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Demi Imagines by gayestfordemetria
Demi Imaginesby ShowstoppinLovatic
Imagines of the queen, Demi freaking Lovato !WARNING! Mention of sensitive topics and triggering chapters with inappropriate language and everything is most likely to b...
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Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan Fic } by ddlHayleyKiyoko
Twisted { Demi Lovato Lesbian Fan...by Late in the AM
{ I update when I can } Hi, my name is Alexis Jones but, most people call me Alex. I have lived in Lodon my hole life but, I was going to move to Texas soon. I was turni...
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Demi Lovato Imagines /One Shots  by HaleFreak
Demi Lovato Imagines /One Shots by HaleFreak
Just a bunch of Imagines about the one and only Demetria Devonne Lovato for us to enjoy 😉 PS: none of these are mine, unless I say so :)
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Lesbian Stories To Tell Our GrandChildren (Demi Imagines)  by gayestfordemetria
Lesbian Stories To Tell Our GrandC...by ShowstoppinLovatic
Here we have Lesbian Imagines of the one, the only Demi Lovato! Short stories to tell your grandchildren? Hahaha! Enjoy sugar tits!! 😂
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Demi Lovato: Lesbian Smut One Shots by itsraininggays
Demi Lovato: Lesbian Smut One Shotsby useless lesbian
sooo this is probably my first fanfic EVER but yeah i wanted to write some Demi smut one shots so even if you hate it please don't kill me in the comments. *whispers fr...
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Meeting Demi Lovato by Lovato-Lover
Meeting Demi Lovatoby Lovato-Lover
DEMI LOVATO STORY! All Quinn ever wanted was parents who were around. She didn't have that, but when she moves to Dallas Texas she'll find...
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Rules of attraction || Demi Lovato by smolwolfchild
Rules of attraction || Demi Lovatoby Jay
(Girlxgirl) When a fan unexpectedly finds herself legitimately attracted to Demi she knows she's in trouble. Not only is this impossible, she has to deal with her conse...
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Our secret (teacher x student) by jazzy44323
Our secret (teacher x student)by ♥︎ Mistix ♥︎
Brianna, an adorable 17 year old, has the whole school wrapped around her finger. Boys AND girls drooling over her left and right. However, she never thought that includ...
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Love by another name (Demi Lovato lesbian fanfic) by Unicorn8lood
Love by another name (Demi Lovato...by Unicorn8lood
When Alexa finally lands her dream job as a professional dance choreographer for celebrities, she is soon getting more than she bargained for. Her fear of love is being...
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The Brown Eyed Beauty by cloud9traveller
The Brown Eyed Beautyby J Taylor
WAS: The Blue Haired Beauty. Jae is a good looking, creative, aspirational girl who seeks her future no further than her own city, LA. In her journey to find success, sh...
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Ignorance gxg | Demi Lovato by yourstrulydemi
Ignorance gxg | Demi Lovatoby Demi Lovato
She's been ignoring me for these past few weeks.
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Demi's Warrior by ddlovato2222
Demi's Warriorby ddlovato2222
Kelly is Demi's younger sister that she never knew about. Kellys father is Patrick Lovato. After her dad died Demi found out about Kelly. Demi didnt want to just leave h...
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Unexpected Love (A Demi Lovato Fanfic) by the_readerxx
Unexpected Love (A Demi Lovato Fan...by the_readerxx
Kinsley, a heartbroken college student from Texas, got stuck on an elevator one night. Demi just so happened to be stuck too. Little did these two know, that would be th...
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Falling for Demi (lesbian fanfic) by dilmershipper21
Falling for Demi (lesbian fanfic)by Lovatic&Mixer!❤️
Natalie Matthews is a 23 year old woman, who just moved to LA. Read to find out what happens when her new neighbor the one and only Demi Lovato welcomes her to the Neigh...
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Will you still love me? ~ Demi Lovato fanfic by lovaticforlife_21104
Will you still love me? ~ Demi Lov...by Demi_is_my_life
Cidney never thought she'd ever get a girlfriend. One day, she went to Starbucks and was minding her own business when she meets a girl named Demi. They exchange numbers...
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Sexy Summer Party by RebeccaReveals
Sexy Summer Partyby Rebecca Reveals
The first in a series of journal entries of a beautiful young woman's sensual journey in the heady Eighties. Rebecca finds herself seduced by a delightfully attractive c...
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The Hills by XGucciOnAllTheTimeX
The Hillsby SaavviSoPetty
Melody is a pretty laid back kind of person. Takes no shit, and gives no fucks. She marches to her own tune, but will that all change when she meets Demi Lovato?
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Sorry Not Sorry (Demi Lovato Lesbian Fanfic) by lovatic-xtina
Sorry Not Sorry (Demi Lovato Lesbi...by lovatic-xtina
read and you'll know (you can skip first chapters if you want they are just to comfort you they are not relatable to the story)
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When I'm With You by stoicla047
When I'm With Youby Ali
Home from a mission Fate wants nothing more than to see Nanoha. The only problem is the White Mage is busy helping Yuuno planning a wedding. What will become of our favo...
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An Intimate Performance by Demi4Loveato
An Intimate Performanceby Demi Lovato
This is a lesbian fan fic about Kehlani and Demi Lovato. We all remember the things that happend during Lonely, don't we?😏 Well in this story, it doesn't end there...
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