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Her Portrait Is Black and White by ukendeavour
Her Portrait Is Black and Whiteby UKEndeavour
Book one in the 'Her Portrait' series Tina Kennard is a young up and coming yet struggling artist. Bette Porter is the amazing gallery owner who sees potential in Tina...
The Highest Of Office: Book One: The beginning of Office. by ukendeavour
The Highest Of Office: Book One: T...by UKEndeavour
Special Agent Stefanie Foster is given the job of a lifetime when she employed as the special agent to President Lena Adams. A year into the job a major incident changes...
My Heart Hurt So Good (GirlxGirl) by WriterRyl
My Heart Hurt So Good (GirlxGirl)by WriterRyl
This story is between two young ladies who found love and friendship with each other and explore their sexuality as their paths cross in the university. The characters a...
The battlefield by ukendeavour
The battlefieldby UKEndeavour
Corporal Stefanie Adams Foster is on another tour of Iraq and her wife Lena Adams Foster is at home raising their daughter as their other children have left home but lif...
An Ordinary Stud ! by Nico__x
An Ordinary Stud !by Lanesia Middleton
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The Highest Of Office: Book Two: Within Her White House by ukendeavour
The Highest Of Office: Book Two: W...by UKEndeavour
Six years into their marriage former Special Agent Stefanie Adams Foster and President Lena Adams have three years left in office. Their lives are changing and they are...
The Highest Of Office (2020) by ukendeavour
The Highest Of Office (2020)by UKEndeavour
When Special Agent Stefanie Foster becomes the Presidents personal details things are looking good for her. However one assassination attempt changes hers and President...
A young girl, Amber, wants to open up to her parents about her sexuality after meeting this sexy stud, AJ, but her parents have never supported anything she's done. Her...
An Ordinary Stud 2 by Nico__x
An Ordinary Stud 2by Lanesia Middleton
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Assault Lily Bouquet | Rose White as Snow by OneEyedKing1000
Assault Lily Bouquet | Rose White...by Blue Lagoon
Fifty years ago, monstrous creatures known as the "Huge" have been spotted globally, waging a war against all mankind. None knows where they originated from, a...
Why Do You Hate Me | WDYHM by STOLAS_HOOT
Why Do You Hate Me | WDYHMby 💥Ra💥
Chloe moved from Los Angeles to a small town in England. She meets lots of new people, but one catches her eye. But there is one problem. She hates Chloe.
A love story with Cate Blanchett by crepelov3r44
A love story with Cate Blanchettby crepelov3r44
You've just got out of an abusive relationship and you need comfort. You find yourself going to the pub most nights not knowing what to do with yourself , and getting dr...
Her by mina_nicoleee
Herby Amina
*On hold* She's always been bullied all her life and even her own parents don't care about her. But Erika's life is about to change when she's sent to a boarding sch...
Emi and Shrimp chans adventures  by zapzapblasvader
Emi and Shrimp chans adventures by zåp zåp blåsväder
Follow emi and shrimp chan on their adventures!!!
Her Mother, My Love by Shaun J. Phree by ShaunJPhree
Her Mother, My Love by Shaun J. Ph...by Shaun J Phree
Andrea has only had eyes for her baby girl, Trisha. Now 19, with a 3 year old daughter, Andrea didn't have time for dating or love. Dana was struggling to find work beca...
If our love is wrong I never want to be right. by Natalialila80
If our love is wrong I never want...by Natalialila80
This story is a lesbian story that takes place in 2017. It's about a girl named Viviana but some people call her Vivi. Vivi is a mentally ill girl that has but in and ou...
The shadow man by olliedollie32
The shadow manby jam
When two girls are faced upon an other world like creature, how will they maintain a relationship and a family through these horrific and mysterious times?
Bless The Broken Road by ukendeavour
Bless The Broken Roadby UKEndeavour
Stefanie Foster is recently separated from her husband Mike and has been looking for a school for her five-year-old son Brandon when she meets the head of admissions Len...