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broken heart-strings (seer x embalmer, +more ships apparently) by euphoriaisdead
broken heart-strings (seer x embal...by FUCK FUCK
The seer doesn't know what that strange feeling in his chest is. It feels like a hunter is approaching, but he's enjoying it. Something must be wrong, right? start date:...
white eyes, blank souls (broken heart-strings sequel) by euphoriaisdead
white eyes, blank souls (broken he...by FUCK FUCK
What the fuck is happening to me...? start date: 12/24/20 end date: yes, this is the sequel i said i wouldn't make, but here we are.... im sorry. go read broken heart-s...
Infection | Jack x Naib [COMPLETED] by KurutoFuranku
Infection | Jack x Naib [COMPLETED]by Explorer
Naib Subedar was underperforming in his recent matches. His teammates slowly neglected him and would not let him join their team when they played. One day, he was given...
identity V x reader ONESHOTS(Hold) by jack_obscure
identity V x reader ONESHOTS(Hold)by envie
request open. i love the hunters but I'll try my best to include the survivors AND try to update every often
Reverse [Identity V AU | Jack x Naib] by Faded-Red
Reverse [Identity V AU | Jack x Na...by Faded Red
[Futuristic AU] You cannot have light without shadow, or shadow without light. You cannot have a coin with one side. But sometimes, Naib Subedar wished that that wasn't...
IdentityV Oneshots by SassyWaffle
IdentityV Oneshotsby Deppresso Expresso
I'm back! So I'm gonna try something new. Oneshots, now you can ask for ships and ideas but I won't do everyone's as there are some things that to me are a no no. ANYWAY...
Smoldering embers,That of a gentle flame by Deltabellator
Smoldering embers,That of a gentle...by Delta
An omegaverse fanfic of the two characters from identity V: Freddy Riley and Leo Beck. What happens when fate takes a sudden turn and makes two lives fumble? Tumble str...
One Beck of a Camping Trip by Herbtastic23
One Beck of a Camping Tripby H.g. Casey IV
Four lucky survivors and one hunter are allowed to have a day on the town outside of the Oletus manor, which all culminates in a fun camping trip
a true love story about leo and freddy  by yourbestfriendsalpal
a true love story about leo and fr...by salpal
a special story for my lovely friends who I just love SO MUCH🤗🤩
Tales of a Sunflower. by MrCandyCandy
Tales of a Sunflower.by 》Mr.CandyCandy《
You rumble across books and papers, trying to be find something that could help you in your investigation, you have seen somewhat about what happened in that Manor, but...
Ignorant (Aesop Carl x Reader) by fatchubbyphrogyes
Ignorant (Aesop Carl x Reader)by moved
art credit: 77892193 - eh.. just an aesop carl fanfic, nothing else.
Identity V slice of life oneshots by Koko0227
Identity V slice of life oneshotsby Koko
Just some some oneshots of what I'd like to think happen in the manor.