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Prince Of Stone by gonsalloo
Prince Of Stoneby gonçalo
LGBT HIGH FANTASY A lightning bolt revives the statue of Davir-- a man who has lived before, though he has no memory of it. Under the protection of Heron--the heir of...
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Highwater and Glass by thepaulbianchi
Highwater and Glassby Paul Bianchi
An introverted mage. An isolated warrior. Their adventures are epic. Their friendship is legendary.
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The Missing Prince(ss) || brylie jay by brylie-jay
The Missing Prince(ss) || brylie king of the lesbians
When he was ten years old, Prince Liam ran away. Between then, and his return, a series of interesting events take place in their kingdom. The King and Queen are extrem...
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The Snake Prince by Storm-Shadows7
The Snake Princeby Captain Kiri Storm
Te'arhan "Aaron" Azure has been alive longer than America has been a country. He's content with living in his river and annoying the tourists. Driving up tour...
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LOSTBLOOD by aecianlost
LOSTBLOODby aecian lost
When the Bloodriders come for Rai, she knows that her death will come from the jaws of a dragon. She never considers that she might become a dragon rider instead. Thrus...
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the way things are | upon wings of change by essentiallyethereal
the way things are | upon wings ♡
alice's girlfriend was kidnapped on the sixteenth of december last year. now, alice has a job looking after genetically modified creatures nicknamed 'dragonets.' she wa...
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Immortals, Eden, and Pomegranates by Reecealexburton
Immortals, Eden, and Pomegranatesby Reece Alex Burton
(An LGBT Fantasy Romance set in 1980s Britain) In the beginning, there was creation, then Eden, and finally Adam and Eve. But the truth is there were others in the garde...
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Untamed by Storm-Shadows7
Untamedby Captain Kiri Storm
Part One of a Trilogy Alpha shifter Tate Wood has a problem. Namely, she's starting to get some unwanted visitors in her little Alabama valley. Visitors that would happi...
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Sick of Losing Soulmates by loserscliche
Sick of Losing Soulmatesby 𝐋𝐔𝐊𝐄
It's been like this for as long as anyone can remember. They say that you stop growing up when you're 18 so you can grow old with your soulmate; a sweet sentiment until...
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And Then Words Became None by Mountainmoth3
And Then Words Became Noneby Hillside Lavender
Partners Alcine and Fainne have grown wearing within the court. They maybe apprentices to some of the brightest thinkers in the kingdom, but their disillusionment grates...
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The Kinchin Cure by JLilyCorbie
The Kinchin Cureby J. Lily Corbie
The pirates weren't supposed to learn about Cata's machine. Her girlfriend Tempe's bargain with the captain was simple: water for food. A machine that provides clean wat...
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Death's Kiss by RLCWrites
Death's Kissby RLCWrites
When SSA Charlie King is murdered she sells her soul to have the to chance stop an evil force from getting it's hands on the Book of Creation, a book her family and four...
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God of Winter by outlawedmedia
God of Winterby Outlawed Media
It's late one fateful day, and the great King Taran sits down to write a letter. Burdened by a new world full of dragons, mythical beasts, witches, sorcery, and war; the...
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Mary Worth by deadlysoftie
Mary Worthby 「 soft 」
Bloody Mary is all fun and games to squealing girls at sleepovers. After all, it's just a myth, right? That's what Delaney Worthington thought until she found herself in...
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The Bygone Son of Lir by candlemansa
The Bygone Son of Lirby Anderson Dee
Getting accepted into the prestigious Mystem University is a dream come true for Julian Knowles. Habits Crone, the town the University overlooks seems idyllic but the...
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Of Ashes and Aether by kitalexandr
Of Ashes and Aetherby kitalexandr
Gabriel has power over "aether". A 5th element that gives him power over spirit demons and spiritual beasts. When an air conjuror comes to his small village tr...
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Fear the Unknown by InsanityInUse
Fear the Unknownby InsanityInUse
Bryn, a young, powerful witch, severs the royal family in a kingdom where 'her kind' aren't welcome. As Lanzijm, a werewolf and physician, took her in at a young age, he...
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Time Stopped For Her by GraceAbby2001
Time Stopped For Herby Grace Abby
Emma is a plain, ordinary 17 year old who dreams of a life of excitement that died along with her adventurous father. There's only one person whom Emma looks up to now...
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KDRAMAby ☆omg help me☆
"It's normal to be obsessed with a Kdrama character, don't expect them to love you back but this one manages to love me back." Jeon Jeongguk is a fanboy of a K...
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