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Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa) by cmmacomber
Falling Down (Levi and Mikasa)by cmmacomber
after a bet between mikasa and her friends in the survey corps it starts as revenge but she unwillingly develops feelings for Captain Levi.
[✓] A Little More Than Allies ➣ rivamika by lunardaisies
[✓] A Little More Than Allies ➣ ri...by 𝓂𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓃 ⚡️
After meeting to train at night, will humanity's strongest soldiers learn to become a little more than allies? ▸ *Mikasa is going to be older (around 18 or 19) in this s...
Unexpected Love (Levi x mikasa) by Shasha_Sakura
Unexpected Love (Levi x mikasa)by Syaqila Zaidi
Mikasa was keeping a big deep hatred to Levi since of the day Levi beat Eren half dead before. But, after time flows, that hatred slowly change to something new that Mik...
[ENG] One night changes all. [LeviMika] [RivaMika] ♥ by invisibleshinigami
[ENG] One night changes all. [Levi...by changchangmanboongboong
♥ Just one night needed it to confuse Mikasa and make Levi happy. ♥ She has embarked on him and now she can think only of his Grey eyes. ♥ But Levi just wants to play...
I see what people can't (rivamika) by GotNothingCreative
I see what people can't (rivamika)by Hi my name is...
AU modern setting of AoT. Levi is younger in this (24 yo) and Mikasa and her group are older (21 yo) First story I've done so I'm just winging it...hehe A young detecti...
Worth Dying For (a Modern LeviMika/RivaMika Fanfic) by Kitty_Oneesan
Worth Dying For (a Modern LeviMika...by Kitty_Oneesan
This story revolves around Cadet Ackerman and Squad Leader Levi.
Levi x Mikasa: Oneshots by miraiskira
Levi x Mikasa: Oneshotsby ♡▶Mira◀♡
Ranging: Cringiest to Cringe to Meh to Decent
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika) by AsianObsession
Humanity's Strongest(Rivamika)by AsianObsession
Humanity's strongest soldiers are lead down a path no one ever saw coming when they make a shocking new discovery. canonverse. headcanon.
A Lustful Love Triangle (( Levi X Mikasa Lemon )) by thafictionwriter
A Lustful Love Triangle (( Levi X...by ThaFictionalWriter
Levi has never had anyone overly special in his life, but as a special cadet joins him as a scout he cant help but notice her, she catches his eye, after an incident he...
Levi X Mikasa lemon+18 Sinful by yourintrovertgirl
Levi X Mikasa lemon+18 Sinfulby your introvertgirl
The blue-eyed raven (Rivamika fanfiction) by Medalines_shadow
The blue-eyed raven (Rivamika fanf...by ✗skeleton_花✗
Mikasa had many troubles in her past and she left it all behind by changing schools. She may be independent and strong, but as soon as she meets the cold and arrogant se...
Running Towards The End (Levi x Mikasa / RivaMika) by illusions543
Running Towards The End (Levi x Mi...by illusions543
The brightest candles burn out the fastest. ... Everyone said he was the strongest, the most daring, the most skilled. Everyone said she was the best, the most efficien...
The Corporal's Crush by Jeon_Tzuyuu
The Corporal's Crushby Tzuyu
Levi Ackerman, humanity's strongest soldier maybe cold and emotionless. But he also has a crush. A black haired raven girl who's always wearing a red scarf and always by...
Shingeki No Kyojin [Ignoring]\\Eremika✅ by Manameis_Erica
Shingeki No Kyojin [Ignoring]\\Ere...by Erica_qy🌟
"Mikasa ." "Mikasa ?" "Mikasa !" ______________________________________ Who would have thought the day would come ?! Mikasa ignoring Eren...
Crazy over you by Mikasa296
Crazy over youby Mikasa Ackerman
Levi was a mysterious man yet very shy too. He always thought he was a very sane person until he layed his eyes into the wrong person or woman .....Mikasa Ackerman a soc...
To move past the pain(rivamika) by MelissaHaldon
To move past the pain(rivamika)by Mika!!!
Mikasa has always loved Eren,but finds out that he only thinks of her as a sister. Distraught she runs into a dense wooded area only to encounter captain levi, his wor...
Rivamika Oneshots by Claire_bear666
Rivamika Oneshotsby Claire_bear666
I have a lot of prompt ideas and shit. But I can't make fanfictions for all of them. So here are some one-shots and maybe like drabbles or something idk.
The One by 1_HaveHope_1
The Oneby _NotTheOnlyOne_
Levi was a thug in the Underground. The Strongest ever to live in the Underground. He was known for his service as a hitman. He made illegals deals and gladly murdere...
Without You by 1_HaveHope_1
Without Youby _NotTheOnlyOne_
Mikasa Ackerman, a former Military soldier, strong, skilled, and a beautiful young woman. When she decided to leave the Military, she wanted to have a normal life like...