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Hide and Seek  {Niam Horayne} by Maradox
Hide and Seek {Niam Horayne}by Pandora
Niall Horan is the cute boy who lives with the boys of One Direction. To everyone, he looks like a happy boy with no care in the world. But underneath that happy go l...
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Typo // h.s by acousticstyles_
Typo // h.sby l a i a 🌻
Harry has a one night stand. Lilah drunkenly makes out with a guy. Same party. Different people. When Harry mistypes the number he finds in his pocket, whatever he expec...
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Sex Lessons with Ashton Irwin by AshtonIrwinsArse
Sex Lessons with Ashton Irwinby AshtonIrwinsArse
"ı ƈąŋ ɬɛąƈɧ ყơų." "ყơų ƙŋơῳ ɧơῳ ɬơ ʄɛɛƖ ɠơơɖ ąŋɖ ɧơῳ ɬơ ɱąƙɛ ơɬɧɛཞʂ ʄɛɛƖ ɠơơɖ." "ყơų ŋɛɛɖ ɧɛƖ℘. ąŋɖ ı ŋɛɛɖ ʂɛҳ, ʂơ, ʂɛҳ Ɩɛʂʂơŋʂ."
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Unbalanced by derangedmistakes
Unbalancedby insomniac
Everyone's scared of something. Spiders, heights, airplanes, whatever it is, it's your fear. It makes you unbalanced. I don't think people really understand the word 'un...
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1D Preferences <3 by ZaynsBoo15
1D Preferences <3by Kira Marie
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Impossible love  by roohaa3214
Impossible love by roohaa3214
the girl and guy who never thought would even look at each other had fallen in love. the whole school dies for Lexi Gomez and Harry Styles. All started when Harry saved...
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i'm just a random girl, why do you chose me? // one direction by niallsdicko
i'm just a random girl, why do niall's big dick.
wow, suicide, something I've always dreamed of. they are the only people who can save me right now, but will they ever notice me? one direction fan fic.
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𝙋𝙊𝙇𝘼𝙍𝙊𝙄𝘿 by liikeyoulots
𝙋𝙊𝙇𝘼𝙍𝙊𝙄𝘿by liikeyoulots
in which a girl takes pictures of a boy only hoping he'll never find out
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Stranded || 5sos&1d by bookworm89090
Stranded || 5sos&1dby bookworm89090
14 teens. 1 plane crash. 2 cabins. 1 love story.
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clean by maikerusgirl
cleanby liah!
michael and sara were thought to be the perfect couple. happy. no problems. comfortable with each other. the relationship that everyone envied. but when disaster strikes...
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let's be social;) // z.m by IrishDork
let's be social;) // z.mby j.r
*on hold* When Adeline starts to get nudes from a mysterious person everyday, she is determined to find out who the man is.
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Art Deco // h.s by IanadeIreyx
Art Deco // h.sby IanadeIreyx
Living life as a servant was all Elise knew, over time she became accustomed to it and eventually accepted the future of serving others. Until one night, the person who...
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Its A Secret//Ashton Irwin by AshtonIrwinsArse
Its A Secret//Ashton Irwinby AshtonIrwinsArse
Before Caleigh wins a talent contest to go on tour with 5sos she is a Luke girl. She has all his posters. Luke does NOT like Caleigh. At all. But Ashton likes Caleigh...
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The Rebellion  by cameronh01
The Rebellion by cameronh01
When all the electricity is gone, and a malicious dictator takes control of the nation, it's up to Cameron and his group of friends to band together and join forces with...
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Choosing The One ( A Liam Payne Fanfic ) by thbonedirection
Choosing The One ( A Liam Payne thbonedirection
She's torn. Adalia was just a normal girl, well in her mind. When life got difficult she had two people to lean on. One person who always gave her a difficult time. And...
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SHIELD by harrystylesdimplesxx
SHIELDby HarrysDimples
"What are you" she cried "a vampire" he whispered her eyes widened "No its impossible" "please lydia let me explain "No Harry lea...
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Bound by Pages | larry by ImJustALeafOnATree
Bound by Pages | larryby delilah
"May I kiss you?" "Well." Louis looked at the ground. "I don't see why you would want to." You could call Harry a dreamer. Personally, he w...
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