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The Day I Was Classified by YporquenoCom
The Day I Was Classifiedby Ana_Cecy P.
BDSM classification AU where everyone is classified at a certain age and Callie is sure she's meant to be classified as a Dom. 'Little' did she know, she belongs on the...
Scorpia's Instagram || RP by Scorpia-
Scorpia's Instagram || RPby Scorpia-
A picture prompt style She-Ra roleplay book! Mainly Scorpia, maybe I'll add other characters later. This isn't super NSFW, but I still don't want lots of kids running ar...
Individual Fandom Character Roleplay by shadowfawn
Individual Fandom Character Rolepl...by shadowfawn
Where you can individually roleplay with a fictional character. I made full characters forms for each one, so you could roleplay with them in a modern setting even if yo...
Lesbian Yuri Individual Roleplay by mermaid-breeze
Lesbian Yuri Individual Roleplayby mermaid-breeze
normal gxg type smut allowed, you must be a literate rper to join
the purple pill || individual roleplay by MagentaEscape
the purple pill || individual role...by Purple
My Semi-Detailed individual roleplay book Mostly fantasy females
Individual Romance Roleplay-LITERATE ONLY by shadowfawn
Individual Romance Roleplay-LITERA...by shadowfawn
Girl x Girl mainly, but I doo all pairings, girl x boy and boy x boy too. Must do one girl x girl roleplay, the the second one can involve a male.
Rp peoples (Yuri obviously) by LesbianWeeaboo
Rp peoples (Yuri obviously)by Morsen
*Warning* do not rp me if not willing to face unnecessary drama 👉😎👉
bdsm roleplaying book for submissives by FuckYup
bdsm roleplaying book for submissi...by Fuck Yup
hii guys , I'm a girl but i don't mind playing a boy or any creature that you want. I am open to almost all kinks. this will be a book about you and only you so what yo...
- • lgbt oc's & rp • - by spaceblonde
- • lgbt oc's & rp • -by — rose —
My bi and lesbian characters. All in for romances of their own. And if anyone is wondering the reason the cover is a blue violet is because the blue violet is know as th...