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Open Secret by skullao3
Open Secretby Skull
Their love for each other is an open secret within the industry P.s: will tag this story as completed but I will forever update this periodically so no worries boo😉
~secret love by babii_bubble
~secret loveby // Gabii +˚✧
Apresentação! Talvez eu ainda poste hoje.
Ice Cold by hipstateasee
Ice Coldby m
[boyxboy] Wren Ridley is always two steps ahead of everyone, or so he thinks. His life seems out of his control when he starts having feelings for someone he knows he sh...
The bully and her crush by immashootyoudead
The bully and her crushby Max
A 15 year old girl named Ellie moved to Newyork with her dad due to a new job he was offered. She and her dad has lived alone since the passing of her mother. Ellie star...
By Your Side Through Thick And Thin (Wangxian) by mefwamage68
By Your Side Through Thick And 🖤
After visiting Gusu for a while Wei Ying gets invited to join Cloud Recesses, where he meets Lan Zhan the second young master of the Gusu Lan clan. Everyone tried their...
The State of my Affairs  by PostCoffeeSex
The State of my Affairs by Coffee
A poem about my day to day routine. Trying to imitate the writing style of a very close friend.
Remember Me by flawlesss666
Remember Meby c<3
"Friends kiss all the time." Kaz and Jess knew they would be good friends from the moment they met and they're falling fast. It was the perfect summer romance...
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PLS READ THIS PLSPLS  by leah01233
~from enemies to lovers~ nekosia x dreamcia by kixttycat69
~from enemies to lovers~ nekosia ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
15 letnia dreamcia oraz 17 letnia nekosia zaczynają drame na tik toku, zaczyna się ona rozgłaśniać przez co powstają różne fanarty. Lecz zaczyna je coś łączyć.. przez co...
Love, At First Sight | An LGBT Romance Novel. by XShattered_Memoriesx
Love, At First Sight | An LGBT Sammie J Holland💫
Fourteen-Year-Old Max is about to start his first day at a mainstream school in three years after being forced to leave his old one. While sitting alone in his first les...
Tales from Telveria: The Day the Sun Went Out by BeepBopBodoop
Tales from Telveria: The Day the Sparrow
Telveria was a lovely planet held together by their four nations Sporalis, Lyndome, Astrelentia, and Purgony. Many years ago it was regarded as a land of peace where eve...
𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐑Ë𝐀 ─ various  by rizubear
𝐌𝐀𝐈𝐑Ë𝐀 ─ various by 𝐑.
call me by your name and i'll call you by mine ca: tws - endgame natasha romanoff x female oc loki laufeyson x female oc © rizubear , 2022
LMK oneshots♡(Requests open) by Just_Random_Fandomz
LMK oneshots♡(Requests open)by River stone
A few rules, and I'll announce them in the first chapter cuz why not?? ~ships~ -Shadowpeach -Spicynoodles -Freenoodles -Toxicinsanity -Silktea -Inkypages(This was a comf...
The publisher by IvoryJenssen
The publisherby Ivory Jenssen
The publisher is about Daisy, a young girl in love with literature, working part time at a bookshop. She is absolutely certain about what she likes in a good book. She i...
four different worlds - a hogwarts fanfiction by lucjauregui
four different worlds - a Luca <3
Blythe, Alex, Jude, and Izzy have all been best friends since they were 6. But not long after they first started at Hogwarts, they grew apart, making new friends and not...
the other mikaelson by Pinklover2020
the other mikaelsonby Pinklover2020
this is the story or hope Mikaelson and her sister Jessika Mikaelson,and their lives at the Salvatore school. Jessika is the worlds only quadbrid. She is werewolf, vamp...
Polaroid Love ♡ Jakehoon by kootawoowoowrites
Polaroid Love ♡ Jakehoonby Kootawoowoo
"What's so great about Polaroids?"....."They're my only memory of him.."
Oeuvre & Oeuvre Again by Riinlai
Oeuvre & Oeuvre Againby Riin
A series of poems & drabbles for working out the fog in my mind and about my characters.