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One of Those People by underthemoment
One of Those Peopleby underthemoment
❝"I don't do straight guys," Art said with the kind of confidence Brady had always wanted. "I am not asking you to do me." He scoffed defensively c...
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My High School Lover by TwaysueSana
My High School Loverby TwaysueSana
Zion and Nathan are High School Ex-Lovers that met each other on a camping with friends. As they spent time together,they realized they learned why they broke up. is it...
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lesbionage at its finest (Diary of a spy) by kitalovesart
lesbionage at its finest (Diary fandomfanatic
this is the diary of a young spy who is constantly getting in trouble and involved in situations she shouldn't be. Always teased and degraded by her colleagues and makin...
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Ikaw Ang Aking Bituin [BxB] by elcy_perpel
Ikaw Ang Aking Bituin [BxB]by ElcyPerpel (L.O.C.)
Paano kaya haharapin ni Leeyam ang mala roller coaster niyang buhay. Paano din nya mahanap o matuklasan ang kanyang true love na magbibigay sa kanya ng pagmamahal na d...
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lesbian one-shots (any girl x fem!reader) ON HOLD by _sunflxwers_
lesbian one-shots (any girl x skittles
yo, hooman. ja you, the one reading this glorious gay masterpiece. lemme tell you about her. yes I gendered my book. don't judge me you potato. you can request any femal...
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𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖚𝖊𝖓𝖉𝖔𝖘 😋✨🧬🦋🪐 by marideacon
𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖚𝖊𝖓𝖉𝖔𝖘 😋✨🧬🦋🪐by +*.🤍.*+
a queen group chat 'cause i'm unoriginal & bored... 😍😍😍 (isn't complete yet🤍✨)
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The Fallen by BakuDekuChangeMyMind
The Fallenby BakuDekuChangeMyMind
A devastated kingdom, a lost prince, and an unlikely love.
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War (Cashton) by stardustash
War (Cashton)by stardustash
It's 1962, being a homosexual is a criminal offence but when Calum meets Ashton after the man returns from war they struggle to let that hold them back. Or, Where Calum...
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Meraki | bg af [CLOSED] by LOVELYPABO
Meraki | bg af [CLOSED]by 🐣 ᴍᴀʟʟᴏʀʏᵀᴹ ✨
LVLY ENTERTAINMENT has debuted a new group! Being a boy group made up completely of guys from the LGBTQ+ community, there are bound to be some exciting instances and int...
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Wish Upon a Vampire by JahiAtkinson
Wish Upon a Vampireby Jahi Atkinson
After a psychic vampire gives her everything she ever wanted, but at the cost of her sister's soul, Rachel must choose between embracing her false utopia, or defying the...
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Falling in Love with my Best Friend (BoyxBoy) by _maurii_
Falling in Love with my Best Mauri (:
Featured in Wattpad's New Adult Reading List "All Kind of Love Is Love" When troublemaker Kyrie Wilson finds out from his drama teacher that the only way for...
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pride parade ll  jian by puddlerocks
pride parade ll jianby eat the rude.
Being comfortable in his sexuality turns to a lingering ache in his heart that is brushed off as something that happens when you're growing. Little does he know it's lon...
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woweeeee by ur_a_fag
woweeeeeby um-
Today, 3:30 pm billiam : sTANIELLLLL sir staniel : don't call me that billiam : okay whatever what math class are you in sir staniel : obviously not yours billiam : wo...
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SUBSCRIBE by juwooooos
[Isang lalaking may pusong babae at isang babaeng nagkakagusto sa mga lalaking may pusong babae] ❝Hi! Nice to meet you! Subscribe ka na rin, Suez Andrew Kim.❞ ❝Nice to m...
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Loving Venus (girlxgirl) by ieatqueerios
Loving Venus (girlxgirl)by Maia
15 year old Mabel Chen couldn't be more than ordinary. Her life was completely, and utterly "normal". But then she meets the mysterious Vienna "Venus"...
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Spinearliny Art Book by EbbiTheTigress
Spinearliny Art Bookby Ebbi
Spinearliny is a three way ship I first made back in 2019. It basically started when Spinel got wanted for stealing Homeworld 2.0 leader Green Diamond's hammer. She was...
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Upside Down by lastredhotswami
Upside Downby lastredhotswami
Alex is a newly elected Attorney General with a secret (surprise, he's Gay) and he's trying to figure out how to deal with that while being the success his parents want...
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Adore You [bxb] by tessawasyeeted
Adore You [bxb]by tessa
Jack Iverson, eight-teen-years-old, has had a list of things he likes and dislikes since he was fifteen years old. But recently finding things that he likes seems to get...
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Beautiful eyes by sugasbluewig
Beautiful eyesby sugasbluewig
Your eyes..the way they shine..don't make me fall in love-not again,not with a girl..
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