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Legends of Chima...Laval gets LaGravis sick. by NeverForget1234
Legends of Chima...Laval gets LaGr...by COOKIE DOUGH
Basically the title. Laval gets a cold and he has to stay indoors all day...thus getting LaGravis sick. (Modern au)
  • lenox
  • laval
  • leonidas
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That February by BitByLife
That Februaryby BitByLife
  • strangle
  • kyle
  • benny
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The Fight for the Republic in China by gutenberg
The Fight for the Republic in Chinaby gutenberg
  • government
  • bertram
  • lenox
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In the arms of a monster (Decepticons x reader)  by Ella_Luna_Eclipse
In the arms of a monster (Deceptic...by Ella Eclipse
(The cons don't get as much love as the bots so I thought I'd show em some love :3) You were the daughter of Colonel William Lennox so growing up with a army dad was al...
  • optimusprime
  • transformers
  • bumblebee
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I s t a b i l i t y // Spiderman fanfic by babyjesus_
I s t a b i l i t y // Spiderman f...by - aaliyah -
A hopefully soon to be scientist, Jamie. She was trying to get a job at oscorp industries. So she went and attended at the oscorp internship. Jamie was very interested...
  • garfield
  • romance
  • spiderman
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Quartz Counters Arlington Heights IL by theempathygift
Quartz Counters Arlington Heights...by theempathygift
Granite Crafter's Quartz Counters Arlington Heights IL comes in a wide range of colors but most common ones are neutrals like creams, browns and blacks to apple-reds and...
  • lenox
  • il
  • countertops
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I'm Alright (A Short Story) by KaleidoscopicVisions
I'm Alright (A Short Story)by William
What happens when everything you wanted to forget about, came back in a flash. Lenox Price, or better known as Lee Martinez, the up and rising young photographer in New...
  • wattys2018
  • short
  • lenox
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Team Nex- It Begins by LennyIsLethargic
Team Nex- It Beginsby Lenox
This estranged team is created in one chance night. With such violent pasts, tragic lives, and skills newly found, the group of misfits are brought together by a mysteri...
  • operator
  • creepypasta
  • jeffthekiller
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I am Lex by rainbowmeme
I am Lexby k
"Lenox Hayes, meet Aleksej Azhishchenkov." A story about living and existing, loving and hating, but mostly about the two Lexes.
  • optimist
  • lenox
  • lex
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Money Power Respect by Flash360
Money Power Respectby Flash360
In the means Streetz you only have 3 laws Either u have The money ,Power Or Respect
  • money
  • love
  • lenox
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for Primus sake by thewrither
for Primus sakeby karo
Yes I am Primus the cybertronian God. Just I am bored and have taken the body of a human. It's hard to explain for you mortals how it works. It's like a fraction of me i...
  • ironhide
  • hide
  • epps
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Secrets are never forgotten by AlexisWagner01
Secrets are never forgottenby Alexis Marie Wagner
Hi my name is Destiney Lennox older sister of Mary Lenox if you've red the story called the Secret Garden then you already know her story how about a little of mine. Yes...
  • archibald
  • collin
  • garden
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Ask Lennox by LennoxXwest
Ask Lennoxby Lennox Jay West
  • lenox
  • ask
  • random
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