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Attack On Titan [One-Shots and Scenarios]  by Kenjiro-Kun
Attack On Titan [One-Shots and Sce...by 💗Kenny💗
This goes for all four seasons. Please be aware that if you haven't seen all seasons, this book may contain spoilers. Requests are open! I do not own AOT! This is an GX...
AOT harem x Male Reader by TylerTodoroki
AOT harem x Male Readerby No Name
So here's another story. Btw you will be using my Oc's last name for many, and eye color, and hair color. For many, nany reasons that will be in the story/ bio. This wil...
Attack on Titan Season 1: Krista X Male Reader{Discontinued} by Sgt_san
Attack on Titan Season 1: Krista X...by Sgt
I DONT OWN ATTACK ON TITAN. Hello, so this is my very first story so if you have any comments on improving just tell plz. You are almost the same age as Eren, Mikasa, a...
Attack on titan ( One punch Men Reader x Annie) by user01906339
Attack on titan ( One punch Men Re...by Mahdi
So you have the powers of one punch men but you are not as dumb as Saitmia , and you are aware how powerful you are. But not to powerful otherwise this story will not go...
Opposites Attract (Yumikuri) by snugglebunni
Opposites Attract (Yumikuri)by McFuck
Modern Yumikuri Ymir, a tall athletic girl who's apathy pushes everyone away. Historia, a short, nice girl who's empathy pulls people towards her. Complete opposites, d...
Blossom // Yumikuri by lilnepp
Blossom // Yumikuriby L(evy)auren
What happens when you're stuck in a dead-end, are working three jobs and barely have enough to pay the rent? The Heavens send you a Magical Girl, of course!
First Date by I-Wont-Grow-Up
First Dateby Katelyn <3
or 'Ymir the Tol Gay Tries to Impress the Smol Gay' ~Part 5 of the 'Attack on BLANK series'~ After a week of becoming a couple, Ymir and Krista decide to go on a date.
➳Book Cover de Historia Reiss➳ by Soy_Limoncito_kawaii
➳Book Cover de Historia Reiss➳by Pan-ocha Suicida :v
Fotos de la reina de Shingeki No Kyojin. <3 Hola, si no pueden descargar las fotos de Historia Reiss desde aquí pueden ir a mi perfil, seguirme y luego mandarme un me...
unattended // naley by seasidestiles
unattended // naleyby ✖️✖️
same thing everyday same routine same food same people same me
Sorry I just have to share this by 1-800-LEMMONZZZ
Sorry I just have to share thisby LEMMONZZZ
I'm extremely proud of this so dont let this flop please🥺
Attack on Disney World by I-Wont-Grow-Up
Attack on Disney Worldby Katelyn <3
~Part 7 of the 'Attack on BLANK series'~ The gang takes a trip to Walt Disney World for a week. You can probably guess that hijinx in fact ensue. Written again with my g...
Young Love: AOT/SNK Arukuri (Armin X Christa) Fanfiction by Armintitan123
Young Love: AOT/SNK Arukuri (Armin...by ARMIN ALERT!! (AOT)
Armin had big feelings for Christa, he really did. But when big drama is started with Ymir involved, Armin does not know what to do! Being in the military, he has a job...
Young Love {DISCONTINUED} by Shipsrlife2
Young Love {DISCONTINUED}by Loud Muffin
Things start out surprisingly peaceful in the world of Attack on Titan. A little drama here and there and maybe a little game of "Truth or Dare". But... Thing...
Broken (Armin x Christa) by Shipsrlife2
Broken (Armin x Christa)by Loud Muffin
A graveyard. Armin and Christa took a trip to the graveyard, visiting the stones of their lost souls. The gravestones where placed right next to each other, where Armin...
Dance For Me (BoyxBoy) ***On Hold*** (I'll start writing this in 2014) by ForbiddenFeathers
Dance For Me (BoyxBoy) ***On Hold*...by Laura Kayleigh
Charlie knew he loved James ever since they met at a dance audition when he was 11, but now it has turned into so much more than just the stupid crush on his best friend...