era bem jovem, tinha meus 30 anos e fiz amizade com uma menina que cantava profissionalmente nos barzinhos da vida. Ela era muito atraente, simpática, atenciosa, carismá...
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The Age of the Child by ktsetsi
The Age of the Childby ktsetsi
It's the worst time in the nation's history of reproductive laws for someone like Katherine, who doesn't want a child, to learn she's pregnant. In this environment, not...
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Deoccupy my Racism by isamcrozier
Deoccupy my Racismby isamcrozier
Jasmine Hale is clear on her shortcomings. She's a dark black woman. She doesn't speak up often enough. She might be racist. Join her as she explores the world of libera...
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Black Conservative thoughts by glampop
Black Conservative thoughtsby Glänzend
Random thoughts and incoherent babble to follow. Don't say I didn't warn you. I'll talk about a variety of topics. I'm more of an independent thinker so I'll express lib...
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CONSERVATIVE |politics| by wisestill
CONSERVATIVE |politics|by wise
The media is conquering how the world thinks. Sadly the media is biased. It only tells one side of the stories. Here is the other.
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Emily's Anti-SJW Survival Guide by questcequisepasse
Emily's Anti-SJW Survival Guideby yikes
Welcome to my political rants. I'm mostly conservative but always have my eyes open for a civil debate. I'm passionate about my beliefs and love to discuss them. Here I...
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Liberal Memes by xFreedomDragonx
Liberal Memesby Freedom Dragon
I have made this story just to be funny and state my opinion and maybe inform some people on the mental disorder known as "The Liberal"
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exist by JasonReitz1
existby uhh
the fuck is wrong with me
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Poems I've Written Recently by TheRoz81
Poems I've Written Recentlyby Craig Rozniecki
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Opinions by conservativeoverhere
Opinionsby conservativeoverhere
These are all my opinions about everything that's going on right now.
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Red Pill by RedPillBlonde
Red Pillby RedPillBlonde
This is my personal red pill story
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|| ben shapiro × reader || 😳💋👀 by deniied
|| ben shapiro × reader || 😳💋👀by demi~♡
WARNING : super hot 😳😩👌💦 (had to put a trigger warning for all u whiny sjw librards)
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For the Love of Fascism by pickpickpick
For the Love of Fascismby Ya grrrrl BBB
Joshua and Carla are a very happy couple. They live peacefully in their white neighborhood, safe from those they find inferior. See, they're neo-nazis and proud of it. T...
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Hillbama: A Love Story by moderatesensation
Hillbama: A Love Storyby halo of reylo
[Rank: #5 in Humor] 11/22/16 A book started in November, 2016. An ending given before November, 2018. But first, let me give you the summary before everything goes dow...
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