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Leo and Donnie's love stories (one shots) by sydatello
Leo and Donnie's love stories (one...by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
oneshots of Leo and Donnie's love story I take requests so leave some plz! Story by: Sydniebryant06 Cover by: @CuteLeoxDon Co-writter: @CuteLeoxDon
Ask Leo And Donnie! by sydatello
Ask Leo And Donnie!by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Donnie: hey Leotellanators! People suggested that we should make a ask Leo and Donnie! Leo: and since we have just got together, and you all helped us, it's the least w...
In Love With My Brother by Darkness6662004
In Love With My Brotherby violet wolf 2p0
so this is a story about rottmnt of leo and donnie love story it's starts with leo who is having weird dreams about donnie and some new feeling too and want to do other...
Fifty Broken Shades (TMNT sequel) by redwritingdesk
Fifty Broken Shades (TMNT sequel)by Red
The newly elected mayor of New York City, Leonardo Hamato, seems absolutely charming to the people. He's levelheaded and wise beyond his twenty eight years. But what the...
Leotello oneshots!  by NatsumiComatose
Leotello oneshots! by Natsumi Comatose
Smut, sex, yaoi (ka-DUH!) i take requests too!^^
TMNT Ships One-Shot by Fandoms_Lover28
TMNT Ships One-Shotby \(||•∆•)/
TMNT Ships One-Shot Basically Contains: •Yaoi •Lemon/Smut •Brotherly Fluff •Mpreg •Character's Genderbent If you wasn't any of those things, exit right there
When Mikey trips on his skateboard and cuts himself, some stuff goes down that starts to break his fragile heart, only one turtle notices his little brothers pain and tr...
Leotello  by Ukrainethecountry
Leotello by Chandler_mrbeast
Kon'nichiwa fam this is my very first story of tmnt and leotello because I ship leo and Donnie º^º
Leotello one shots! ♡ by tmmtlover228
Leotello one shots! ♡by tmmtlover228
leo × Donnie for life~ <3 fluff =☺ lemon =💦 smut =🔞 Force/Rape =⚠ one sided :)
The Truth Untold (ROTTMNT) Leotello by dfw_hawkodile
The Truth Untold (ROTTMNT) Leotelloby *𝚂𝚒𝚙𝚜 𝚝𝚎𝚊 𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚘𝚞...
Leo has been keeping this a secret for a long time because he never had the courage to go up to Donnie and just tell him
Magic is in the Air or is it Love? by sydatello
Magic is in the Air or is it Love?by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were separated from a almost fatal fall in the sewer, when Hamato-Yoshie tried to find them a home. what Yoshie didn't kno...
The Nerd's Date by allonoidextremee
The Nerd's Dateby Allonoid Extreme
A fictional book that tells us a story of one highschool story when a new student transfared named leo, that has 2 close friends. One of them have a crush on leo.
Fifty Reasons to Stay (Book Three) by redwritingdesk
Fifty Reasons to Stay (Book Three)by Red
Donnie was certain marriage would be easy and enjoyable. He married the perfect man, after all. Or so he thought...
target of the pervs ¤0¤ by tmmtlover228
target of the pervs ¤0¤by tmmtlover228
donzie is a victim of pervs..mainly his brothers :/ His secret mate...Leo is the only one he can trust..! ⚠rape, smut, T-cest⚠ 18+ I presume :)
Perfume And Kisses by allonoidextremee
Perfume And Kissesby Allonoid Extreme
A fictional romance book that tell us a perfume store owner named donatello. Who was inlove with his costumer named leo,
[ A Bath in a Good Day - Leotello ] by ColdSxmmerq
[ A Bath in a Good Day - Leotello ]by h o t w i n t e r 。.:*゚:*:✼✿  
- After a really intense night fighting against the Foot, both lovers proposed a bath to each other at the same time, both blushed but agreed anyway. -
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack] by donniesenpai
Leo x Donnie [ Leotello Pack]by ohoho
Hi leotello shippers around the world. 👋 here I show you the sexy, kinky scenes of Leo and donnie. 👀👅... let's start. come with me. Envy written by: Jessica Arney Nig...
Leotello (one-shot) by Rainbowgaming06
Leotello (one-shot)by Moonlight/Rainbow
Contains turtlecest and Don X Leo love.