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Choose Now 2!!!! (CharaxReader) by NinaRaya
Choose Now 2!!!! (CharaxReader)by NinaRaya
Ga jago bikin sinopsis. Intinya, ini lanjutan Choose Now! (CharaxReader) Kamu tinggal di dunia 2 dimensi dengan Len dan Rinto!!! Bertemu dengan tokoh-tokoh anime dan...
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Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai Hisaishi (orphic saudade) by shirai-hisaishi
Lenku one-shot stories by Shirai H...by Shirai Hisaishi
Vocaloid (Lenku) one-shots published on my fan fiction.net account. Please read and review.
My Songfic Book by Love_Albrecht
My Songfic Bookby Love
Short stories based of songs/lyrics <3
When You're Gone by AinohanaRinkaku
When You're Goneby OkiDokiTodoroki
Everyone pitied him in his state right now. Red and puffy eyes that seemed to have cried a river, his weary face that didn't get the rest that it needs, his weakened bo...
A Bitter and Sweet Mix: a Rinto x Rei Vocaloid Fanfiction by RidiculousRed
A Bitter and Sweet Mix: a Rinto x...by j a m
!! BOYxBOY !! Rei is that anti-social kid in class who won't befriend anyone except his sister, Rui until he was paired with Len Kagamine. They became friends and it was...
A Sibling Love Story **ON HOLD AND EDITING** by CrownClownNeko
A Sibling Love Story **ON HOLD AND...by The Baka Usagi.
A Transer Siblings Transferred To Vocaloid Achademy,Len Has Been Thinking That The Transfer Siblings Kinda Look Like Their Genderbend But Their Real.The Two Twins (Lenka...
Ask/Dare Kagamine Rinto and Lenka! by DeredereBananaGirl
Ask/Dare Kagamine Rinto and Lenka!by DeredereBananaGirl
Ask or dare the banana girl or the orange boy, or both of them! Enjoy please~
I Never Thought ( LenRin ) by lenlovesrin
I Never Thought ( LenRin )by Rin and Len
Rin and Len always have been friends since they were children but fate slowly teared them apart. When Len realized his mistakes, he spends every day, every hour, every m...
Celestial High by Souma_Spiritus
Celestial Highby Souma Spiritus
So, now they are in Highschool as 2nd years, how will Miku, Mikuo, Luka, Kaito, Kaiko, Gumi, Piko, Rinto, Lenka, Rin, and Len be able to at least finish the year without...
Lou's Stupid Vocaloid headcanons (being edited) by FrootLOUp
Lou's Stupid Vocaloid headcanons (...by The Louiest
Also includes Fanloids, genderbends and others
Shipping Reactions by Leek-Lit
Shipping Reactionsby Leek
{REQUESTS OPEN} Shipping reaction book for pretty much any fandom.
Fajne Piosenki by Roksana100
Fajne Piosenkiby Mangowiczka
Piosenki ,które można pamiętać z dzieciństwa.Znalazłam wszystkie ,które znałam ,dzięki internetowi
(RinLen) onii-chan, em yêu anh by HnLm151
(RinLen) onii-chan, em yêu anhby Thiên Hàn
ship RinLen, sẽ có một số cặp phụ
Energetic Selling and Marketing [PDF] by Lenka Lutonska by sicucuja30901
Energetic Selling and Marketing [P...by sicucuja30901
Read Energetic Selling and Marketing PDF by Lenka Lutonska Listen to Energetic Selling and Marketing: A New Way to Create Extraordinary Growth in your Business audioboo...
[AMV] God Eater by ZoraShirayuki
[AMV] God Eaterby Zora AMV
God Eater Anime Music Video