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My Everything by Vilu16forever
My Everythingby Vilu16forever
Violetta and Lilly - mother and daughter. When Lilly found Violetta's diary, she finally knows something about mother's life before her and who is her dad.
Royalty: Crowns And New Forms (Book 2} by tacolover213
Royalty: Crowns And New Forms (Boo...by Rose
Violetta,Federico and their friends are back. Violetta and Leon are supposed to get married since their fathers decided that Violetta will be queen of Mexico when they b...
After 10 years by ikdier
After 10 yearsby Nienke Tulp
Dear diary, I'm sorry for not writing for so long, I just didn't have anything to tell you, but now I do. It has been 10 years, 10 years since that day I left and now it...
Im love with my bully by KingaBoczkowska
Im love with my bullyby JORTINIFOREVER
Violetta just moved to buenos aires, will she get along with people? What if theres a boy that will bully her? What if she falls in love with him? Will he do disame...
Right From The Start {Book 2} by Emmy_Jorgtinista
Right From The Start {Book 2}by Emmy_Jorgtinista
This is the continuation of Right From The Start {A Leonetta Fanfic}. https://www.wattpad.com/story/102617145-right-from-the-start
Right From The Start {Book 3} by Emmy_Jorgtinista
Right From The Start {Book 3}by Emmy_Jorgtinista
Final chapter to my Leonetta trilogy. If you have not read Book 1 or Book 2 please do so, links below. {Book 1} https://www.wattpad.com/story/102617145-right-from-the-st...
Bittersweet by fyhealouis
Bittersweetby british rouge
Leon Vargas is the most popular guy at the Studio. He can basically get any girl, so when his girlfriend breaks up with him after summer break, Leon and his friends end...
Right From The Start {Book 1} by Emmy_Jorgtinista
Right From The Start {Book 1}by Emmy_Jorgtinista
Leon and Violetta who have been friends since six years old. Violetta was the little girl who moved across the street from the Vargas's house. Leon instantly took Violet...
Living With My Girlfriend - Leonetta by PreciadoA
Living With My Girlfriend - Leonet...by PreciadoA
Leon's dreams are finally coming true. Violetta is his girlfriend. He's working at the company of his dreams. He and Violetta are living together, a new stage in Leon an...
Princess {A Leonetta & Germangie Story} by _uniquedreams
Princess {A Leonetta & Germangie S...by Amanda
Violetta Castillo is the daughter of German Castillo, a king, which makes her a princess. Her father is very over-protective of his daughter and wants her to be queen on...
The Fighter- Leonetta by julia9441
The Fighter- Leonettaby julia9441
A young girl named violetta Castillo is 18 and lives with her grandparents, which are badly sick and can die any minute. Her life is very hard, and is a challenge until...
Love at First Sight - A Leonetta FanFiction by ViolettaUK
Love at First Sight - A Leonetta F...by ViolettaUK
Violetta's relationship isn't going to so great with Tomas, but then sparks fly when she first sets eyes on the new boy
Violetta the story has no end by natalialionguard2003
Violetta the story has no endby Natalia Olahova
Violetta after Herman and Angie wedding and unxcpected visit what will happen whe people will get in there way again will they stay true to there love for each other we...
Leonetta  family  by pansycake32
Leonetta family by I’m no Pansycake
Violetta and Leon have 4 daughters and live in California moving back to buenos Aires Argentina Francesca and Marco have two girls and live in Argentina cami and broduey...
back together || violetta by allyouneedistinix
back together || violettaby allyouneedistinix
It has been five years since Violetta and the others were students at Studio On Beat. © 2015 allyouneedistinix
Violetta 4 by uncertifiedauthor
Violetta 4by 💙
Hi Violetta lovers!!!❤❤ Since all of us were hoping that they would do a 4th season of Violetta, I decided that I would want to share how I think it would be like.. I'm...
one-shots ||  bughead + sprousehart by tiniftlili
one-shots || bughead + sprousehartby tiniftlili
one shots, varied stories. for your fluffy bughead hearts and your loving sprousehart souls. sprousehart & bughead <3 (they get better while you read on lmao)
A New World (A Violetta Fanfiction) by TinistaFromTheUk
A New World (A Violetta Fanfiction)by Sabrina❤️
Hey Everyone. This is a new book that is about Violetta. It is about twins Federico&Violetta who join Studio On Beat after living in Madrid. Will they find Love? Friends...
Leonetta's Forevermore 2 🥰❤️: After On Beat Studio  by leonetta_stories
Leonetta's Forevermore 2 🥰❤️: Aft...by leonetta_stories
In this sequel of Leonetta's Forevermore, there are some things that are different and some things that never change. It's been 5 years since the incident with Tomas, an...