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Summer Festivals (mxm) [Completed] by Burrito_Nemo
Summer Festivals (mxm) [Completed]by Burr!to_Ñemo
❝If you're willing to model for me, I'd like to be your photographer,❞ ❝I'm willing,❞ 🌴🌴🌴 Tanner, a twenty-two year old photographer, and Eric, a nineteen year old mo...
love letters in braille ✔️ by n0ctifer
love letters in braille ✔️by charlotte
Oscar is blind. Jason is not. One hot summer day, when their paths cross by chance, Jason takes a leap of faith and Oscar helps him see the world in a whole new light. ...
Love & Other Desserts ✓ by vee_ano
Love & Other Desserts ✓by Vee
A trans boy finds love with a trans girl over two plates of waffles. - Copyright © 2017 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.
When I Fell [LGBTQ+] ✔️ by lilyroseag
When I Fell [LGBTQ+] ✔️by lily 🌞
Emma is gay. Hannah doesn't exactly know what she is. What happens when a fate encounter leaves Hannah sexually confused and Emma intrigued?
Cobalt by its_artemis_actually
Cobaltby its_artemis_actually
Will a post-graduation summer road trip with her best friend be enough to get Genie past the pain of losing her girlfriend? This story is an entry for Wattpad LGBTQ's Su...
re: universe by nomdeplumes
re: universeby [rest]
a collection of short stories.
The Magic of Salt Water (LGBT, wlw) by NicholaiRustov
The Magic of Salt Water (LGBT, wlw)by Nicholai Rustov
[LGBTQ+ SUNKISSED WINNER] "I went into the room, which, no doubt, had cobwebs in every corner. Kudos, summer." --- Jamie, her sister, and her aunt go...
Sunburn, Heartburn (Oneshot) by Lena-Presents
Sunburn, Heartburn (Oneshot)by Lena Mano
Kayla's sunburn is related to her figurative heartburn. Also related is her decision to come out to her best friend, Destiny. But Destiny has a surprise that only fans t...
Just This Summer (GirlxGirl) by CharlesBalzitch
Just This Summer (GirlxGirl)by Charles
Leslie Summers, the most popular girl in school, was no doubt out of everyones' league. She was kind of the typical ice queen that everyone knew. Yet here Robin was, goi...
Strawberries And Cream by theindigojackalope
Strawberries And Creamby AJ
Winnie and Poe are together always, and have been for too many days to count. Poe is planning on going to her first pride parade this year. She has her outfit planned, a...
It was Summer by The_Spoon_Goddess
It was Summerby The Spoon Goddess
In which Maralee discovers love's many forms.
It's a question that's as old as the hills, isn't it? When do you realize you're gay? And how do you deal with coming out?
The Price Of Pride by -X-X-Scomiche-X-X-
The Price Of Prideby The Wolf's Bunny
An entry for Sun-kissed Price Month Anthology These days, meeting someone who is either in the LGBTQ+ community, or a supporter, is common place. But, that doesn't stop...
You Are My Sunshine by Liv_Seviott25
You Are My Sunshineby Liv Seviott
When school lets out for the summer, the last thing kids want to do is return to a classroom. However, when a certain little boy is dropped off for daycare, he might ju...
Not-all-that-alone time by Sketchyskittles
Not-all-that-alone timeby Sketchy Skittles
Miryenn and Coriander relax on a summer afternoon. For the Sun-Kissed anthology contest
A new experience.  by FabulousQueenSatan
A new experience. by Queerful Fearful
This is for the latest LGBT contest. This is also kinda my experiences when I became part of the LGBT community. It isn't all rainbows and perfect things. It was pain an...
Who am I to you? by Nik_Dean
Who am I to you?by NikTheAnime_and_YaoiLover
Andres and Ahe have had a few rough patches in their life but in the end, they've worked it out and are closer than most couples could ever dream to be. The only thing s...
The Kiss by LucyVJ
The Kissby LucyVJ
Olivia lives in a family of hardcore Christians. Anything to do with the LGBTQ community is frowned upon. So when Olivia is convinced to join in Pride Month Celebrations...
My Fault? by larryhub
My Fault?by Saloni
'The heart' is a lonely Hunter. In our society filled with norms and questioning morals, 'it' faces a great amount of hurdles before finding 'it's' soulmate. And the mom...
The thing about Brooke by daniellamalca
The thing about Brookeby daniellamalca
Maisie is a 16-year-old girl who moved from a large city in England to small town Louisiana with her twin brother Christian. It all began when she and her new friends we...