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Roommates by CCKens
Roommatesby C.C. Kens
Cara Lee is cold, awkward, highly OCD and she is defininly not a people person. She spends most of her days in her luxury apartment away from any social interaction. Aft...
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Plum by osiriasworld
Plumby Osiria
Joshua Wright is a seventeen year old high school kid with a deep hatred for the world and the people in it. He isn't a bad boy, nor part of the popular group, but he al...
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Son of No City by MaeveShawler
Son of No Cityby Maeve Shawler
Two factions. One island. Because of his mixed blood, Leithan Blackfeather doesn't truly belong to either side. When tensions rise between the two communities and war s...
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Loving The Girl Next Door || GxG by VMichelson
Loving The Girl Next Door || GxGby Vera
Natalia Bennett could never understand why she didn't feel inclined to date, no matter how much her best friend harassed her about it. She came up with a multitude of ex...
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It was candid! | LGBT by Iori_kei
It was candid! | LGBTby I.Kei
Good boy Jamie has decided enough is enough. He wants to be bad for once but couldn't muster up his courage to do it in real life. Until he finds Candid. Now, he can be...
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The Chronicle of the Worthy Son by slyeagle
The Chronicle of the Worthy Sonby Naomi Craig
In a world where tall ships have led to expansive conquests, people are saying a masked man is leading a resistance against the imperial occupiers. Able Houser, a schola...
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Starshifter by far_beyond_reason
Starshifterby Ella Petrichor
November Ajmera is a genderfluid writer (pronouns: he, him) in love with a woman who can't love him back. Though his friends and father are supportive, he still can't se...
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Words of Fate (girlxgirl) by HaileyWinters111
Words of Fate (girlxgirl)by Hailey Winters
The world isn't what it's supposed to be. The Heart plants everyone's Words Of Fate into their minds to ensure there are no same-sex relationships. For Arabella and Vivi...
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The Homecoming of Kayla King by amplebust
The Homecoming of Kayla Kingby JM
Would you love the person you hate? Would you love the person who remind you of your past? ===="===="===="===="==== "Oh." The woman...
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