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I Love You (Logan Lerman and Emma Watson fanfic) by loggiepj
I Love You (Logan Lerman and Emma...by That Person You Saw The Other...
Perks movie was created. I auditioned for a Charlie role. Stephen gave it to me. I met her. She was part of the cast too. We talked. And talked. And she was great. Then...
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Emma (before Red Band Society) by rainskittel
Emma (before Red Band Society)by C.H. Styles.
The story of Emma Chota. Because the only Emma you know is who you see at Ocean Park Hospital. *trigger warning* This is before Emma is admitted to Ocean Park Hospital a...
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Be Okay- Red Band Society by emersonbrowne
Be Okay- Red Band Societyby emersonbrowne
Welcome to Ocean Park Hospital. This story is about Leo and Emma from the hit tv show Red Band Society
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Only Lonely by captaincrxsh01
Only Lonelyby captaincrxsh01
What if Richie never left the band? What it was all a big misunderstanding? Set in 2013 during the Because We Can tour
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Red Band Society by MeganePosey
Red Band Societyby Megan
My fanfiction of Red Band! This is narrated by Charlie. I hope you guys like it. I added my own character in it. This story is about: Surviving, Friends, Romance, Boys a...
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Emma Chota by casdancer22
Emma Chotaby Jellyfish
Red band society may be over but I'm here to continue the story of Emma, and some of the other gang
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Orphan (A Lemma Fanfic) by HeartEyesHowlter
Orphan (A Lemma Fanfic)by Tallulah Randall
14 year old Grace Belton is an orphan. She has been since she was 2 years old, and by now she has accepted the fact that nobody wants her. However things may change for...
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Don't let me fall -A  lemma fan fiction by brxken_paridise
Don't let me fall -A lemma fan fi...by Caitie Vincent
A lemma fan fiction When she is stuck in a life of misery, can he help her escape or will he double the pain? In this roller coaster of emotion, who will be in love, who...
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"Falling Apart" - Lemma AU by dizzywhizzer
"Falling Apart" - Lemma AUby Megan
This is the story behind the break up. They were just "falling apart"...but was that really the case?
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Love? by BandsandYouTubers19
Love?by BandsandYouTubers19
A possible love story between a Yeti and a ginger. Warning: Fluff. Trigger Warnings: Suicide attempts and self harm. Another warning: this does include gay couples, so i...
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Emma and Lukes erotic urges by MayaBrady01
Emma and Lukes erotic urgesby MayaBrady01
A hot story about the attraction between Emma and Luke. It's getting hot in the hotel Luke booked for them both. With Luke's erotic urges to rip off Emma's clothes and m...
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Lemma: a fanfiction  by youtube_fanfix
Lemma: a fanfiction by Lemmaislife
A story about lemma because Idek
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The 95% Open One Shot Book by dont_be_afraid_of_me
The 95% Open One Shot Bookby Tara
All sorts of One Shot requests allowed as long as I'm in the fandom. I don't have to ship it but it depends on the ship. Like I won't write a Danrific (DanIsNotOnFire x...
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Soulmate Tattoos (A YouTube Headcannon) by YouTubeTrashling
Soulmate Tattoos (A YouTube Headca...by bReE
| This idea comes from a PJ headcannon on Instagram | In this world, everyone gets a tattoo that starts off small, but gets bigger as your life goes on, of things that a...
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(Not So) Perfect: emmablackery X lukeisnotsexy fan fiction by Sophiaforthewin
(Not So) Perfect: emmablackery X l...by Sophiaforthewin
Hardcore Lemma
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The Gang by EmmaPod
The Gangby Emma :)
The Gang... unexpected things might happen, at unexpected times... The story about 12 friends all living in this huge mansion... getting to know what love really is. (T...
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Lemma (septiplier AU) by Fieldofginger
Lemma (septiplier AU)by Ginger
Mark is a graduate from Berkeley and comes up with a strange invention. He calls his old room mate to show him his invention, but Jack makes a possibly life threatening...
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Hidden boundaries ~ A lemma fanfiction~ by owlsannonymous
Hidden boundaries ~ A lemma fanfic...by owlsannonymous
Luke Cutforth is not very happy He's been framed for a crime he did not commit and forced too suffer the consequences: A year in a young offenders school of discipline H...
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Drifting Apart by crazyfangirl2227
Drifting Apartby crazyfangirl2227
This story is when Luke and Emma are on tour and start arguing. Emma says that it doesn't feel right to hide the fact that they're dating, and Luke doesn't want it to be...
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And so #Lemma begins. by LemmaChild
And so #Lemma begins.by LemmaChild
As Luke Cutforth and Emma Blackery starting making videos together they became closer and closer.... Gingers don't steal your souls they steal your hearts...
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