Stubborn♡ (Delta Rune: Susie X Fem!Reader) by fufuvie
Stubborn♡ (Delta Rune: Susie X ♡Darling♡
「She's in solitude」 「She's impecunious」 「She's in neediness」 「She's ashamed」 ♡Can they cure their wants and needs?♡ #1 on videogame (12.12.18) #2 on tobyfox (12.13.18) #...
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  • videogame
  • kris
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Celebrate [a Joshler story] by InthenameofJoshDun
Celebrate [a Joshler story]by InthenameofJoshDun
Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses hi...
  • joshuadun
  • sadness
  • itnojd
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Riverdale's Gays - Group Chat by bitchwithmanyfandoms
Riverdale's Gays - Group Chatby Lern Jergi
Just a groupchat between Cheryl, Toni, Veronica, Josie and Betty. (+ others) This was #1 on choni at some point
  • kevinkeller
  • tonitopaz
  • jughead
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My Foxy Lover by _Lost-in-stars_
My Foxy Loverby _Lost-in-stars_
Bunny Love Book 2 Since Mangle fell pregnant, there hasn't been much interest around the household. But when the babies are born, and Purple Guy announces that they're...
  • lgbt
  • love
  • foxyxbonnie
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Quickie on Thanksgiving (MxM) [Completed] by BlissfullyInLove93
Quickie on Thanksgiving (MxM) [ BlissfullyInLove93
(Completed on Thanksgiving Day 2018. Thursday, Nov 22nd, 2018.) This is Book 1 on Unmistakable Love series. This is a very short story. A Gay Romance Erotica story. A s...
  • drunk
  • gay
  • gay-sex
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Never knew I needed (BXB) by shortahhsmurf
Never knew I needed (BXB)by shortahhsmurf
(Jardo fan fic) All through highschool I've never noticed him, why is it that he pops up now? How the hell am I supposed to ignore those plump pink lips. I swear I can't...
  • jardogang
  • jardoempire
  • boyxboy
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Erotic One Shots (guy x guy) by HaydenIsGayAndTrans
Erotic One Shots (guy x guy)by Hayden O. W.
These chapters have been taken from a book that Wattpad previously removed. I will be adding more. This content is mature and if you are uncomfortable with that then don...
  • boyxboy
  • manxman
  • erotic
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Capítulo Especial #6 | Pre-Only one step | Desirée Arjona. by JinxMoon
Capítulo Especial #6 | Pre-Only JinxMoon
Nuevo capítulo especial de Only one step. Este ocurre antes del primer libro, cuando Jake y Henry aun iban al instituto, y tenían entre 13 y 16 años. Se recomienda haber...
  • bi
  • humor
  • amor
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My Roommate  by jardoganng
My Roommate by jardoganng
Jaylnn is off to college and he has a fine ass roommate name Ricardo ( Cardo for short) They suddenly hate each other but after awhile things changes. Will you both fall...
  • lgbt
Bittersweet Roses  by DiavmondDee
Bittersweet Roses by Triaaa
A rose is something that symbolizes balance , love , new beginnings.. etc , but what if something or someone comes along and throws everything off balance. Cardo is a 1...
  • lgbt
  • jardoempire
  • lgbtq
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Happily Ever After (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Happily Ever After (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
They say, Married life is the most happiest stage of being in a relationship. And yes, Harry believes in it since he can see that his parents are happy after 25 long ye...
  • zayn
  • bottomharry
  • zaynmalik
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Forbidden  by RoseGold69
Forbidden by Heer
2 CHAPTERS AND ITS ALREADY ON NUMBER 9 OF DESPERATE!!! 3 chapters and on #4 of desperate Daddy/daughter. "Ohh Daddy!" Emily moaned immediately putting her pal...
  • love
  • pmme
  • lgbt
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Pouty Boy by connorandjimin1010
Pouty Boyby hey
Blue lives in the forest with his small family- of only omegas. What happens when an alpha-beta pack stumbles upon them and thinks they need rescuing?
  • beta
  • lgbt
  • gay
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forever and always  ,    (  cedric diggory  )  .  by s-saetanic
forever and always , ( ᏟᎬ 🎀
❝ love lingers when the heart remembers to touch the light leaking from the soul within. ❞ ━━...
  • gobletoffire
  • cedricdiggory
  • hermione
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Seaswept- Klance by geeky_bish69
Seaswept- Klanceby keith Mcclain
Lance is just a normal boy, who loves photography and singing. He's heard stories of the sirens since he was little, him mom filled his mind with wonderful fantasies. H...
  • yeet
  • flowers
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Loving the little one by joanneblackheart
Loving the little oneby Joanne Blackheart
The sequel to 'Love the little one' Ethan and Nathan have grown up and despite just having graduated high school are ready to take over the alpha positions from their da...
  • alphas
  • nathan
  • alpha
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Young Love by rainbowitnb
Young Loveby Stephanie
A story in which Karlie Kloss has a huge crush on Taylor Swift. Kaylor High School Fanfic
  • kaylor
  • lgbt
  • karliekloss
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tritón soñador ; jaeyong by miyunix
tritón soñador ; jaeyongby antonella
En las aguas de un pantano desconocido por el mundo entero, un tritón solitario observa las estrellas y conversa con la luna, intentando no perder la esperanza de encont...
  • sirenas
  • leetaeyong
  • jaeyong
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The Key To My Heart ~ Tyrus  by Love9620
The Key To My Heart ~ Tyrus by Love9620
Tj Kippen moves to Forks Washington. Where he meets a mysterious guy named Cyrus Goodman. Why is Cyrus never around when the sun is out?
  • tjkippen
  • amberkippen
  • cyrusgoodman
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Thasmin one shots by policy16
Thasmin one shotsby policy16
One shots involving thirteen and Yaz
  • thasmin
  • lgbt
  • doctorwho
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